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Miscellaneous Nervous Systems & Neurotransmitters - Further Follow-up / What A Patient Wants From Seeking Treatments ?
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Published: 13 years ago
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Miscellaneous Nervous Systems & Neurotransmitters - Further Follow-up / What A Patient Wants From Seeking Treatments ?

Included below is a conversation between me and the other third party about mental disorders & illnesses, the advantageous, disadvantageous of the medications for such illnesses and disorders as well as how such medications actually work in reality and what purposes they are supposed to serve along with several flaws, defects and demerits of the modern mainstream medical science and system. Next I hope that the information provided will be useful and helpful to the intended readers.

Remarks from the other person :

"Speaking of neurotransmitters, much is made by the medical community about their alleged central role in depression and anxiety. However, this is largely unproven."

My replies :

Well, it's totally undeniable that human bodies depend on the neurological mechanisms of neuron, brains, neuron networks, miscellaneous nervous systems, the many types of neurotransmitters chemical for all our bodily functionings which include cognitive and movement abilities etc. And that's the reason why the people with Parkinsonism, Dementia, Alzheimers etc whose brain cells and neurons have been substantially destroyed (and hence no neurotransmitter chemicals can be released / secreted out of them) could not think, act and behave properly at all.

Remarks from the other person :

"There is, for instance, no lab test that can be done to show that depression or anxiety sufferers do indeed suffer from low serotonin levels. And even if depression and anxiety sufferers indeed DO tend to suffer from low serotonin levels, this does NOT establish a causal relationship between low serotonin and depression/anxiety. Low serotonin may simply be a RESULT of suffering from anxiety disorder. Also, more than likely, serotonin is probably low only in specific parts of the brain (but normal or even above normal in other parts of the brain). All of this certainly explains why globally increasing serotonin levels with drugs like SSRIs typically does not give entirely satisfactory results. "

My replies :

In fact, the drugs like Prozac etc could only temporarily and artificially restore the chemical balance of the brains of the mentally-ill people by re-uptaking and maintaing the proper balance of dopamine and serotonin neurotransmitter chemicals of their brains. However, since such an artificial medical mechanism is all by way of "forced suppression" so as to artificially blocking any nerve and sensory impulses from getting sent and receive to and from the brains, and hence, artificially blocking the "neuron network traffics" the mental conditions of the related mentally-ill people would then suffer a greater relapse of their mental illnesses when the therapeutical effects of such "forced suppressions" of each dosage of the related medications just lapse completely, while the previously medication-forced- suppressed nerve and sensory impulses would just turn violent and out-of-control (when they are no longer artificially suppressed by medications anymore) and manifest in far worse uncontrollable and involuntary behavioural and personality changes in the related mentally-ill people. Hence, that's why in such cases, the cures are worse than the diseases themselves .

So, that's why I have said that other non-medicational efforts such as what I have mentioned and explained earlier on in my previous posts are primarily important in genuinely and permanently restoring the sanities of the mentally-ill people bit by bit and step by step.

Remarks from the other person :

"As for antipsychotics and dopamine, once again, dopamine levels may be out of balance in people suffering from psychosis. But it is impossible to say whether this is the actual cause. And since, like antidepressants, antipsychotics generally do not produce entirely satisfactory results, I would suspect that there is probably MUCH more to psychosis than a simple chemical imbalance."

My replies :

As a matter of fact, everything has its shortcomings, flaws and defects. For example, in the case of people suffering from Tardive Dyskinesia, Dystonia and other movement disorders due to interruptions and disruptions to the synaptic activities of the neurotransmitter chemical dopamine, well, given that such fluidly and nearly totally transparent neurotransmitter chemical secreted by countless neurons and brain cells are hardly observable and distinguishable by any medical examinations such as MRI, CT-scannings etc whereby the people with Tardive Dyskinesia, Dystonia etc would obviously show their involuntary and uncontrollable movement disorders to the related doctors, nevertheless, no conclusive medical examinations, observations, diagnosis supported by any hard evidences can be given at the same time. So, that's why under such scenarios and phenomena, such movement disorders are labelled as "undiagnosed diseases".

Next, I suffer from Tardive Dyskinesia before and my efforts of seeking the mainstream treatments from the western medical science just turn out to be totally futile such as the scenarios and phenomena explained above. And the fact that my Tardive Dyskinesia movement disorders are totally cured once-and-for-all about 6 years ago through a totally needle-free acupuncture / acupressure technique, which has fully cured countless of people having the same problem as mine so far, and well, the flaw and defect of this acupuncture / acupressure technique is such that, regardless of the ongoing ample empirical evidences about its obviously evident and prompt efficacies, the mainstream western medical science still would not recognise the validity of it simply for the mere reason that the healing mechanisms of such a totally needle-free acupuncture / acupressure technique are not be able to be observed, explored and studied by them, regardless of its obviously evident, prompt and 100 % healing efficacies as supported by more and more countless empirical evidences.

In such a connection, what I wish to say is that for anything that we do not know or have not yet known, it doesn't mean that they are phoney, fallacious or non-existent.

All in all, under any circumstances, I firmly and reasonably believe that for any patients / people seeking treatments for any of their illnesses, especially the desperate ones, I reckon that they would want the best and most effective treatments for themselves under any circumstances and situations. Anyhow, for anyone seeking treatments for their illnesses, their sole and only purpose is to get their illnesses and disorders totally cured, and preferably, once and for all.

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