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criticism of dr. lam ridiculous fees [EDITED by Moderator]
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Published: 9 years ago

criticism of dr. lam ridiculous fees [EDITED by Moderator]

[ This message was edited by forum moderator.† Comment by†Dr.Lam insrted by Forum Moderator.
I as a moderator do not know who is telling the truth. That is why I think it is right to present both angles of this story.

According to Dr.Lam, no patient has ever been charged more then what patient and the Dr. agreed to before the consultation.

According to: #132242† she was charged more then what was agreed!?†† ]

The original message:

Let me first preface this by saying that he is great for helping people out of the huge mess of AF and that he does answer questions here free.

Now let's talk about reality:

One of the things he admits is that chronic stress is one of the underlying causes of AF and that people should avoid it at all costs, and then he has the GALL to charge 400 dollars for the FIRST 15 MINUTES of talking to him.

[ Dr.Lams comment inserted here by Moderator ]
Dr. Lam:† The statement made here that I charge $ 400 for talking with me for 15 minutes is simply false. I charge on a case to case basis depending on the specific financial situation of the customer and in almost all cases, my first initial consultation with a new customer will last 45 min or more. Also my charge for talking to me for 15 minute on a follow up basis case depend and is not $75. More importantly, all fees charged by me have been clearly agreed to, in advance by the customers prior to their talking to me and no customer to this date has ever been overcharged.
[End Of Dr.Lams comment]

I was sort under the spell of his nice on-line demeanor and his kindly looks, but let us get real.
This is an absolutely criminal amount of money for a physician to charge patients. he is essentially preying upon his patients financially. of course people who are desperate with failing adrenals will feel they need to cough up the money and pay the expert. i have seen some people here even go into debt in order to pay him.

i have been through the mill with people like this and they absolutely disgust me to no end. especially in light of the fact that all of his information is available in free websites or even here on curezone. it seems like the cornerstone of his nutritional plan is completely stolen from peter d'adamo's blood type diet. pantothene and vit. c supplementation are adrenal repair 101, and to be found in almost any basic book on nutrition.

from what i understand, you can't even get to be a patient of dr. lam anymore. when you call the office they pull the classic used car BAIT AND SWITCH routine of pawning you off on Dorene who is not even an medical doctor.

Apparently she has a masters in nutrition, which if you have been around the block, is pretty much a glorified dietician.

in my experience, the real healers are the ones who walk the walk and xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[Edited].

They will charge a reasonable fee, especially when they know that they are dealing with very difficult cases.

After reading through the forum i am not seeing miraculous results from dr. lam, though it is clear he is helping some people. this is really a commentary on the status quo medical establishment who are so out of touch and so ineffective that a guy like lam can actually charge this amount of money and get away with it.

i wish more people would voice what i have said here, and i know that many people feel the same way, but they are either too tired or too fearful of standing up to predators like the good lam.

i can understand that a person feels that any amount of money is worth it to regain one's health. but do you have to go bankrupt in the process? this is what happens to cancer patients in hospitals. why aren't more people outraged at this nonsense?

perhaps i will write a little note to dr. d'adamo about copyright infringement.

this lipo-nano C sounds like total BS to me too. there are so many ways of taking vit. c, and if you can't take the vitamin for some reason then there are hundreds of fruits that will provide vit. c.


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