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from my laboratory
Mike1953 Views: 1,133
Published: 9 years ago

from my laboratory

I have developed a new LOW alcohol solution. Based on a 20 to 1 saturated solution of Iodine into ethanol which is the chemical limit of the least amount of ethanol to totally dissolve the iodine. I combined .8 grams of Iodine with 20ml ethanol, once totally dissolved into the ethanol I added distilled water bringing the total solution to 100ml.
The objective of locking the Iodine into solution with the alcohol provides a hygroscopic carrier for it. Then diluting with water until a 1% iodine solution is achieved for accurate dosing ability. The new method should prove equally effective in tissue penetration yet contain only one fifth the ethanol of final solution 1.0

I'm also considering using this same formula for creating a detoxified Lugols (I don't think detoxified is the proper word but the term has been used to describe a less harsh effect). The proportions remain the same as standard Lugols however the elemental is dissolved in a 20 to 1 ethanol solution before being introduced into the water and potassium Iodide mix. This should yield a Lugols with a milder effect from the elemental iodine which is lugols greatest complaint. A 1 or 2% lugols should be equally or more effective than 5% due to superior bio-availability, yet still keeping the KI at 10%.

My supposition of the fluid dynamics of alcohol in water are firmly backed up with hard science. When water is added to water there is no chemical force acting upon it to mix completely and equally with the water it was added to. When alcohol is added to water, hygroscopic action MOVES the alcohol into the water rapidly and forcefully until it is completely and equally mixed with the entire body of water. Your body is mainly water and iodine carried by alcohol is completely mixed into your body of water. This is where the 'charged' term comes from in describing nascents 'charged' effects that only last a few hours as your receptor sites become charged with needed iodine.

I sure wish a REAL chemist would visit our board to help chime in on some of these suppositions and hypothesises I'm putting forward. My only means of determining their viability is to experiment on myself and the small circle of three unwitting test subjects I have been able to convince to drink of my brownish kool-aid. Both they and myself have all been happy campers thus far. My son called begging for a refill as he neared the bottom of his 1/2 ounce stash of final solution.

I caught myself pulling over into a secluded parking lot where I got out my shot cup and 'dropped some dine' with a water back. aahhhhhh

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