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I'm back!
Miss Helfinger Views: 2,365
Published: 9 years ago

I'm back!

I have returned from a 2.5 week, much needed trip home to Texas. Road tripped, made food, saw many people I love dearly and feel I've gathered pieces of myself that I very much needed to continue on this healing journey. It may sound silly, but I feel like I found some pieces of my self confidence that were really missing during my IP. Upon returning, the man and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary (which is technically today) and I'm, as of today, back on major juice.

I stayed on herbs the whole time I was gone. It really can be done while you're traveling, you just have to want it and have a proper set-up. I have a little traveling lunch pail with these little loop things around the inside - I swear I think this little $5 jobbie was made for tinctures and powdered herbs.

It was a great test of my body's strength to see how I fared on the trip. The greatest thing I can report about the immunity showing off is this: I stayed with a dear friend for 4 nights of my trip. In this room, her art studio, is a small bathroom off to the side, where the kitty box normally is. The kitty normally goes in this room a dozen times a day. While I stayed there, the kitty box was put in the hallway. However - during times past, it was difficult. Although her house is a home-away-from-home for me - I normally stay on an inhaler and try to get as much fresh air as possible. Lots of anti-histamines and suffering were involved. they don't have 1 kitty. They have THREE. Three kitties - cute and sweet - and I even petted them. I used my emergency inhaler once. I talked a friend with insurance into getting me an albuterol inhaler in case I ran into trouble with traveling to different friends' houses with cats and what not. ONCE. I took the inhaler ONCE. Lobelia did the trick the rest of the time - when there was a time. I didn't suffer and I hardly sneezed. My friend I was traveling with asked what it would have been like pre-IP and I told her, 'one was enough kitty but with three - we might well be having this conversation from the nearest emergency room - I'm not kidding.' Ha!!!!!!!!

I stayed on superfood, IF1 and IF2, cayenne and tinctures and I did splendidly. I am still experiencing fatigue and breathing is still on the chalkboard of things to be tweeked - but of all the times I've taken road trips and been spent after even a few hours of enjoying a loved-ones time - this was epic. I was calm, no social anxiety, no body tension, slept well everywhere I went - which was huge. Huge to sleep in different situations and not be miserable, allergy-ridden and depressed as a result. I dragged butt many days but it was 104 degrees the whole time I was gone, on average, with a heat index of 110 - and so - everybody around me was dragging butt. It was nice to fit in!! lol! I wanted to be outside and no one else did - they all wanted to sit inside in the air conditioning and I wanted outside! That part was difficult to be in canned air between houses and air-conditioned cars and airplanes - but the man came through. He promised me, during the darker moments of the IP, that he'd send me to Texas for a few weeks to see loved ones at the end. And - he did. He's in his last 10 weeks of his second degree (as of today) and obviously couldn't go with me. I offered to not go and wait till after his degree and he was determined to get me there and get me the soul revival I desperately needed. He's the most stellar husband - EVER!!! We only had a little bit of money to put toward it - and I cooked most the time I was gone and let myself have the treat food I'd looked forward to all year. Proper, mom & pop enchiladas, real rice, real beans and homemade tortillas. All real peppers - serranos, jalepenos, ancho, poblano, chile pequines - all my friends were burning up and I was piling on peppers with every bit of food I made - even all the stuff I made in the kitchen!!

My friend's father, a native of Mexico, had made this salsa fresh that was sitting in their fridge. I asked if I could use it and her sister said, 'it's too hot, we can't eat it - I have to give it back - don't open it - you'll be sorry!' and my dear friend I stayed with said, 'I'll bet she can handle it - I'm shocked at what she's eaten.' I loved it. I then took it with me on every small road trip we took and ate the hell out of it! It was the hottest, freshest salsa I've ever had!!

Holy Chile!!


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