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Re: closer peek at the red mass
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: closer peek at the red mass

...OTOH...send off a morg biopsy to some
PhD pathologist ..results are negative for
fungus. [PAS stain]
[ doc remarks: " possibly an insect bite"]. That will
be 600 dollars please.

..gee..thanks doc..I'll try to stay away from those
fiber inducing mosquitos.

meanwhile..back at the ranch..two skin docs insist
that since the damage is not due to's self inflicted. [..showed the head honcho derm doc pics
of the the biopsy sutures over run with fibers...made
zero impact. [ dont you hate it when the Photoshop
weirdos visit?].

...digs out path report..

diagnosis: epidermal necrosis and ulceration suggestive of insect bite left forearm.

comment: PAS stain is negative for fungus whereas the control shows numerous mycelia within the cornified layers.

microscopic description: Sections of tissue show a normal thickness of the epidermis with moderate basket weave hyperkeratosis. Within the center of the specimem the epidermis is necrotic and replaced by inflammatory membrane with underlying acute inflammatory cells.
A moderate number of the inflammatory cells are eosinophils. The inflammatory infiltrate has a diffuse interstitial distribution and extends to the deep dermis.

*** despite the report of numerous mycelia..the skin
docs feel content to dismiss any possibility of fungus
since the PAS stain test was negative.

I submit that the morg's fibers may in fact be
part fungus..they act like fungus..grow like fungus,
dissolve skin like fungus..grow mycelia
as fungi do...but for some reason do not trip the PAS stain test as "positive" for fungus.
I got the strong impression that the skin docs just wanted me out of there ASAP...any excuse will do. "oh look..failed the stain test..well..there you go..not a're digging all those lesions." The senior
skin doc was so thoughtful.."won't charge you for this "follow up visit" ..when I was showing her the
fibers on biopsy sutures..[of course you aren't going to
charge for this visit..officially this face to face
never happened..right doc? Nothing in
troublesome paper trail leading to you...much less any
course of action to deal with the fibers..that dont exist...because you dont "see them". Seriously..what sort of dermatologist dismisses a case without so much as breaking out a magnifying lens? or a Woods lamp..or a skin
scrape test..nothing needed here but five seconds of staring at the damage with unaided eyes..and hands me
a bunch of phone numbers for local get
an Rx for mind bending drugs. Make everything so much better. [TWO docs do the same thing..their prejudiced
opinion is all they need. No Science needed.]

&&&&..and the docs call the Morgs folks "delusional".
The docs are clueless...and won't take any initiative
that would put them crosswise with their AMA overlords.
.....stumbled over posts I made months ago at the candida
forums..good over view of my extended stay in wonderland.


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