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not every "product review" is legit
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Published: 9 years ago
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not every "product review" is legit

I have no idea how anyone can have a "problem with the
higher mag settings" with these cameras. One has to
factor in a potential "moron" variable in regard to
product reviews. There are people who no doubt would
have complaints about an anvil being "too difficult".
And there are many times I have seen reviews that are not
even talking about the item in question..OR the review is
an obvious "hatchet job" by some crank or possibly a
"fan boy" of a competing product, or even a competitor.
"Review " pages are always subject to a suspicious
eye. Some folks amuse themselves by defaming the innocent..others
are busy polishing a turd.

I have three of of these Celestron microcams. None of them are difficult to
use. I often find myself driving one..while holding it
in one hand..balanced delicately on a slide..that
is being held up high in the air by a Panavise...
while at the same time I am manipulating a flashlight
under the slide that the microscope is resting on..precariously..since the slide is so narrow..AND at
the same time manipulating the mouse to take a photo. hands would be nice.
...don't press more than a few grams on the slide..or the
panavise junior tips over..taking all with it to the floor.
[..the learning curve was steep...fortunately..slides are
cheap and the camera is rugged enough for a few adventures]
If I can produce useable photo's at max mag using ONE hand..what the
heck is so "difficult"?

the camera is so absurdly easy to use..
i can focus with a touch of a finger..moving the focus slider with ease..since it has been thoughtfully internally greased during it's manufacture. and I can
also operate the "internal lighting" on/off or higher lower
levels of output..with one finger..[light controlled by
a wheel]

The micro cams are not designed to compete with "lab grade"
microscopes. I have a bench microscope; but I find myself
using the hand camera 96 percent of the time..since it's
so absurdly easy, and don't require unpacking
and setting up the bench beast..[cleaning the inevitable dust on the optics] Most of the time I'm doing
quick inspections of whatever...can't beat the
tiny hand 'scopes..just plug it in the USB port
and start the imaging software.
For "really close" looks..I detach the
imager from the #44306 and replace the eyepiece of the bench scope with the imager. It's a perfect fit..and
enables me to get much higher magnificaton using the
4x and 10x lenses on the turret. And the bench scope is
not "lab grade" either..but for $'s better than
expected. [Don't get a 'scope without a mechanical stage..
you will drive yourself insane trying to move the subject
.1mm at a time with your fingers.]

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