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"cure" is a very big four letter word
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Published: 9 years ago
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"cure" is a very big four letter word

I'm not insinuating that Mel is scamming.

I'm glad that Mel is making progress vs the mOrg.
He feels better...he looks better.
His protocol is working..good for him!

However..exceptional claims require exceptional proof.
..."how I cured morgellons"..
cure..thats a tall order... the "holy grail" so to speak
of all on the "vanquish the mOrgs quest".

I am very aware of the intense desire to "cure" this beast.
I am also very aware of how persistent it is.
If this phenomena is being fueled by "things" that have
been added to the environment [gmo's in food/biowarfare agents in the water/air] might not be possible to permanently
remove them from the long as they are in the
I can look at a patch of clean looking skin.."hey..looks
healed"..even under low magnification..still looks healthy.
I take a blade to the skin..gather some scrapings..and find
plenty of wee mORg fibers..hiding just under the surface
layer...fibers..and other assorted mOrg related trash...

A year of studying bits of body debris under
several microscopes..approaching 10,000 photographs..
..everywhere I look..I see mORg specimens..or their "tracks"..[odd crap that they leave in their wake]

..and even on the day that my skin no longer yields
mOrg debris..I'm still not counting my chickens until
all other body and tissue samples come up clean..under microscopic examination:
no fibers in skin..or stool/urine/semen/saliva/ nor
any lesions..pimple outbreaks..nor odd things in
the blood.. No pigmented gels or weird artifacts colored "things"
or "dyes" collecting on the UFO's..triangles..
dark specks or microscopic "leaves" ...NOTHING..but
MY skin..and the "normal" crew of bacteria..the bacteria
that we evolved with...not the "new and improved bacteria"
from Monsanto/Dow/Bayer..etc..] much to clean up...and most of it is not visible to
the unaided eye. I suspect that the body terrain has been
permanently changed..and will probably have to be content
to maintain a "mORg containment" posture for the rest of
my life..[however abbreviated that may be] might be possible to totally annihilate this invader...maybe. One can take encouragement by the
progress of others.
But removal of the "x plague" called a very high goal.
and PROOF OF CURE...will not be accomplished by a few snapshots of ones skin.

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