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Re: $10 Zapperplans zapper, Ultimate zapper, Terminator2 and Silverado zapper comparison

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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: $10 Zapperplans zapper, Ultimate zapper, Terminator2 and Silverado zapper comparison

Hulda Clark 's zapper and all zappers made by others are simply not strong enough. They do not have the power to flood all parts of the body with strong enough electricity to kill all of the pathogens on any given frequency (if you have one that can dial in different frequencies) as the zapper cycles through the khz frequencies from 1 to 99,999. Zappers are take-offs of Rife Machines, Rife said the minimum power requirement is 50 watts and mine is 64 watts or about half of the 120 volts/watts that are coming out of a plug outlet in your house. A lot more than the 9 volts/watts a battery can deliver. So yes the bugs run to areas in your body with less water i.e. your joints, pancreas, head, and wait until the weak current is off. The question I have is can the bugs so exposed to weak electricity mutate and reproduce with some resistance to electricity? which might be bad if you ever did manage to get treatments on a Rife Machine.

You simply must be able to muscle test to find the frequencies of the particular parasites, fungus, virus and bacteria that you have. You must then hit them fast three times in a row by turning the dial back and forth over each frequency. A slow dialing through the numbers as JWLabs tells people to do will not work, too many escape. How do they do this? They change their frequencies. You have to kill them before they can do this. However, some will always escape, so you have to be able to muscle test to find their new frequency, otherwise you will not get every single one of them and these will reproduce and in a year or so you will be back where you started. If a person is very sensitive to electricity and cannot take a high amount of electricity (high power) then more will escape and you will have to chase down more. But all can be gotten eventually as long as you can bully or plead with the person to be brave and take at least half of the wattage, that is 25 watts.

Forget about the 20 minute limit that Hulda Clark talks about. Treat for an hour straight, but no longer as your cells will start to be damaged, but also muscle test each person at 5 minute intervals to find out when they have had enough because really toxic people cannot handle a big die off at once. The first treatment should be only 15-20 min. because the immune system will go into overdrive making B cells and T cells (which makes people tired like they are going to get a cold) and once it does that it will be able to clean up even the bugs that are only wounded.

It shortens up the required treatment time to talk to the bugs, and for some really strong ones it is necessary. Tune in and try to get a visual image of them first. Tell them you are grateful for all they have done for you (sic) and thank them, then ask them to leave for the good of the entire organism. Do each category i.e. parasites, fungus, bacteria, virus separately. Often you will sense an agreement (a yes), if so you can leave it. If they say no then the thing that always works is to say to them that if they are willing to sacrifice themselves and release themselves from their body (don't say die, its negative) for another's good (i.e. yours) they will be blessed by God by being allowed to incarnate at a higher level, like a butterfly or something. I had one client see them all having a celebration party at this prospect.

So if you have had the electode pads on your feet (with the gel they use for ultrasound machines), and you have muscle tested and got that all are dead, you must test and treat again in 3-4 days to get any eggs or spores that have hatched. Then you have to muscle test each organ and see if any are still there, get the frequencies and put the electrode pads (black rubber like they use for tens machines) on the front and back of the body so the current goes straight through the organ. You can do the liver and left kidney at once, the right kidney and spleen at once, the pancreas which is in the middle of the abdomen is done alone. Again, treat each organ(s) again in 3-4 days to get the eggs/spores that have hatched. Yes you can have candida in any of your organs.

You finish up your series of treatments with using sound to kill the bugs that ran to your head to escape the electricity. You muscle test to find out what is there and what their frequencies are. If you don't do your head, these will just return to their organ of choice and start reproducing again. So it is important to get a Rife machine that you can put a headphone into so you can hear the tones of the frequencies.

My Rife Machine was built by JWLabs but without enough fan power and all his machines self-destructed. I cannot find any machine on the Internet now with more than 10 watts of power, not enough. If you can get one of these that JWLabs has stashed in his closet I can tell you how to repair it. Email me for further info. I have been treating people for 6 years with great success, including teeth infections and chronic ear infections. I have stopped colds and flus in one treatment.


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