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Image Embedded reviewing old delusion photos
fungihomeworld Views: 2,010
Published: 9 years ago

reviewing old delusion photos

Going over old bits of evidence of whatever
went catastrophically wrong with my health..
starting a little over a year ago.

..a few of many photos of "artifacts".
well..thats what the doc's tell me they are.
not real.
optical illusions. [photo fakery, perhaps?]



..ok doc, how do these "artifacts" get generated..
no stains or other processes involved..
just drip a blood drop onto a slide..and take a picture.
They are not an "digital artifact"..looks exactly the same
when I peer thru the eyepiece.

...a "bit of lint" falling on the the slide
will not be coated in white cells in the 30 seconds
it takes to put the slide onto the stage and focus.
I made a point of not counting filaments that were not
coated in blood goo, just to avoid such claims.

"'s an artifact" was all the docs would say.
well that and "if it were real you would be dead".

..hmm... you consider such an event to
be deadly but you are not interested in investigating?
You are THAT confident in your opinions?

strange mental processes these doc's have. be fair, he can't "solve" all mysteries within
the 12 minutes of "contact time" allowed by his practice
unless he makes liberal use of his "godly insight".
And when faced with something out of his "comfort zone"
that trump card marked "delusional" is so useful.

such absolute faith in their prejudices;
"it's an artifact"
...if I have not seen such things before..they can't be real. Filaments growing out of your skin can't be real.
Filaments in blood can't be real. [Hey, Dr Kildare, not
EVERYTHING in the entire of human biology was included in your elite training books..back in 1982.] Things change,
especially these days..or are you as unaware of
the accumulating toxins in the biosphere as you are ignorant of all matters pertaining to proper human
nutrition? [your "just eat a balanced meal" mantra
is a very thin camoflauge for your ignorance]

poor doc...gotta be annoying having to deal with such dedicated
delusional people that have nothing better to do all day
but rip holes in their skin, stuff them full of lint..
and photoshop blood pictures. Those m.d.'s sure
have a hard job. Well not really. After all they have
their well worn "DOP" rubberstamp. Solves all mysteries
pretty damn quick. Just keep collecting those
[minimum] $150 and up "doc chat" fees every 15 minutes.
No matter what. Got to keep up with the mortgage payments
on the McMansion...and the club fees..
the his and her BMW's.. your prescription for helpful brain meds..
and go see some of the head shrinkers on that list I
just gave me. I can't help you . Don't come back.

.{{Yeah, I grew up being indoctrinated to have "great
respect" for the physicians...the healers of mankind...
don't question them...the doctor knows best..
...i think i got THAT propaganda
permanently burned out of my system. what a crock.}}



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