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Oncology Clinic and Scary Death Row Zombies
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Published: 10 years ago

Oncology Clinic and Scary Death Row Zombies

Last weekend I was at Vander Gaditano’s place and bull strong man diagnosed with melanoma cancer was there. His name was Rudy. He just had a few bumps in his arms and some in his nose which he says causes him to bleed every now and then.

Rudy says he was diagnosed with melanoma cancer in 2003 and was sentenced to 1 year to live. When he went to the oncology clinic of the big prestigious hospital he was horrified at the sight of literally in his own words “zombies”. It was in his words “death row”. Victims of chemotherapy and victims of radiation therapy, poisoned and burned like zombies… said that scared the wits out of him. No way was he ever going to join those zombies, his gut told him to run, run as far away as possible from that gruesome scene.

What do you know, it is 2010 and Rudy is alive and kicking and bull strong. His nose is bleeding again. But this time he chanced upon one Breast Cancer cured nurse who owes her life to the skills and advice of Vander Gaditano. So that is how Rudy wound up at Vander’s hotel and restaurant “health haven.”

Rudy is fed every hour. Non stop. Pumped full of nutrition, then some coffee enemas. Funny thing is, the man is bull strong. Except for the rotten down and out attitude hammered onto him by his old doctors: that he has melanoma cancer, that he has only 1 year to live, that it is somehow rare and special and aggressive, that somehow he is a dead man walking. For shame. Brainwashing a bull strong man like that.

I can see that Rudy’s only problem is his brainwashed cancer mindset. He had everything else in place and working well. Once he clears his mind and de-stresses, his bleeding will stop, all his tumors will subside and he will be well to live many decades more.

It’s funny he only met that Breast Cancer cured nurse, Vander and me as in the flesh people who can say point blank that cancer is curable and easily so.

So let’s stop with this cancer mindset. Stop being victims of this mass holocaust with you paying to dig your own grave. The cancer brainwashed are totally insane and illogical. Don’t be a zombie. Don’t let them poison you.

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