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Moderator abuse or abusive member? EDIT
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Published: 10 years ago
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Moderator abuse or abusive member? EDIT

Hveragerthi -

You must be referring to the thread on soy where you made posts that referred to me as a liar and called me a snot, among other things, the same as you have resorted to name-calling and slurs again and again in the past whenever anyone dares disagree with you.  While you may have gotten away with such behavior in some forums (notably the Liver Flush debate forum, to name one) and essentially hijacked other support forums with long and contentious debate in the past, I do not intend to allow such inappropriate behavior in any forum I moderate regardless of whether or not your posts are aimed at me or someone else.

For your information, I was asked to be the moderator of the Cancer Alternatives support forum the same as I was asked to have my own private forum.  I try to run my own forum civilly and I try to keep the Cancer Alternatives forum civil as well - as I believe the CureZone TOS rules state and as I believe the Webmaster who appointed me as forum moderator and asked me to have my own forum wishes.

You stated your point of view on the recent thread at the Cancer forum and then had a follow up post to further debate as you wished.  Had I wanted to impose my own will or beliefs I could have simply deleted, hidden, modified or moved your posts.  I don't try to stifle opinion, but I do try to limit debate and uncivil behavior on a support forum.  After your second post, I made a point of stating that any further debate should go to a proper debate forum and, since your second post took a shot at me because of my support of oleander as a cancer alternative, also noted that any posts which took shots at anyone would be deleted.

Your response was to immediately make a post of further debate which did indeed take additional shots.  As a result, your message was hidden and I sent you the private warning you posted above.  The last paragraph of your response, now hidden, was:

You mean like the personal shot you just took at me about "my minority opinion"?  What about all the personal shots you took at me over the soy issue.  Funny how you keep up with the personal shots until the dangers of oleander start getting presented then all of a sudden you want to try and hide everything over in the debate forums.  Go ahead if you feel so compelled.  I will just keep posting the facts in my forum where you cannot run your power trip!!!

Perhaps a relatively mild response by your standards but such a message nevertheless does not belong in a support forum regardless of who it is directed at and I took actions I thought were appropriate to safeguard against yet another long and contentious debate that you tend to get involved in.  Additionally, there was no need, other than perhaps the compulsive need you feel to go on a vendetta, to try to turn the debate into a personal conflict with unwarranted and over-the top claims about a power trip.  Though you took it as a personal shot against you when I stated that your opinion about the cause of cancer was a minority one, I was simply pointing out the truth:  the very large majority of people do not believe that "the vast majority of cancer is caused by viruses" as you contend.

It is my belief that extended debate should properly be carried out in the debate forums which were created especially for that purpose.  It is also my belief that, support or debate forums, no one should stoop to name calling and personal insults.  As I have said before, I am sad to see you behave as you often do when anyone dares challenge what you believe or post because it detracts from the otherwise worthy contributions you make.  When people disagree with you it isn't always personal.  Regretfully, you tend to make it that way and I believe that it ill serves you to do so.  Instead of attacking others and posting about why you believe CureZone is going downhill as you have repeatedly done, I would far rather see you focus on contributing to CureZone in a positive manner without all the necessary drama and conflict.

Others may disagree, though perhaps it will be interesting to see what others opinions are here, but, in my opinion, your complaint here is little more than a tantrum because you did not get to impose YOUR WILL on Curezone and yet another opportunity for you to take shots at me because I dared disagree with you.

Though I have hoped that you would somehow find a way to move on from such behavior and focus more on the positive, I fear that history is repeating itself:



This is supposed to be a website that is first and foremost about healing.  Many who come here are not only in need of physical healing but also emotional healing as well.  How healing is it for them to either personally be degraded or else see others attacked and insulted or see prolonged contentious debate in forums intended for support?


EDIT - For those wondering about the discussions here about support forums, this thread was originally started in the Webmaster Support forum.  It has now, quite appropriately imo, been moved to the WM debate forum and the "Public Trash Can".


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