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Candida? Slow thyroid? Mercury Poisoning? B12 Deficiency? Gluten Intolerance?
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Published: 12 years ago

Candida? Slow thyroid? Mercury Poisoning? B12 Deficiency? Gluten Intolerance?

stats, from the UK, ENGLAND
Age: 19 - Male
Height: 5'8
Weight: 73kg

update - I deffo have candida, Because I inspected my tongue, and it is covered with a thin white layer, which is more thicker towards the back of my tongue. EERRR it is disguitsting how can i get rid of it??????

All My Symptoms:

1 - Fatigue Low energy - i feel i should feel more energetic
2 - Brain fog
3 - slurring of speech and slow to get words out sometimes
4 - Fatigue faster than most people that are around my body weight... in football, weight training...No matter how much training I do, i always get out of breath easily.
5 - Very slow to gain muscle and strength.. compared to some of my friends, and some of them smaller than me.
6 - Very hard to lose fat
7- Sleep much longer than other people, i'l sleep 10-12hrs a day, and still be yawning all day
8 - Low blood pressure
9 - Dark circles/eye bags
10 - Get cold easier than other people
11 - Anxiety
12 - Very coarse hair
13 - itchy scalp, recurring dandruff
14 - dry skin
15 - stretch marks on skin, and bumpy pores on skin
16 - acne marks on back
17 - Joint pain, feels like weak ligaments at my pelvic joint (espesially when shooting in football) and ankle joints.
18 - stiff joints, cant even sit down with my legs cross, my liggaments are too stiff and hurt. feel them stretching.
19 - slight knee pain
20 - random sinus pain in nose that i get sometimes, it slowly starts to sting more and more for a few secs then goes
21 - Ive been told that it seams like I dont breath when i sleep
22 - Hay fever every summer, sneaz alot etc. it only started from 11 years of age?
23 - when I lay down one nostril is always blocked
24 - I dont really sweat that much with 'strenuous' excercise (maybe because I cant even push myself that hard because of my low energy and fatigue?)
25 - frequent urination
26 - fluorosis
27 - excercise causes me to get thirsy very easily
28 - heart palpations
29 - after vigourous excersice like benching... i get tremors in my hands
30 - insomnia
31 - white stuff on the back of my tongue
Also my scalp produces A LOT of grease to say I have very short hair, is it because it's detoxing something out of my body, like mercury/heavy metals?
My blood test results from 2008 and last week

Thyroid TSH: 0.91 (0.2 - 4)
Haemoglobin: 13.8 (12-18)
White count: 5.7 (3-11)
Platelets: 200 (140-400)
Glucose: 4.3
MCV: 82 (80-99)

Ferratin: 9
B12: 589
Folic acid: 6

Thyroid TSH: 1.8 (0.2 - 4)
Haemoglobin: 14.5 (12-18)
White count: 7 (3-11)
Platelets: 272 (140-400)
Glucose: 4.7
MCV: 83 (80-99)

Ferratin: 62
B12: 481
Folic acid: 4.4
Vitamin D: 49

Calcium: 2.48
Creatinine: 89
CRP: 1
LFT: I was told 'normal'
Bone: I was told 'normal'

My Blood pressure: 120/72 (100/60 - 140/90)

Do they look normal? Isnt my MCV a little low?
And the docter said I was tested for celiac but it came back negative. What other tests can I have to see if Im Gluten Intolerant?


4-5 silver mercury fillings as a kid + vaccinations, would chelation be benificial?

Possible conditions?:

- Hypothyroidism
- Wheat or gluten intolerance
- Celiac sprue or disease
- Hypoglycemia
- Iron anemia
- B12 Anemia
- Folic acid anemia
- Chronic fatugue
- Candida
- Intestinal bleedin?
- Mitochondra problems?
- mercury and heavy metal accumilation

Also - ive Given up dairy products 2 months ago now. so thats outa the picture.

Various Research:
*Quote off the net: going on one of those no yeast, wheat, dairy, alcohol,caffeine or sugars type diet for a few weeks, plus taking probiotic and a good quality multivitamin i starved the yeast and i never looked back. After only two weeks of this i had much more energy.

*Heavy metal toxicity has many symptoms similar to vitamin B12 deficiency, as explained by the MELISA Society. Recent research in the US by Dr. Richard Deth and others also indicates that mercury and other toxic metals block vital biochemical processes known as the “methylation cycle”. The result of impaired methylation directly affects brain functioning.

Benificial supplements?:
- vitamin B12 booster spray
- Calcium/magnesium supplement
- Kefir
- Colloidal silver solution
- Colloidal Mineral supplements
- Humet-R (chelation/heavy metal detox supplement)
- Bentonite & Psyllium (bowel cleanse supplement)
- MMS (colonse cleanse supplement)
- liver cleanse?

update 1:
I thought i'd cut gluten out to see if thats the culprit. Ive been gluten free for 2 days now. On the 1st day i noticed i had NO GAS... whereas the day before I started gluten free, i had alot of gas and on that day I had wheat cereal and sandwiches etc...

on the 2nd day (today) i have had hardly any gas and i have felt like i have more energy and i am in a bettter mood.

so my gas going away, which cant be cause by a placebo effect, leads me to beleive that gluten has been playing a part towards my bad health symptoms.
update 2:
well ive been gluten free for a few days now. Im going to keep it up for a few weeks. and then il try reintroducing gluten and il see if i have any side effects, that way il know if im intolerant cos il KNOW how il feel.

Also I bought a uk berkey water filter, to filter out heavy metals,chlorine and bacterea from the water; all these factors could very well be contributing to my fatigue, seeing as I mostly drink TAP WATER that contains chlorine, and heavy metals from all the piping, and junk from the built-up lime scale in the entire water piping sytem in the UK.

All this will have been contaminating my drinking water for years, so my body should react well to having pure FILTERED water for once

what else do you think i should do, parasite cleanse? colon cleanse?

because i still have fatigue and all of the symptoms decribed above. im just waiting on my water filter to arrive yet.


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