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Smell like rotten eggs and sewage
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Published: 11 years ago

Smell like rotten eggs and sewage

Hello people

Been having problems since teenage years I started smelling like rotten eggs and sewage and its totally messed up my life.

It started when i was around 13-14 im now 18, 19 in 3 and half months. I started noticing this by people reactions. When i traveled to school on the bus people holding there noses and sneezing. I think it gets realeased from my body at random times. but after when sports in school on the bus i smelt really bad i guess due to sweat. When on the bus it was very noticable by everyones body language. Also I joined a cadets club people was like whats that smell when we was in a group. after a while one of the members told said to me theres not point you coming here nobody likes you obv i know thats because of the smell not my personaitly. ive had alot of friends in past. and another time got in a car as soon as i got in she said it smells like rotten eggs in near and opened the window. also another time in a car they put fan on and open windoews i think its alot more noticabled in enclosed areas.

now im nearly 19 so left school at 16 . didnt get any passes in my exams because i stopped going to school near end of the year and only sat a few exams i've been doing nothing just in the house all the time i don't go out i think i've been out twice in past 8 months once was for christmas xD. last time out with friends was christmas 08 last time i saw a friend was christmas 09. i used to go to alot of football games now i dont go anymore just watch it on tv. i pretty much just play shooting games now but pretty good at them but should be pretty much spent the last 3 years of my life playing it pretty much all day everyday. if not im on pc/tv. video games is my escape i dont think about whats going on in life and smelling and stuff just keep focused.

Now i looked up Trimethylaminuria which is to smell like fish but was watching a program on tv saying it can make you smell like sewage and vinigar. or do i not have Trimethylaminuria help me thanks and i never smelled when i was young had good social life and lots of friends.!

Also my parents never said i smell i dont think they can smell but my just once say before my room stinks open the windows. and i cant smell the smell on me.

thanks alot for reading.!

god bless.

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