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What Medications Can Really Do For Mental Disorders In Reality
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Published: 13 years ago
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What Medications Can Really Do For Mental Disorders In Reality

Well, objectively the point is that all such medications for mental disorders, including the antipsychotics / neuroleptics are important and extremely much more useful than anything else in serving the primary purpose of bringing down and suppress all the hardly controllable and involuntary symptoms of the mental disorders such as violent emotional outbursts, purposeless abrupt traumatic reactions, various phobia behaviours, miscellaneous involuntary and uncontrollable deep hallucinations / delusions etc. This is the case especially and particularly when no other interpersonal efforts from other persons could achieve such a purpose.

However, when it comes to genuinely treating the mentally-ill people so as to enable their mental conditions and cognitive sanities to get practically and realistically better and better in a permanently sustainable manner from time to time as well as to let them feel more and more confident about themselves, that would be another different story. This is due to the very undisputed fact that all the antipsychotics / neuroleptics and any medications for mental disorders, well, no matter how advanced they are, there is simply no way for such medications to deliver any of the actual healing effects that are equivalent to the interpersonal counselling therapies / emotional supports from the close ones etc, that the mentally-ill people need for further genuine improvements of their mental conditions (so as to enable them so slowly and graudally regain their actual sanities and cognitive / mental abilities from time to time) and their final recoveries in the end. This is mainly due to the fact that when it comes to mental illnesses, no medications would be able to permanently, irreversibly, and particularly, realistically and practically change the mentally psychological, rather than the bodily / metabolism-related physiological aspects of what and how the mentally-ill people would perceive, feel, think about their surroundings, environments and the people they deal with, as well as their resultant actions, reactions, behaviours based on their respective subsequent outcomes of those 3 key factors. Whilst normally, such medications for mental illnesses, with their artificial neurological effects, would merely just serve the purpose of temporarily and mechanically numb the cognitive senses of their users so as to artificially make them "unable to feel and think about anything at all" throughout the effective period of each dosage of such medications. And as such, medications for mental disorders alone would thus not be able to realistically, practically and genuinely enable to get the mentally-ill people totally cured in the end. Hence, other non-medicational efforts as mentioned, explained and elaborated in detail in my prior posts above are thus required and indispensably necessary to enable the mentally-ill people to achieve the realistic, genuine and practical long-term real improvements for their mental conditions and sanities gradually step-by-step towards the path of full recoveries.

All in all, such constructive non-medicational impersonal and (or) interpersonal efforts and emotional supports are very much important in reinforcing and strengthening the confidences, self-wills, determinations and sanities of the mentally-ill people in helping them to recover from their mental illnesses gradually, realistically and sustainably step-by-step.

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