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Why me?
kingcheesemaster Views: 1,479
Published: 12 years ago

Why me?

I'm sure everyone here has thought that to them self. Why are these bad things happening to me, and why is it seemingly getting worse?

This isn't your typical post, but i thought i can make myself useful by offering some motivation for us all.

I've honestly taken these 5 years of suffering as a way to really self examine, and reflect. I hope other people are doing the same, because it really is the only thing i feel that we CAN do to make this experience valuable and to move forward.

We all brought this on ourselves, and created this reality in our minds, emotions, and energy and turned it into a reality. Don't beat yourself up over it, but understand that no body is creating your reality but you. Try to understand, and forgive yourself. This probably sounds like mumbo jumbo, and cliche, but really if you stop to think how some people have it all, and some people have very little, it's not a coincidence. Their mind's and attitudes create a reality that reflects their INNER self, and makes it tangible evidence. Even if it is learned behavior, all it is if a manifestation of your inner being.

I can type more about this idea, if anyone is on the same page with me, but what i want to say is,(even if you don't beleive me, just hypothetically toy with the idea) if we can create anything we want, and we happened to create this experience right now, this illness, this dis-ease then we can just as Easily un-create this experience.

What would if feel like to be healthy, happy and free of any pain? START THINKING RIGHT NOW THAT IT IS YOUR NEW LIFE. Start thinking like your "candida days" were a joke, and have no weight on your new life. Make it truth in your imagination. Imagine that you stop visiting this forum, start visualizing all the success stories on this blog. visualize and experience your reaction when you find YOUR answer, or OUR answer. Be completely open to any possibility, and take advantage of this support forum and all the smart people on here constantly looking for solutions. Let's stop going through the motions of "looking" but start creating the experience of "finding" Let's uncreate this experience, and move on, because honestly, I know I will find my answer, and I know you will find yours, but we need to start creating our new realities, and with the help of one another and keeping good moral, we will all soon be pleased.

Let's start being the experience we desire to achieve.

Have a great day :)

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