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Science Based Medicine can kiss my rusty

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Tony Isaacs Views: 1,800
Published: 8 years ago
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Science Based Medicine can kiss my rusty

I would have expected no less from the piece of excrement Science Based Medicine group.  They may give lip service now and then to medical ethics violations and such, but by and large they are nothing more than a denialist mainstream mouthpiece when it comes to anything that threatens the profits and control of mainstream medicine.

They don't like colloidal silver either, and rant on and on about it.  Neither do they like oleander.  On the other hand, they like Aspartame and whine about the bad rap it has been given.  And they voted me "Tard of the Week" for daring to suggest that Patrick Swayze might have been better off turning to nature and nourishing his body instead of relying on mainstream chemo and advice to starve his cancer - and then end up dying not of cancer but of wasting disease.

One of their leading writers there has stated how much he admires Stephen Barret and Quackwatch, and that is basically what I consider Science Based Medicine - an upgraded version of Quackwatch with a group of pompous arsed underqualified know-it-alls.

Who I ask, is this Harriet Hall person to take on a Nobel Prize winner and suggest flaws in his studies and methodology? From her own Skepdoc website:

    * I am now listed in Wikipedia
    * I had a column, The Health Inspector, in O, The Oprah Magazine for 6 months (Jan- June 2010) until they dropped it.
    * I have been named a Fellow of the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry.
    * I received an award for Outstanding Contributions to Science and Skepticism from the Independent Investigations Group at CFI, Los Angeles, August 21, 2010.

I'm Harriet A. Hall, MD, a retired family physician and former Air Force flight surgeon. I write about medicine, so-called complementary and alternative medicine, science, quackery, and critical thinking.

I'm an editor and one of the 5 MD founders of the Science-Based Medicine blog.
I write the SkepDoc column in Skeptic magazine.
I'm a contributing editor to Skeptic and Skeptical Inquirer.
I'm a medical advisor and author of articles on the Quackwatch website.

I also note the link on her homepage to Quackwatch.

Oh yeah, now that is really Nobel Prize winning material for you. Had a column for Oprah for six months before she was canned.  Listed in Wiki (where you can list yourself, btw). Woo hoo! And so obviousoly unbiased.

BTW, I wonder if Harriet is aware that scientists at the University of Texas tested 3 homeopathic compounds and found that they had effectiveness against cancer in vitro?  How could that be if homeopathic medicines are so dilute as to have no possibility of effectiveness?

No offense LCD, but no way to aspartame coat it - Science Based Medicine can kiss this tard's arse.


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