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pH being checked...many times a day
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Published: 9 years ago
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pH being checked...many times a day

I KNOW that acidity makes it MUCH worse.

when the urine pH is really low..all sorts of
bizarro stuff shows up.
Not to mentions 40-60-80-100 mm long fibers in the
urine that look just like head hairs..sort of.
..but for champion must go turdle exploring.
Got a 110 and a 105 mm "hair" from a turdle..same day...
16 august.[got those big'un taped to the wall with info..
kinda' pervers trophy and a reminder to go hunting
once in a while.] Sometimes the long hairs arrive in relatively
high pH conditions..17 aug..100mm "hair" in pH 6.7 urine.
..go figgure..
maybe created the day before and flushed the day after.

..constantly jiggering the pH with baking soda/potassium/
lemon juice...trying to keep the pH at least in the "upper sixes". The digital pH meter makes this
task much less "crazy making"..and in the long run..
cheaper than strips. [meter only 20 dollars]
Never did get along well
with the "match the colors" game with pH strips.
I strongly suspect the mORg growth activity
is pushing the pH finding the pH tends to crash
for no apparent reason..[pH nose dive and not eating any acidic forming foods]..or eating at all. presses on with the Miracle-Mineral-Supplement ..have ramped
dose to 4 drops...about every six to eight hours now...trying to find the "trip" point..sense some
sort of reaction to all this oxidizer entering the system.

...been about ten days now..of ingesting far..
...all is quiet.

have noticed since being militant about keeping pH up..
energy level is higher..and mind working much better.
..problem solving much higher success rate..

stuff learned; short version: pH monitoring and balance

WATERMELON rocks for keeping pH up...tasty medicine.
..much counterintuitive stuff..lemon juice ..while acidic
does keep pH UP. ['s ash is apparently..quite high pH]
...a cup of coffee will drop mY pH ten points..[say..early
morning pH is will piledrive it to around 5.5...or thereabouts..]
alas..the "alkaline" charts are correct. Coffee is
bad mojo.. Only way I can
have my morning cuppa' is to ensure that I have taken
alkaline buffers as well. [..shot of lemon juice or a cup
of baking soda water does well.]

eternal vigilance as to what I am shoving into the
engine room as fuel. Many traps out there.
Must not allow pH to "cruise" in the mid 5' it was
doing before I got wise to the fuel/pH balance problem.
[and every day was a romp thru the darker side of Wonderland..

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