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Image Embedded skin invader..exploded view.
fungihomeworld Views: 3,976
Published: 9 years ago

skin invader..exploded view.


A morg fiber breaks through to the surface of the skin..
...but it is not just a "fiber"'s part of a system.
The mOrg seem to be very organized in what they do.
[..the "real" Borg?] Resistance is futile...and.. they assimilate everything..
[in a year of dealing with thousands of lesions from
the very small to the very large [over 10mm] I have yet to incur a significant
infection. The mOrg must be phaging [eating]/dismantling the bacteria on the skin.
[gee..thanks guys...I guess..]

to the right,you can see the assembled tissue that
generates the fiber. More than one fiber is being formed.
On the left is the "cube" of pigmented gel that always
seems to accompany morg construction activity..such as growing fibers.
Odd how the gels seem to prefer a "cube" it crystalline?
It does appear to be assembled by the tiny morg particles that gather
at the blister site prior to flowing to the skin surface. Various colors of gel..
but red and yellow are predominant. Finding a few light blue ones these days..
I strongly suspect the pigmented gels are energy sources.
I have observed that in lesions where pigmented gels are
plentiful..morg fiber activity is intense; where the pigments become few..fiber activity stops. In lesion
scabs where the pigment spots fade out..the lesion is
usually overrun by freshly planted skin cells.

Between the two structures is the pigment flecked goo..I assume to be
part morg particles..part pigmented gel..[the red cast is apparent in this view]...
part dissolved skin doubt some overwhelmed "white" blood cells in that gumbo.
It appears that the leukocyte defenses are utterly baffled by the mOrg. Response
seems to be very slow..and ineffective. Do the morg particles exude some sort of
chemical to confuse the immune system? Its obviously just not MY defective
immune the morgellons attacks are global. many few tools and pitifully lacking in proper training and technique.
oh's a colorful picture..perhaps make some postcards...


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