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Image Embedded If it's's blood.
fungihomeworld Views: 4,744
Published: 9 years ago

If it's's blood.

eh..maybe not.

while dinking about with Potassium Hydroxide and skin samples in search of the elusive fungi..
it occured to me to see if blood and the everpresent "blood" leaking from the leg the same. I have my doubts that the lesion "blood" is all blood. Too many pics of lesion blood LOADED with particles. That many particles in the bloodstream should result in severe clogging of capillaries..arteries and veins..I should think.
Something is amiss here.

The KOH is at hand..lets collect a mess of "blood" from a lesion..and see what happens. Sounds like fun?

// is a cooperative leg lesion. Even though I
am not focused on them, you can detect some of the suspicious particles oozing to the surface.
Always seems to be a surprising amount of blood from the
lesions..especially the old ones. Is it really all blood?
Or..something else going on? Pigmented fluid perhaps?

Will see if the reaction with KOH yields any clues.
Will mix lesion "blood" and "clean" blood from a fingerstick with KOH [potassium hydroxide] in a water solution; measured pH 12.4.



here is one of the two types of material that resulted when mixing the lesion blood with the KOH. This one is red..well..we are mucking about with blood. Red is..expected.


Here is the other resulting mass when mixing lesion fluid with KOH; a green yellow mess. Ok..what is what?


Ok...time for a "clean blood" sample...not from a suspiciously dirty lesion..but from a fingerstick.
Sample of blood was about ten drops..from an overzealous
finger stick.


Odd. only the yellow green mass. No red at all. The
red blood drops instantly dissolved upon contact with the KOH..and clumped up as ..what you see here.

So..the red mass formed by lesion fluid in KOH is not blood at all..since "pure" blood only creates the yellow green mass. The red not blood. So what is it?
Pigmented gels?..morg particles?..something else?

..find one clue..many more questions surface.

[Whack-A-Mole was like this.]



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