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Flechas discussion of my heavy metals screen
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Published: 11 years ago
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Flechas discussion of my heavy metals screen

I just had a nice chat with Jorge Flechas on Monday about my heavy metals screen on my recent Iodine loading test. FFP labs keeps your urine sample for 90 days. I initially did the load test, bromide and fluoride. But then I decided what the hell, I don't know how this compares to other metals tests but let's see what comes from it.

The Toxic Element Clearance profile was done by Genova Diagnostics. They test for 20 toxins. I had 9 that were above their reference range. I have no idea how this reference range is determined, which could make the test meaningless if not done right. But we will ignore that for the now. I had 8 that were "
I have read from the beginning of my Iodine journey that Iodine helps chelate heavy metals. Yeah, and they say that about DE and Cilantro and chorella and kelp and more. How much, how quickly, how safely???????? If you are at all familiar with Andy Cutler's work you know there are some risks with some of these so called chelating substances. But we will let that go for now too.

What Dr. Flechas told me that had me really impressed was that when they do a heavy metal screen like this with someone taking Iodine, usually they retest in a year, and get this, their levels are usually all down to ZERO!!!!

Now of course that brings up more questions: Does it cross blood brain barrier and pull metals out of there? and more that I won't go into now. He didn't directly answer the BBB question but he did say that the sense about it that the Iodine keeps going deeper and deeper in to the body and pulling this stuff out. He said it makes a salt with these other elements and then you pee them out.

I asked if he sees that some patients not really start to get better until there level of toxins starts going down, and he said yes, that seems to be the case.

Pretty obvious, but as a person who is moving along really slowly--in my own mind anyway--and continues to detox this was nice for me to hear from someone who works with so many people. And someone on the forum noted recently that Mark Starr said he really didn't get his thyroid working better until he got the heavy metals out.

I asked if there is anything special that needs to be done with certain of these toxins and he said no, the iodine seems to take care of them.

This has me wondering since I have done quite a bit of chelation with dmsa and ala, with marginal results, if iodine status has an effect on how well you can chelate......

I asked about my issues with magnesium, 100mg/day can give me the runs.....He said DHEA about 50 mg/day he has seen shift the mag tolerance to 400-500mg/day.

He mentioned Iodine reduces the amount of protein dumped into the urine. Another interesting one for me who is underweight and unable to put on muscle mass.

I asked about my low tolerance to Vitamin C and he had no comment.

He mentioned a Dr. Alturro (sp?) who did research on how thyroid hormone increases or helps mag uptake.

Seems like there was more, but that is what I got for now.

Oh yeah, I asked if there were any plans for another Iodine conference and he said no, nothing now.

I asked if it would be useful for me to start collecting data on my clients and he recommended that I don't because it throws a red flag up to the medical boards. I guess this makes me respect him and the other Iodine docs even more knowing they are flying a bit in the face of the medical boards.......

In Summation:

Stay the Course!!!!!!


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