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..*surveys the damage reports..
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Published: 9 years ago
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..*surveys the damage reports.. the FDA "shelling" took out a lot of
websites. OR to be more precise, the mere sight of
an FDA pirate round aimed at Miracle-Mineral-Supplement caused many folks to
scuttle their own vessels. [websites] many 404's..or webhost splash pages
where a site used to be.
...the marker of a sunken site. blub..splash...splash page
surfaces. {..this space available! contact Blue Ghost hosting]

..gaping holes in other websites....where Miracle-Mineral-Supplement products
were..just a few days ago. [MMS? whats that? never heard of it..perhaps you are looking for MSM?]


well..Jim Humble's main site is still up..all banners flying.

Good for him. The FDA pirates want to sink him..
they'll have to do it the hard way. He's not
scuttling his ship at the mere sight of a "pirate flag"
[paper cannon shell.."voluntary" recall order]
No surrender! Catch me if you can!

Odd sort of a pirate chase..the "Protection Piraten"
have targeted "MMS". Change the flagged vessels from
"water purification system"..and the pirates lose their
fire control lock. Then what? Start injunctions against
"water purification system"? Thats a loser. "Flags" can be changed faster than legal briefs. OUtlaw sodium
chlorite?..and shut down thousands of water purifying operations..both small and large..all over the country?
Yeah, that will enhance the "national health". Sorry folks..
gonna hafta' retrofit thousands of operations to use
chlorine now..with all it's associated hazards. To say
nothing of the enormous costs involved. Hello? Washington? wannt fork over Billions of dollars to fund the mandatory switch over? Didn't think so.
Another losing idea. Seems that the Protection Piraten are playing
checkers in a chess world. Long term..they seemed to have
picked a bad strategy for protecting their Mega Corporate
masters. They really should stick to inspecting poultry farms for disease. They seem to be failing badly there.
[..a recall of 500 million eggs this week..good job of
disease PREVENTION there pirate dudes!] massive recall is NOT doing your job PROPERLY.."the horses are already out of the barn" to speak. But, hey...inspecting chicken farms is not as exciting as chasing "bad guys" who are selling an EPA approved water purification chemical. [..there's a logic flaw there somewhere..]

Of course Jim is probably permanantly "in exile" in Africa..coming "home" to Amerika
could be hazardous to his freedom. Ah well..could be worse; Africa is a big place. Lots of folks to hang out with and help. Don't be oversad at your
exile, Jim...Amerika is not what it was..and it's getting
worse by the day.

Jim is.. 77 years old now? and still in good
health despite being in a disease laden
land.. and fiesty as heck..still full of pfFFTT!

...I should be so growly at that age. Maybe I can..

*scampers off to go "purify some more water"*


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