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Re: It isn't the motive I question, it is the effect
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: It isn't the motive I question, it is the effect

"From my point of view, this post (below) is full of judgements and insinuations Mira,


particularly the last line."

--Hi spud,

Just wondering specifically why you see this post as full of judgments and insuations? There have been a lot of patterns repeating on this forum and I don't know why the word patterns seems to upset you so much; it's just a word after all. Perhaps I could use another word like "repeating behaviors".
If something is happening, I'm allowed to talk about it, and I still think that it's blatantly obvious to anyone who cares to see it (hence the last line of my post). I'm not accusing anyone of conspiracies or shadowy groups, I'm just seeing things that I'd like to stop. If someone doesn't like the content of another's post, it's not ok to attack character of the poster. I've had that happen to me many times.

<"I'm feeling like the child in the Hans Christian Anderson story "The Emperor has no Clothes.">

"I know the feeling well, no matter how many times I tell people I am not a paid agent, or even an unpaid agent, I have no agenda to push, I am not trying to put across disinformation, but am simply disagreeing, I am not a shill for BP or any government or corporate entity, I am not trying to stop anyone from saying anything, or posting any information. Yet, I have people insinuating these things almost every time I post something in some forums."

--I have never said or insinuated those things about you. If you check my posting history, you'll find that to be true.

"This does tend to make me a little over sensitive to what may be innocent remarks, and if I have been this way with you Mira, I do apologise, and will endeavour to curb this tendency."

--I think you've hit the nail on the head. There appears to be a history here and certain animosities, which have nothing to do with me.


"Concerning your post about "patterns" and such, this gave me the impression that you think of the people on this forum as lab rats, that you choose to study for a hobby."

--ZIIIIIng!!! Now there's a prime example of a judgmental statement and a put-down and you're definitely thinking the worst of my intentions here. Why are you calling my intentions into question anyway? Since when is the study of human behavior/psychology akin to the study of lab rats? Some of the greatest minds have studied this subject. Anything that is written publicly is open to being examined, studied, and learned from by anyone who chooses to do so! Why do you see that so negatively?

"What you are seeing Mira, could very well be wrong, or skewed by the influence of your own perceptions or those of others."

--Would you care to elaborate on this? I am basically a straightforward, honorable person and what I see is what I see. Of course I realize that each of us is limited by our own perceptions, but I fail to see why you state that my perceptions may well be influenced by others. I'm fully capable of thinking for myself, I'm not part of any "conspiracy". Are you insinuating that I'm under the influence of someone else because of my posts? I can assure you that i"m not.

"I could have read you intentions wrongly, I am only human too."
--That's my whole point. Why the focus on trying to reading intentions?

" None of us have the benefit of speaking with people face to face on these forums, so it is very difficult to know what peoples motivations or intentions are. Asking questions is a good way to allow the other person to give you that information, if they choose to do so."

--And that's exactly why it's a good idea to choose our words carefully and to be respectful and non-judgmental. Why waste time on trying to figure out people's intentions? Why not just stay on the topic at hand?

"People are not obliged to answer your questions Mira, as indeed you are not obliged to answer any questions directed at you, you can choose to, as can others. The person you directed the questions to, in your post, may simply have chosen not to answer you, that is something only he can tell you."

--Of course I already realize that! I wasn't born yesterday. I have to wonder though. I have a habit of responding directly to questions asked of me. When people respond to posts by attacking a person's character instead of by responding directly to the content of their posts and questions, I think it leads to a downward spiral and distracts attention away from the whole purpose and focus of this forum. And that is the point I'm trying to make.

Peace and Blessings,



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