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Re: Great article on the myth of liver flushing
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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: Great article on the myth of liver flushing

 Nice, but not convincing. Actually people have used ultrasound to observeGallstones prior to and their absence after a flush. There is evidence for that:

Savage, A. P., O'Brien, T. and Lamont, P. M. (1992), Case report. Adjuvant herbal treatment for gallstones. British Journal of Surgery, 79: 168. doi: 10.1002/bjs.1800790224

Ultrasound confirmed multiple gallstones, but after waiting months for a surgical option, the patient underwent a treatment with olive oil and lemon juice, resulting in the passage of four 2.5 
cm by 1.25 cm stones and twenty pea-sized stones. Two years later symptoms returned, and ultrasound showed a single large gallstone; the patient chose to have this removed surgically.

Have you read the actual article to see what these "stones" were?  What did the analysis show? How do they know that she did not have pseudolithiasis (false gallstones) that are indistinguishable from real gallstones with ultrasound but can disappear on their own as in these cases:

This is why actual analysis is important to confirm they were real gallstones.  But when these so-called stones do get analyzed guess what? Yep, they are found to be formed from olive oil!!!  This article discusses what I am talking about:


The gallstone cure that wasn't

Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients, Nov, 2005 by Alan R. Gaby

A 40-year-old woman with multiple 1- to 2-mm gallstones documented by ultrasound underwent a "liver cleansing" regimen at the advice of an herbalist. The regimen consisted of free intake of apple and vegetable juice until 6 p.m., but no food, followed by consumption of 600 ml of olive oil and 300 ml of lemon juice over several hours. Early the next morning, multiple semi-solid green "stones" were passed per rectum. Analysis of the stones revealed that they contained no cholesterol, bilirubin, or calcium, but were made up of 75% fatty acids. Experimentation revealed that mixing equal volumes of oleic acid (the main component of olive oil) and lemon juice produced semi-solid white balls after the addition of a small amount of potassium hydroxide. The authors concluded that the green "stones" passed by this woman resulted from the action of gastric lipases on the triglycerides that make up olive oil, yielding long-chain carboxylic acids (mainly oleic acid). This process was followed by saponification into large insoluble micelles of potassium carboxylates (lemon juice contains a high concentration of potassium) or "soap stones." The cholesterol stones observed on ultrasound were removed surgically.

Comment: Variations of the regimen described above are frequently mentioned by herbalists and nutritionists as a method of promoting the passage of gallstones. Some patients claim to have passed numerous gallstones after undergoing a "gallbladder flush" similar to this one. None of the patients, however, had their "stones" analyzed, and none had before-and-after gallbladder sonograms to document the passage of gallstones. Thus, it appears that most or all of these patients were merely passing "soap stones." The gallbladder flush may not be entirely worthless, however; there is one case report in which treatment with olive oil and lemon juice resulted in the passage of numerous gallstones, as demonstrated by ultrasound examination (Br J Surg 1992;79:168).

Sies CW, Brooker J. Could these be gallstones? Lancet 2005;365:1388.

COPYRIGHT 2005 The Townsend Letter Group

COPYRIGHT 2005 Gale Group

So again, were the "stones" actually analyzed and confirmed as being REAL gallstones, or were they simply assumed to be gallstones?  Just the word "stones" can be a number of things. 


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