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Re: It isn't the motive I question, it is the effect

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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: It isn't the motive I question, it is the effect

"I do disagree with you, in that as I said above, I do not think this was the intention of the poster, but it really is up to DQ himself as to how he saw the intention of the poster."

--When something is posted publicly, anyone reading it is free to comment and respond to anything written on the forum. In fact, DQ said in one of his posts that he agreed with what I wrote.

"Now I have a question for you Mira. I have seen the very nasty way in which 129589, and myself, have been attacked by others on this forum, and you (who say that this sort of behaviour upsets you), have not said anything about this."

--I'm surprised that you haven't included me as one of the ones who has been attacked.

"I would direct you to the comments by RyanD, IC, and the other numbered person. Why the silence with these posts, I don't understand."

--As you yourself say Spud, I don't have to comment on anything I don't want to. I don't make the rules here and I'm not the moderator. I have chosen to speak up in this instance, because I see DQuixote as a poster who has been unfailing respectful in his/her posts.

"Do you see attacks on DQ differently to attacks on others?"
Do you not want to defend these attacks because no-one else does, or do you believe that it is acceptable to personally attack some posters, and not others?"

--Now those are loaded questions! That's not me you're talking about! I'm simply trying to raise the level of awareness as to what has been going on.
If I see the "victim" as someone who is "attacking back", in a disrespectful manner, then I tend not to get involved. If I see the "victim" as someone who has been unfailingly respectful, it really does get my ire up to see them attacked. The numbered poster has said in previous posts that he/she will basically "bash" anyone he doesn't respect. Both you and he/she have said that respect has to be earned, where I see respect as a right. I will not tend to leap to your defense if I sense sarcasm or disrespect coming from you or if you defend the posts of a person (numbered poster) who feels that it's fine to treat certain posters disrespectfully and who has said so publicly on this forum.

I have definitely seen a pattern (and I don't know why the word pattern seems to upset you so much!) of conversations veering off into vague generalizations and verbal put-downs, instead of staying on the topic at hand. Surely you have seen that too!

"I would also like this to be a civil place, it is a support forum, but there cannot be one rule for some, and another rule for others. Either nasty behaviour is called out in every case, or this will become like many other forums, where its all about personalities, and not about the topic at all. I'm very glad you want the same thing, perhaps we can both make a concerted effort to do so :)"

--Well that sounds like a plan. Ideally, every instance of disrespectful behavior would be nipped in the bud. Perhaps these situations need to be reported to the moderator more often. I've been trying to increase the level the awareness as to the repeating patterns of it happening. Perhaps every good person here can monitor it so that we can stay focussed on the very serious issues at hand in this forum.

I also just posted this from the Liver-Flush forum

Peace and Blessings,



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