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Re: Candida? Slow thyroid? Mercury Poisoning? B12 Deficiency? Gluten Intolerance?
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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: Candida? Slow thyroid? Mercury Poisoning? B12 Deficiency? Gluten Intolerance?

Sorry Aman..just saw your message today.

Yes, your ferritin (which is currently 62) is too low, it should be over a 100 for guys. Read Janie's site, that woman has put a lot of research into that site and her book. She's talked to experts too. She knows what she's talking about regarding the ferritin. BTW, if you talk to a hematologist, s/he will tell you the same thing. I went searching a while back on info on ferritin and found a couple of alopecia sites where posters pretty much said the same thing. One was even under the care of a hematologist for anemia and said the hematologist said for ferritin, anything below 100 is considered deficient.

For B-12, I looked that up too. Over in Japan, the doctors treat any value below 900, I think with b12 supplements or shots. For B-12, look for methylcobalamin and take minimum of 3,000mcg 2x daily until you start feeling jittery, then cut back. Country life has dibencozide that is supposed to be the form of b12 that is active in the tissues. I've been using that with good results.

See if you can get your doctor to run tests for thyroid antibodies: anti-tpo, tg ab as well as FT3 and FT4 and RT3. It is the FT3 and FT4 that is actually being used by the body and a better indication of thyroid health. If he won't do it, tell him that you're paying for the tests not him. If he is still being an a$$ about it, time to find another doctor. You need to know if you've got antibodies or a conversion problem. With your ferritin being as low as it is --62, I would say that is the reason for your hypo symptoms. The low b12 and probably D is contributing to your fatigue.

Once you know what your d level is (should be around 70ng/ml) you should supplement if it is low. If it is 30 or below, start with 10,000iu daily and get retested in 3 months. Once it is in range, drop back to 5,000-7,000iu and get retested in 3 moths to make sure it stays in range and get tested annually.

Start supplementing with some iron and get that ferritin up. Solgar has Gentle Iron that has 25mg elemental iron per tablet. Take 2 tablets twice a day with food and vitamin C to increase absorption. It should be up in range in a few weeks. Get tested again in about 4-6 weeks to see where your levels are. Once it's in range. Make sure you take a multi with iron and get retested in 6 months to make sure it is enough iron to keep your level steady.

Keep taking the iodine, tyrosine and selenium. Coleus Forskohlii was recommended by Lonefeather on the hypothyroid site. I've just ordered some myself. Finally, you might want to try supplementing pregnenolone to support your adrenals. I've been doing that and have noticed it helps. I bumped it up from 50, to 200 for a while because I developed a really unpleasant ache in my thighs. I had my sex hormones tested and was found to be really low in estrogen and progesterone. I began using some topical bioidentical progesterone and estriol and it helped a little with my legs. Once I bumped up the preg, it went away completely. After reading again on preg, I found that the adrenals produce it. Since mine are fatigued still, I obviously need it. I've noticed that it helps with my fatigue and I'm sleeping better.

Hang in there,


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