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Re: Moderator abuse
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: Moderator abuse

 This is of course a self-opinionated remark that not everyone would agree with, and made in the full knowledge that this would act as a challenge to DQ who disagrees with it. You KNEW this, but still went ahead anyway fully expecting DQ's riposte and resultant debate.

In the land of grown-ups we should be able to espouse our differing opinions on what causes what without recourse for deliberate challenges that "bait" opposing viewpoints.

Fist of all Chris that was not his personal forum, it was a public forum where different viewpoints can be presented.  Secondly you should be refrain from assuming your facts.  I had no idea when I posted that what DQs views were on the origins of cancer.  I rarely read his posts.  So there was NO intent to bait anyone.  The viral origins of cancer have been known for over 100 years and are VERY well known worldwide.  And if you read further in the thread I posted all sorts of proof of this fact  

I also find it interesting that you are coming to DQs defense despite the fact that it was DQ that started the insults and has repeatedly done so.  In addition he censored my post by hiding it because he disagreed with the point of view while leaving his insults in violation of TOS up.  Then he dug around for an old post from a completely different forum not from CZ with my personal name and posted it here with the intent of embarrassing me, which I also feel is a violation of TOS.  DQ is not innocent here by any means.  He has been the perpetrator and I have been his repeated victim.  People who really do not know what is going on should stay out of it or at least learn the REAL facts of what is going on before posting their opinions.  Otherwise they are just throwing fuel on the fire!!!

Whatever the origins of cancer may be, rest-assured that if cancer was of a viral origin then the vaccination/innoculation brigade would have the answer by now and someone would have made a fortune.

What a load of crap.  That is an unintelligent as claiming if there was a cure for cancer it would be on the market and the person would have made a fortune with it. We know the exact causes for a number of diseases they are still raising money for to find a cause and a cure. Disease is a money making machine, especially when it comes to diseases research.  So they never want to make the causes of diseases widely known to the public.  Why do you think that Peyton Rous, who discovered the first cancer virus did not receive the Nobel Prize for his work for 65 years?  He should have been one of the richest and most famous people around.  But if they admit knowing the cause then they have to admit they have the cure.  So they play hide the cause games.  I posted a great example of this numerous times.  A while back Scientific American did an article on oncogenes.  For those not familiar with the term oncogenes are the genes that cause cancer.  You will hear about these quite a bit when they claim things like "we found the gene that causes breast cancer" or "_________ cancer".  What the article pointed out though is that EVERY oncogene that had ever been discovered were viral genes and that NO human oncogenes have ever been discovered.  Yet they tell people that if they have a family history of cancer that they are at risk of getting cancer themselves under this false assumption of human oncogenes.  As a result women are getting prophylactic mastectomies (removal of the breast as a preventative since no cancer is present) and men are getting prophylactic prostectomies.  Again the whole concept is money driven, it has NOTHIING to do with looking for a cause or cure since both already exist.

However, a very few cancers are thought to be caused by viruses, such as HPV or EBV.

More crap.  Hepatitis viruses cause liver cancer.  Simian virus type 40 causes brain, bone and other cancers.  HPV viruses have been linked to cervical, breast, prostate, nasopharyngeal and skin cancers. It was recently linked to another cancer, but I do not recall which one.  Leukemias and some lymphomas result from human T-cell leukemia/lymphoma viruses 1, 2, 3 and 4.  Some cases of Kaposi's sarcoma are caused from human herpes virus type 8, but there are also bacterial forms.  EBV has been shown to cause lymphomas.  Is was EBV induced lymphoma that killed David the "Bubble Boy".  Aflatoxins from the fungus Aspergillus niger causes liver cancer. And again if you read my other post on the subject I posted even more examples.  Again the microbial origins of cancer have been known for over 100 years and is well known.  Try researching the subject on Medline if you want to learn the facts rather than rely on assumptions.

Cancer is NEITHER bacterial or viral in nature.

See above.

you have your own opinions about cancers origins and DQ has his, but you should refrain from deliberately challenging and baiting DQ which only leads to disharmony and ill-feeling.


You need to keep your assumptions to yourself when you really have no idea what is going on so you are not re-victimizing the REAL victim and adding fuel to the fire!!! As I said there was no intention of challenging or baiting when I wrote about the well known microbial origins of cancer.  I had no idea of his views on this because I rarely look at his posts since I don't believe in using oleander as a cancer treatment.  But apparently since your incorrect views are in line with DQs you feel the need to go after me as the the supposed perpetrator rather than the real instigator, who is DQ.

Also, if you study DQ's posts in their entirety, you will find that they are not only informative, but humorous and courteous as well. He does not offer "diktats".

And if YOU would bother to have read his posts then you would have seen that DQ started the insults then repeatedly blamed me and has continued with the insults and blaming me pretending like he is the innocent victim.   Again people who do not really know the facts in what is going on should really keep their nose out of it because it makes that person look foolish and as an antagonist as they fan the flames!!!


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