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EDIT..Re: Dr Foster's Essentials
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Published: 8 years ago
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EDIT..Re: Dr Foster's Essentials

From the website that you refer to concerning the causes of cancer and that these causes are multifactorial.

I agree with that comment to an extent.

I think you may agree that anything that causes mutations in our cells and that leads to cancer can be referred to as carcinogenic, but this also holds true for those substances or agencies that cause other abnormal growths, and the division of cells such as cysts or boils and so on, and which are not always cancerous.
Hygienists believe as I do, that these abnormal changes within our cells are caused by exogenous & endogenous toxins such as exposure to tobacco or to other harmful environmental influences.

For example, radiation from the Sun is extremely beneficial in regulated doses of exposure to our skin, but if we over-expose ourselves to the rays of the Sun, the end result can be a prime cause of cancer. However, the Sun is essential to life, and without it we would not exist.
We also all need water as a biological necessity, but again when consumed in the extreme, is a known cause of death.

Any type of cancer or location of that cancer is the result of any extraneous substance consumed or exposed to the body, that is not biologically suited/adapted or tolerated by the organism.
In addition, endogenous toxins retained by the body through normal metabolic processes, and which are unable to be expelled through the normal channels of elimination, are we believe a prime cause of cancer and other chronic diseases.
I highlighted this concept in a previous post under the Law of Vital Accommodation.

It is therefore under the above toxemic conditions along with nutritional deficiencies and stress, that abnormalities and deletions in the DNA arise. This gives rise to growths, exudates and effusions that sometimes and more commonly result in what we know as the occurrence of cancer.

The location/name of cancer within the body is irrelevant as to the initial cause/s as described above.

The website you refer to also has this to say..............

"Cancer experts estimate that maintaining a healthy body-weight, making changes to our diet and taking regular physical activity could prevent about one in three deaths from cancer in the UK. In the western world, many of us eat too much red and processed meat and not enough fresh fruit and vegetables. This type of diet is known to increase the risk of cancer. Drinking alcohol can also increase the risk of developing some types of cancer. There is more information about this in the page on diet causing cancer".

This reveals in part the tenet of Natural Hygiene which has always maintained over the last 200 years, that a clean metabolic ecology free from toxemia via water-only-fasting, and that is provided with optimum nutrition, regular exercise, judicious moderate sun-exposure, sufficient rest and sleep, clean drinking-water, warmth and fresh air, and with emotional poise, will avoid the development of cancer or any other chronic disease.

I recovered from cancer via NH, and have continued to avoid its re-occurrence or the development of any other chronic/acute disease for over the last 30 years.

Total freedom from disease and a fulfilling energy abundant life is there for the taking for anyone that conforms to the laws of our being, and which is as Nature intended.

Dr. John Tilden MD says the following in his preface to Toxemia Explained.

"Nature returns to normal when enervating habits are given up. There are no cures in the sense generally understood. If one has a tobacco heart, what is the remedy? Stop the use of tobacco, of course. If the heart is worn out from shock, as we see it among gamblers, or among men who are plunging in the stock market, what will cure? Drugs? No! Removing the cause.

Every so-called disease is built within the mind and body by enervating habits. The food and dietetic insanity that constitutes the headliner on the medical stage just now is causing the people to demand a diet that will cure them of their peculiar maladies. The idea prevails that some peculiar diet will cure rheumatism or any other disease. Diet or food will not cure any disease.

A fast, rest in bed, and the giving-up of enervating habits, mental and physical, will allow nature to eliminate the accumulated toxin; then, if enervating habits are given up, and rational living habits adopted, health will come back to stay, if the one CURED will stay put. This applies to any so-called disease. Yes, it fits your disease—you who write to find out if the Tilden system of cure applies to your case. Yes; cannot you realize that law and order pervades the universe? And it is the same from nebula to stone, from stone to plant, from plant to animal, from animal to man, from man to mind, and from mind to super-mind God. To use a blanket expression: Law and order pervades the universe, the same yesterday, today and forever, and is the same from star-dust to mind, from electron to mind.

Toxemia explains how the universal law operates in health and disease. One disease is the same as another; one man the same as another; one flower the same as another; the carbon in bread, sugar, coal, and the diamond is the same. Yes, one disease can be cured (?) the same as another, unless the organ acted on by toxemic crises is destroyed. For example:
#1.If wrong eating is persisted in, the acid fermentation first irritates the mucous membrane of the stomach;
#2. the irritation becomes inflammation,
#3. then ulceration,
#4. then thickening and hardening, which ends in CANCER at last.
#5. The medical world is struggling to find the cause of cancer. It is the distal end of an inflammatory process whose proximal beginning may be any irritation. The end is degeneration from a lack of oxygen and nutriment, and, in degenerating, the septic material enters the circulation, setting up chronic septic poisoning called CANCER-CACHEXIA.

Disease is a common expression of universal enervation. An understanding of physiology and pathology necessitates a firm grip on evolution as expressed in biology; or reasoning will go astray occasionally.

Modern cures and immunization are vanity and vexation; they are founded on the foolish principle of reasoning from effect, is disease, to cause. The organ which is suffering from many crises of Toxemia is discovered—it may be ulcer of the stomach, then the ulcer is cut out; it may be gallstone, then the stone is cut out; it may be fibroid tumor of the womb, then the tumor or womb is cut out. The same may be said of other effects—the medical armament is turned loose on a lot of effects. This is accepted by the public mind as efficient treatment of disease, when in fact it is a stupid removing of effects. And that is not the worst of such blundering. The operators have not the slightest idea of the cause of the effects they so skillfully remove. In other derangements the same lack of knowledge of cause prevails. In the treatment of deficiency diseases, the lacking element is supplied from the laboratory; but nothing is done in the line of restoring the organ to normality. Why? Because medical Science has not discovered why organs fail to function properly; and until this discovery is made, scientific blundering will continue".



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