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Re: Candida? Slow thyroid? Mercury Poisoning? B12 Deficiency? Gluten Intolerance?
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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: Candida? Slow thyroid? Mercury Poisoning? B12 Deficiency? Gluten Intolerance?

iolite your a star! Thankyou for your advice.

Okay im going to try and get my b12 to around 900 and get my iron to above 100. Il try methylcobalamin 3,000mcg 2x daily, after my Multivits run out.

on monday Im going to get some iron tablets from my doctor for free (because im in the uk with public doctors in NHS), Im going to try get the
Solgar Gentle Iron that you recomended, the usual tabs that the doctor gives however make my stools go black and I think they can also cause stomach cramps. the ferrous sulphate tabs.

At the moment im going to finish these viridian high five multi vitamins first. It contains all the B complexes and vitamin C.
Ive got about 20 capsules left, one a day. It only contains 1mg iron though.

Here is all of what it contains:

About the tests for thyroid antibodies FT3 and FT4 etc3, my doctor wont get them done because my TSH is within to get that tested I'll have to go private and pay. Which I may consider, But first I'm going to work with the blood results that I Do have, from the free blood tests.

Also taking another look at Dr.Rinds site and doing more research I know for definite that I have weakened adrenals AND a sluggish thyroid. Because I have soo many symptoms from both on Dr.Rinds Scorecard. Especially anxiety and trembling a bit when feeling under pressure or when full on angry lol. But I dont get any aching legs or anything.

Also to consider - Mercury has a High affnity for the adrenals and I had 5 Amalgam fillings (50% mercury) in my mouth for 4 years (from age 9 to age 14), and I think that played a big part in weakening my adrenals from a young age. And maybe staying up late playing computer games in highschool days, which probable raised cortisal levels. But now Im a 19 yr old male I shouldnt have to deal with these bad symptoms.

You may have seen the smoking teeth video on youtube:


I can maybe use pregnenolone to support my adrenals. Also Seriphos for before bed. Also what other supplments are good for the adrenals?
what about 5-htp is that good at speeding up adrenal recovery? and strengthening adrenals?
And il look into the Coleus Forskohlii stuff.

So I think these are the supplements that I will need daily to bring my blood levels back to normal:

- Vit B12/methylcobalamin 3,000mcg 2x daily, on empty stomach?
- Iron tablets
- Vit D (Maybe)
- Vit C
- Seleinium/Seleniomethionine
- NAC for liver

Also what about the other b vitamins that im leaving out? I may aswel continue taking a multi vitamin?

I think I will also start oil pulling with virgin coconut oil or sunflower oil or seseme seed oil, untoasted, unrefined, cold or expeller pressed, Organic.

and thanks again iolite! I really appreciate the time youve taken to explain all this to me!


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