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Re: I've built my own single 9V dc beck's blood cleaner
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: I've built my own single 9V dc beck's blood cleaner

Well I have been making CS for a while now. Still perplexed why when I have the resistor in the CS circuit the light does not come on even when I touch the electrodes together. I just leave it out unless it should not glow except when the current becomes higher than normal during end of CS generation? Does yours come on when you touch them together?
It sounds that you are not getting current flow through this circuit, if it works when you remove the resistor then check for current continuity on the resistor with voltmeter in ohm setting, this will also confirm the resistor size (it should be 150 ohm - not 150k ohm that would be too large)- if you have very large reading then the resistor is too big and takes away all voltage (not leaving enough for the lamp to light up) this will also choke the current that you need for CS production. (perhaps the lamp is too big and requires far more power then the design intends)

I did not built this circuit in my built as I use the smaller enclosure and that circuit just would not fit in it.
Second possibility is the jack wiring. The components are placed according to original Dr. Beck's schematic. The best way to trouble shoot the problem by checking for voltages on the resistor and then on the lamp, if you get 0 volts then check your jack wiring (this jack should be 2 connectors only - 3 connector jack will have one connector spring loaded and will disconnect when plug is inserted. If you are using this type of jack verify the way your two leads are connected - they must be soldered to the solid contacts (not the spring loaded one).
To check voltage select DC volts setting and just place voltmeter leads on each side of the component (resistor or lamp).
I was also reading about making CS on a circuit that constantly reverses polarity. Could you make good CS thru the other jack(blood electrifier side?
This circuit provides maximum of about 150 microamps or .15 milliamps this will be not enough current to make CS in reasonable time frame (you would have to make yours for about 16 to 20 hours - but it would be of very high quality small size ions/particles) - To make it in reasonable time frame you want about 1 milliamp per one square inch of silver anode wire (about 6 inches of 14AWG pure silver wire)
The Beck design is best at only 5-10 minutes in very good distilled water.
Check this post for how to built constant current CS circuit, I posted some links to circuits that will allow you to built fully automatic Colloidal Silver maker (that is what I use):


Also, when I cut on the electrifier it starts out on the highest setting and makes me jump out of my seat. Which wires do I need to switch to start it off in lowest setting?

The wiring on the Adjustable linear 100K POT (resistor) with SPST switch (your ON / OFF component)
Just switch the the wire on one side to the other side, leaving the middle one as is. That will fix it.

What is happening is when you turn on your device the POT starts at lowest resistance. You want to wire it so it starts at highest resistance and as you continue turning it up the resistance drops and more current is allowed to flow through it.
Best way to check this is when battery is unplugged with resistance setting on your multi-ohm-volt-meter. Place one lead from your voltmeter to the middle connector on the POT the other lead on the side connectors (one at a time) on the POT and turn it off then on (stop right there, don't turn it higher up, and take a reading between middle and side connectors) the side that reads close to 100k is the one you want to connect your wires to.

Good luck and to your health, ---> Gill sips on some his fine homemade Colloidal Silver .


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