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Re: Smell like rotten eggs and sewage
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Smell like rotten eggs and sewage

I'm very sorry to hear about what you are going through with this Body Odor . I know how you feel I basically go through the same thing everyday. It is very frustrating and embarassing for me and me being a fairly attractive female makes things worse. I use to be the girl everyone noticed in a good way and I never use to have a Body Odor problem and that all changed when I was 26 yrs old. I've had this Body Odor for 3 years. I use to be complimented on my perfume and how good I smelled. Now I have to deal with negative reactions from other people. The other day I went to the store down the street and some girl said wow like I stunk really bad and there are times people laugh at me in front of my face. I use to let it get to me and like you I use to stay in the house alot to avoid people. I'm slowly but gradually starting to go out more. I don't go out everyday but I do go to like the grocery store, take care of important business etc. See my boyfriend use to do all the grocery shopping etc. and I could see it was stressing him out. So I decided forget what people think about me I need to try and become stronger emotionally and face my fears otherwise I'm not really living life. I know it is very hard emotionally to deal with negative reactions but ever since I started going back out I feel a little better emotionally I have good days where barely anyone notices my body odor or if they do they are not rude about it and I have bad days where almost everyone noticed my body odor and I feel like I was treated like a thing not a person. My body odor I would say smells like cat urine and garbage but most of the time cat urine I think. All I know is my body odor smells bad. People can smell me from a far off disatnce sometimes but not all the time. The reactions I get from people are covering their noses, clearing their throats, sniffling loudly and coughing, then other times people laugh at me and say things like something smells horrible around here knowing they are talking about me but it does not get to me like it use to I've become a very strong person emtionally. I use to cry alot though when I first started noticing this body odor. I use to also have a good social life and now I only have 1 best friend, my sister, boyfriend and my dad. Other then them I don't really have any friends. I lost a couple friends once this body odor started but in my opinion they are not real friends if they are gonna stop being friends with me based on my body odor if anything they should be there more for me when they know I'm going through something I can't control and it is bothering me emtionally so I'm glad I lost those people I don't need fake friends. This is a great forum and alot of very nice people here who are going through the same thing you are so hang in there and I pray that you are able to find a solution to your body odor. When you are feeling very down just remember you are not the only one going through this there are many of us. This forum has helped me alot emotionally. The way I see it life can always be worst just thank God for the Blessings you do have and that he helps you find a solution and I will also pray for you. God Bless you and have a good day:)

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