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Unsolicited Sutherlandia OPC Oleander Testimonials
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Published: 12 years ago

Unsolicited Sutherlandia OPC Oleander Testimonials

Following are unsolicited testimonials in chronological order which have been collected by Naturopathic PhD Marc Swanepoel since June, 2008 from people who have used the oleander based supplement Sutherlandia OPC from South Africa for cancer, HIV, Hep-C and more. Please note that this is not intended as a solicitation to purchase SOPC, but rather as examples of how oleander has been successful with many people around the world.  Plus, people are always asking for testimonials and success stories.

I note that one can make their own oleander extract at home - see and - as well as purchase a similar supplement, Rose Laurel OPC Plus (which is made by the same pharmaceutical manufacturing company that makes SOPC), from CZ sponsor Utopia Silver Supplement Company.

Unsolicited Sutherlandia OPC Oleander Testimonials

By the way, the first shipment seems to be working great. I have more energy and feel like my entire physical being is a few notches higher. I have improved strength on my mountain bike climbs and better bowel health
Thanks again for all the work you do R G
Costa Mesa, California

June 2008

I have been having problems with post nasal drip and I took a teaspoon last night, the drip stopped in like 10 minutes.
S L – 29 July 08

My mom has been using a number of supplements since December and has
started with S/OPC two months ago. She has Non-Hodgkings lymphoma. She
is also still taking chlorambucil (not sure about the spelling) every
14 days (i cannot convice her not to take the chemo). She has been
doing and looking very well.
I would also like to mention that i noticed that the S/OPC does assist
with the side effects of the chemo. Previously i used to get her whey
protein for that purpose, but she did not need it this past two weeks.

M H – 18 Aug 08

I am just about done with my third bottle and the edema in my ankles have improved by about half, which is great.
B H – 18 Aug 08

Just to let you know that my husband got a really good report on tests last week. Scans showed no new growth and no new tumors. Some of the existing tumors had grown just a little so now we need to see if we can get them to shrink. We'll just keep doing what we have been doing. Thanks.
B A – 18 Aug 08


a friend of the family had just been diagnosed with Testicular cancer and has only been on the supplementation for 2 weeks. His ~3 to 4 cm tumor shrunk by 1.6 cm in just 2 weeks. He is working with an Oncologist to have an occasional pet scan but not doing any traditional/conventional therapy in terms of treatment; just taking the OPC as well as IP-6; very encouraging thus far for him.
R K – 28 Aug 08


what I like about this supplement is the extra energy it brings. I have much energy already and I still notice more stamina.
T B – 5 Sept 08

The CS & S/OPC has helped my dog Weaver too immensely. His liver enzymes were way up for two years, last week got the results, he is completely normal now, yippee! He is almost 13, unheard of for pooches to get better with age.
T B – 12 Sept 08

Today I had feedback from a guy who has been using the S/OPC for a few months that confirms my oleander/hairgrowth theory. He did not know about my own experience but told me he used to cut his hair once every two months. Then he found he had to cut it every six weeks and now he has to cut it every four weeks. All this happened since he started taking the S/OPC about 6 months ago. He also noticed that he has to cut his finger- and toenails more often than before. He takes 4 capsules per day.
From C C – 12 Sept 08

Weaver has been on both the CS & CG. Both have helped with the arthritis. Also, I noticed today all his fatty tumors are melting away. I'm truly thrilled, he has had some of them for many years. I have increased his dosage on the S/OPC too which could be contributing as well with his all around improvements. He has dropped some weight and is shedding less too. No kidding his appearance and health are changing/improving more each day. I'm so sold on S/OPC, CS & CG. I'm telling anyone will listen. My poor doggie was a mess, not anymore!
T B – 21 Sept 08

hey man, just an update on the oleander drink...
before i took it, I had pain in the stomach if i ate before going to bed...
the last 2 weeks no more pain.....and also i noticed the stools were kinda yukky at the beginning and the i noticed mucus coming out
with some weird stuff (looking like gelly stuff)...and now it looks all good.....

This thing really does something lol
N S – 18 Oct 08

We have been enjoying the changes from taking your wonderful product.
T M – 6 Nov 08

My stepdad was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor blocking his bile duct which they said had spread to his pancreas and liver and this was last Thanksgiving. He was given a couple of months and had lost over 50 lbs in two months. Well here we are a year later and he has put on weight and is golfing on a regular basis. He is 80 years old and living life to the fullest! He used the sutherlandia OPC along with the anti-cancer protocol suggested on the Oleandergoup website.
T R – 11 Nov 08
I started using Sutherlandia OPC (plus IP-6) on July 25, 2008. I added
the Budwig FOCC Protocol on September 17, 2008, and have now followed
it daily for the past nine weeks.

I have been in email conversation with Marc Swanepoel and have learned
MUCH from him. I believe that Sutherlandia OPC is a major factor in
the improvement of my numbers these past four months. Here are the
results of my blood tests for a blood draw on 11.11.08 at Alta Bates
Cancer Center (Berkeley). I am encouraged with my numbers, which
indicate significant progress in the relatively brief period of time
that I have been using Sutherlandia OPC.

Date | PSA | % fPSA | PSADT | Tst | DHT | E2 | T/E2 | T/DHT
Range | <4.0 | >20% | >2.51 | >500 |30-80 |<70|| >55 | >10

01/24/08 | 26.2 | 10.0 | 2.32 | 0709 | 102 | 24.0 | 29.5 | 07.0
07/22/08 | 31.3 | 07.9 | 2.28 | 1550 | 238 | 25.0 | 62.0 | 06.5
09/23/08 | 25.0 | 09.5 | 2.66 | 0916 | 163 | 26.0 | 35.2 | 05.6
11/11/08 | 22.9 | 10.3 | 2.87 | 0573 | ~95 | 18.0 | 31.8 | 06.0?

My PSA dropped from 31.3 (7/22/08) to 25.0 (9/23/08) and then to 22.9
(11/11/08) and my % Free PSA went up from 7.9% to 10.3% in this time
period. The movement of both of these numbers is positive.

My PSA doubling time (PSADT) at the time of my diagnosis of PCA in
June 2006 was 2.51 years. At the time of my diagnosis on 6/26/06 my
PSA was 14.9 and that was 29 months ago.

You will note the question mark in the matter of my serum DHT number.
LabCorp did not do the test as requested by my oncologist, so that
number is a guess on my part, based in part on my saliva DHT results
with a number of >125 [ref. range = 39-89] for a specimen submitted to
Diagnos-Techs on Nov. 3, 2008.

D C – 20 Nov 2008

Dx 6/06 @ 68, bPSA 14.9, bPSADT 2.51 yrs, T2c Gl 3+3 {reread 4+3 @
Johns Hopkins} || ADT (5 mns) & chemo (2 mns) -- aborted 11.16.06) ||
Protocel 19 mns (11.1.06 – 6.13.08) || Laetrile (1.11.08 – 5.16.08);
Essiac Tea, IP-6, Flax Hull Lignans (6/08); Sutherlandia OPC
(7.25.08); Budwig FOCC + citrus pectin (9.17.08) & Ayurstate (10.2.08).

Hi Marc,

I am fine - My last CT was clear and the docs all seem happy - going to the gym 3 times a week. have got to take calcium as I have issues with mal absorbsion due to my stoma etc.

My bilirubin is 42 was 179 when I started OPC so coming down.
G T – 17 Dec 2008

Hi there Marc.

I seem to be getting better from my colon cancer, by the way. I have been taking both the olander capsules and chemotheraphy (mainly celloda). Bleeding is gone, pain too, but I remain weak and am having problems to regain the weight lost during the past two years (over 70 pounds!).

May you have a Happy New Year...!

R N M, Panama City, Panama.

My stepdad is doing great, he is in Guadalajara, Mexico right now visiting some family. He actually gave his two last bottles of OPC away to people/relatives over there that are suffering from cancer. So he called me and asked me to order more. He kept just enough to hold him over, plus he takes the homemade Oleander too. He has given the people in Mexico the link to order the OPC, so I hope they will be doing that soon. And my Lab is doing much better too, I have the Artemisinin & 50% DMSO that you suggested for the cyst on his eye on order.

Thanks again so much for your personalized attention, you are awesome!
God Bless,
T R – 31 Dec 08

I don't have any really good news but do have some fairly good news: we had our last visit with the Doctors just before Xmas, they had asked hub to go back on to ARVs in September and he refused. The nurse then decided not to do his marker blood work without telling us (because we refused treatment), we found out when we went for the Nov visit and got upset (in particular me), there was an animated discussion, tears etc. The Doctor said it was a mistake. The outcome was, we would redo bloodwork before Xmas and if hub's markers (T4 cells and viral load) had worsened they would put him latest ARVs for patients failing on other ARVs. They obviously predicted his T4s cells would worsen significantly. As they were already low this would be dramatic

Well the December results show most markers (HIV and HEPC) stable BUT there was a slight improvement in the CD4 count (Sept was 190 whereas Dec was 234). So it looks as if we are finally seeing a slight improvement. It is not a great improvement but it is a start. The doctors admitted that this result is the same as we were getting with the ARVs before they interrupted treatment in May due to the condition of his liver. However they are now advising for hub to start these new ARVs with the aim of getting the viral load from 35k to undetectable. However hub says that if at end of Jan he sees a further improvement he is going to refuse the new treatment they are offering. I am pro natural remedy but he is more sceptical so that is another breakthrough.

Hope to be back with more positive news in early Feb.
N C – 6 Jan 09

Just to let you know that my husband has chronic Hep C (and HIV) and initial stage cirrhosis and since taking Sutherlandia OPC and Essiac plus other supplements recommended by Tony and Marc and sourced ourselves including milk thistle which is considered super important for the liver, his sleeping has much improved as has appetite and energy. Another improvement which I haven-t mentioned before on site which however I am sure is a sign of being healthier is his libido being back to normal too.
Good luck
Nelly – 10 Jan 09

Dear Marc,
Thanks for your email 15/1/09 re NAC and the importance of Megan taking same.

The latest biopsy report Cancer has dropped from level 3 to level 2. Requires 4 Radiotherapy treatments plus 2 Laser treatments. But no chemotherapy which was very definitely on the cards at the beginning of treatment. Things are looking much brighter,Specialist stated “whatever you are doing, keep it up”. Megan is also having Vit. C. injections. Still not out of the woods, but the sun is starting to shine through the trees. She is feeling nauseous most of the time. But with your recommendation, will purchase NAC today.
M B – 21 Jan 09

You are truly brilliant!! I cant tell you enough how much our lives have been impacted by getting to know you. We feel so blessed to say that we have met an ANGEL. I truly believe you are heaven sent! You sir are living proof that humanity will prevail over hatred and greed. You are honest, informative, caring, gracious and a SAINT. I pray every night that my friend will be healthy and prevail from this disease...and I thank God for you and pray that he continues to give you good health and the knowledge to continue the priceless work that you have done for human kind. Emailing you and not knowing truly who you are or never even seeing a picture of you, has me picturing you in my own mind. I picture a great and mighty ANGEL of GOD.

Thank you so much!!!!

D B – 19 Feb 09

My Stepdad has been taking the homemade Oleander and the Sutherlandia OPC for a tumor for about a 15 months and he is doing awesome . . . I'm not sure if his tumor has shrunk, but he is living a productive life which we didn't think he would make it 2-3 weeks when first diagnosed about 15 months ago. His color was bad and he was not a good candidate for the Whipple Surgery after they did more tests.

He had a tumor blocking his bile duct, and they put a stint through it and that is all they did and then he changed his diet and started taking the Homemade Oleander and now all his blood tests (liver) is fine. He now also takes the Sutherlandia OPC too.

He is 81 and his energy and color are great, so this is what I go by. And the doctors just tell him to keep doing what he is doing...............
From the Oleandersoup discussion group – 18 Feb 09

I wanted to give you an update on a customer of mine who has ALS. After taking 4 bottles, he is doing really really good. He told me that all of his 'numbers' are up and his doctor (Baylor) is going to look into s-opc.
T L – 22 Feb 09

I just wanted to thank you for your support. My last tumor has just vanished in the last 3 days or so. For how long should I continue taking the Sutherlandia? I want to order some more for me and more for my sister who has Hep C.
P R – 23 Feb 09

Finally got my MRI results back – the 3 main things were

1) only a slight enlargement/enhancing of 2.3x1.8.1.4cm area in upper left breast with greater enhancement – however, in same area “isolated foci demonstrating mild washout were also observed”. It goes on to say the entire area is indeterminant. Also that considerations of the area include changes of ductal carcinoma versus nodular fibrocystic change. This area also originally 3 years ago had tons of microcalcifications which disappeared in 2007 and are gone. No indication of invasion and no lymph node involvement.

2) Deep in middle of breast 1.5 years ago had 5x1cm enhancement new area suspicious for breast neoplasm/ductal carcinoma is NOW being described as 9.9x5.0mm mild washout area quite possibly a fibrocystic change.

3) (this is what we’re excited about as it’s the paget’s area that in the past was increasing and appeared to be growing back into the breast – it was originally biopsied in 2006 as high nuclear grade cribriform type with focal comedo necrosis). Is a retroareolar enhancement that increased and was worse from 2007 to 2008 is NOW being described as “nodular parenchymal enhancement with a benign appearing steadily increasing dynamic pattern of contrast enhancement, suggestive of underlying fibrocystic changes. Retroareolar enhancement now appears less prominent compared to 2008.
So, I’m not out of the woods yet but definitely improving! 
C K -5 March 09

Hi Marc –
I just picked up copies of all my MRI scans/reports from the hospital from 2007-2009. The biggest significance in reversal has been from 2008-2009. In addition to the 3x2 cm area right behind the nipple that is not nearly as enhanced now, there was an area described as “4.5 cm band of parenchymal enhancement in the midportion of the left breast suspicious for breast neoplasm, probably DCIS, similar to that of MRI 2007.” THIS AREA IS NO WHERE TO BE FOUND.  ! Neither is the 2x1 cm that was “new” in 2008 – that is also gone.
So……it’s better than I previously thought!!!!!!!!!!!
I know I’m doing a lot of things on the physical, emotional and energy levels, but I truly believe on the physical level, for me, it’s been change of diet and the OPC that have given me the speediest results.
C K - 8 March 09

We are seeing great success with the Sutherlandia OPC. One of our cancer horses was checked Friday by the vet and the tumors are going down or are totally gone.
K M – Horse Protection Society – 10 March 09

My friend had told me about Sutherlandia OPC and he seemed pretty confident with the product so I decided to give it a try. Before I was getting cortisol injections and I knew I couldn't do that forever so that's when I decided to start Sutherlandia OPC. After a few weeks of taking it my hair stopped falling out as much and I noticed that my smaller bald spots had gone away. It has really helped my hair growth as well as my immunity from getting sick.
N E – 19 March 09

Just a quick update. I have had 3 cycles of chemo - The 4th tomorrow. I have responded well to the chemo and the supplements and am feeling very well. I am tired, but gaining weight etc. I am taking the liquid Sutherlandia OPC which is fine...The flavour is not great....but never mind. My liver function has improved since the selenium, alpha lipoic acid, milk thistle supplements and S/OPC were taken from April 2008 and my bilirubin is now 33 (normal is 0-19) but it was at 179 and I was yellow - it may be normal soon!. My general liver function is improving it is still a way of perfect but better.
G T – 23 March 09

I just wanted to let you know that I received product and began taking
it March 19, 2009 as per protocol. I am now taking 2- 2 times per day.
No side effects so far. I have noticed that my nipple has improved. Ever
since immediately after the first mammogram, I've had a hard yellow
crusting covering entire nipple (no real discharge). Over this past
weekend I noticed it has just two small areas with discoloration and it
looks like it's healing. The mass hasn't shrunk in any way that I can
notice, but it's only been 12 days.
T P – 30 March 09

My Mom was diagnosed with stg 4 ovarian cancer last Aug. She had chemo twice, two weeks apart. It almost killed her and she did not do the remaining 6 scheduled doses. She started on Budwig and later added Oleander (OPC pills). After about 3-4 months when she was feeling really good, she started chemo again. A different combo that was milder than the first. She just finished with that. In the beginning her CA-125 was 5300. It has gone down to 87. At first, they couldn't operate saying that the tumor was spread out all over her abdomen with do defined parameters. Now they are saying that it has shrunk and is operable.
R G – 4 April 09

It has been about a month since Audrey started taking the Oleander

capsules and program for her breast cancer. I am happy to report she is doing very well so far. She is now up to four per day, she built up to that over a period of about two weeks. She takes the capsules on an empty stomach, as a forum member recommended (thank you) to avoid an initial digestive problem.

The best thing that is happening now is that her hemoglobin level is finally coming up for the first time since last September. She is regaining a little strength every day, and it is truly wonderful to see.
A & A S – 14 April 09

Just wanted to let you know I have been taking the S/OPC for about a year now for breast cancer. I started at 2 caps a day and then after awhile went to 4 caps a day, now I'm back to 2 caps a day. One thing I can say is I have never had a cold since even being around really sick people, my hubby included, and have been cancer-free for 3 years exactly now. Good choice to get started, it is a proactive thing to do among other things.
T B – 1 May 09

When I was last in Utopia about two months ago visiting my good friend Ben Taylor, I met a guy who had been slowly going downhill with Hep-C. His skin and eyes were turning yellow and his doctor was convinced that his condition had worsened to liver cancer and had not given him a very optitmistic prognosis.

Ben and I cautioned him against biopsy and the surgery/chemo route he appeared headed for, and we gave him a liver cleanse kit, some oleander extract (Sutherlandia OPC) and some colloidal silver and advice on diet and lifestyle.

Just a couple of weeks later, Ben ran into him in town and he told Ben that he felt better than he had in years. And then. within the past week he saw Ben in town and flagged him down to tell him that he had just seen his doctor and his doctor to get the results of his latest liver tests.

His doctor was dumbfounded because his test results indicated that his liver was normal.

It is stories like that that keep me going and bring tears of joy to my eyes.
T I – 1 May 09

I just wanted to give you a quick update on Katie (dog).

I am giving her IP6 and Sutherlandia OPC Capsules every other day. Everyday she is getting 4 oz of colloidal silver. She had a huge growth on her leg that completely disappeared. I bought the Silver Gel and put it directly on the growth. I am going to take her in for Xrays on her lungs to see if the tumors have shrunk or stayed the same. Some days she runs around like a puppy, but she mostly likes to sleep. She is 14 years old, but doing great! In December the Vet said she would be dead by March. The Vet said that she would start coughing and deteriorate quickly. Thanks to you that hasn't happened. :)

My wife has breast cancer metastasized to her bones. She was taking cesium until 2-26-09, and started taking Oleander and most of the rest of the protocol on 3-10-09. We have been very happy with the results. Her alk/phos spiked at 574 on her blood tests of 3-17-09, which could have either been from the cesium or the Oleander,and a month later,4-21-09, had decreased to 240.

All of her CBC numbers have been steadily improving, and she feels a little better every day. She now can take walks when she wants to, and has been working some in the garden. Such great improvements from last Nov,Dec, when she was in hospice care!
We are both very glad she never took chemo or radiation, although we had some scary times.
A S – 7 May 09

I am happy to tell you that having now followed the Budwig protocol fairly well plus Sutherlandia OPC, my PSA, which I have checked every 2 months, continues to decrease. It has come down from 11.87 when I started the protocol in August to 6.72 today. I had discounted any mainstream treatments and I am happy I did. I am now fully convinced that alternatives can work. May this be an encouragement to others who may be hesitating to ignore conventional options.

R J – 26 May 09

My wife is doing insulin potentiation therapy along with DMSO potentiation therapy. Her blood sugar levels are dropped to around 30 and then after the therapy she eats some watermelon, vegetable juice, etc. to get her blood sugar back up to the normal range of 70-99. Today for the first time we had the brainstorm of adding some S/OPC to her Vegetable juice (15mL) since she does this after her meals anyway. Well her blood sugars would not go over 55 for a long while which never happened before. So I was wondering if you had heard of Oleander doing this to other individuals? As I mentioned if it could control blood sugar levels on top of everything else it did it would be wonderful for many type of problems.
D F – 26 May 09

I have been adding things gradually to the protocol.

Today, I finally "manned up" and took my first dose of OPC.

I have been hesitant because I have in the past been extremely sensitive to any substance that accelerates the heart and etc.

But the pain and sensation I have has been increasing so I went ahead and took a TEASPOON only. Boy, that stuff has a bitter aftertaste. It doesn't linger, thankfully.

I did feel a slight tingling, very slight on my lips and throat. That passed quickly as well. I also experienced fatigue, but that could have happened anyway I am just so busy.

But here's the thing, after a bit of time, I experienced a sense of well-being (think about that word, my being feels well) that I haven't had for a long time, like something got righted that was wrong. In the whole area where I felt a growth, the pain and sensation have diminished a lot. I feel it somewhat now, but for most of the afternoon and night it has been much better than usual.

I bought the liquid OPC from Mark. I bought liquid so I could adjust the dose if I got any side effects.

But so far the side effects are pretty good.

I noticed this morning that where I have had a hardness across the area above my diaphragm, with pain radiating through to the back under my left shoulder blade, which had been getting to where if I took a deep breath I felt pain all across the area over my diaphragm---well, that whole hardness has disappeared. So weird!

What is going on here?!?

How can ONE DOSE of the OPC do so much? Is the OPC? Does OPC relieve pain? Or is the pain better because the OPC has done something else that relieved a source of pain?
J – 5 June 09

Hello everyone! Just a little update on Molly (10 yr old cocker spaniel with lymphoma). The oncologist and our vet both gave her 4-6wks (8 at the most) without chemo. That was 9 1/2 wks ago! We did decide to use prednisone since her lymph nodes are quite large and interfering with her breathing. Other than that, she's on a raw diet (Nature's Variety-- I can't make it on my own right now) and LOVING it! She is also on 3cc of Sutherlandia three times a day, and 2 different herbal preparations from an Australian herbalist specializing in natural dog care and treatment (one is Marine Pine Bark for her immune system and the other is an herbal lymphoma support). She is also on air-dried garlic from Springtime (same as I use and give our chickens), 1cc fermented plain cod liver oil from Greenpastures twice a day (same as I and my children take-- top quality!), and on the "Longevity" formula for dogs from Springtime. Last but not least, she is on Transfer Factor Plus (the top human grade type) from 4life. She does seem to be doing very well at this point-- some bad days here and there, but way more good days! Her coat is so much softer than it has ever been-- really a testament to how to feed a dog naturally.
L M – 12 June 09

I know that OPC has all the wonderful properties, like will help hair loss while on chemo etc. When Reid finished his radiation we were told that his hair would probably not grow back on the sides of his head. We have been using the OPC for around 2 weeks and we are noticing that reids bald spots are starting to fill in with fuzzy stuff. Is this the OPC working? Wouldn't it be too soon for it to work like that? He was completely smooth bald in those spots. We are very excited regardless of why it happened but I was just wondering!
R E – 26 June 09

Today we went to see the doctor. Dad had a CT 2 days ago so we went to hear the result. The doctor ordered the CT because two months have passed without treatment.

I think we have some good news. the report said comparing with the CT done two months ago, several nodes resolved including a 7 mm one, although the biggest one, 3.4cm x 2cm, didn't change. Another good sign is the fluid in his chest. Dad had the fluid drained 5 weeks ago (his second time). It was 5 weeks after his first drain. Now another 5 weeks passed, the fluid level is less than half of the level right before his second drain. That means the fluid is coming back much slower.

I am hopeful. Praise the Lord! The S/OPC might be working. Dad has been on S/OPC for 2 months, 4 a day for the last 1.5 months. He has also been on Cellect the last 1.5 months at 4-5 scoops a day. He also takes curcumin, grape seed extract, milk thistle and Agaricus Brazil Mushroom. The curcumin lowered his blood pressure so much he stopped 2 blood pressure medication 1.5 months ago.
J H – 27 June 09

Just received my S/OPC extract yesterday - had a painful gastric thing happening since my PET Scan last Thursday (could be "coincidental" but I'm guessing it's not :) and within 2 doses, all the stomach pain and gastro nasties were gone.

I am SO excited to have such a unique and effective weapon to annihilate my ILC breast cancer. (taking Tamoxifen just to "appease" everyone else.)

I am even more excited to report that when I told a retired surgeon friend to Google "cancer + oleander" just for giggles, (I said nothing about it myself) he came back to me VERY excited after reading all the data - he thinks it's a real WINNER.
JvG – 3 July 09

All cancer survivors experience events that defy common sense explanation. Be these events supernatural, spiritual or magical no one knows for sure. Here is one that affected me personally.

I'm a 20 year survivor of "incurable" Stage IV fNHL. I have faced several relapses and numerous challenges over that period. None of these cancer related challenges seemed more pervasive than a serious chemotherapy induced anemia that continued to get worse year after year.

Earlier this past winter I woke up with an emergency involving our 13 year old toy poodle. She had gone from being active and happy to lethargic and near death in a matter of 36 - 48 hours. I tried all the tricks I had learned over the past 20 years of dealing with my own health challenge all to no avail.

Our little girl had been suffering from chronic lymphoma for many years (common in toy poodles) and we had kept her relatively healthy and happy by sharing my own cancer protocols with her on a daily basis.

With her critical illness I went to the Internet to find an effective cancer treatment for leukemia and lymphomas. Anvirzel™ (Nerium Oleander Extract, developed by DR. H. Ziya Ozel, came up on my radar as a viable candidate. Anvirzel's™ track record in studies and reports was amazing.

I found I could not purchase Anvirzel™ even with a veterinarians' prescription so I looked for alternatives and found Sutherlandia OPC, a mixture of Nerium Oleander Extract and Sutherlandia Frutescens (African Cancer Bush). Sutherlandia OPC was available without prescription in South Africa. I immediately ordered a supply and prayed it would arrive in time to be of use.

When we did the blood work on our poodle the results were scary. The poor little girl had RBC/HCT/HGB below 10%. For practical purposes she was near death. The veternarian transfused her and we took her home for the night with intentions of returning to the clinic in the morning to continue transfusion, try and get some electrolytes in her, etc…….

It turned out our little girl had Immune-mediated Hemalytic Anemia, a disease where her own immune system attacks her red blood cells. AIHA is difficult to diagnose and the chances of saving her were slim. The following day's blood work showed her immune system had destroyed all the red blood cells of the recent transfusion in less than 18 hours. There was no choice but to have her put down.

The rest of the story is the Oleander extract would have been of little use had it arrived prior to her death. Oleander would have been the wrong medicine for the type of disease she had.

However, the Sutherlandia OPC did arrive in a few days and something told me to try it on myself. This is where the spiritual, supernatural or magical part comes in. I had no reason to think Sutherlandia OPC would have any effect on my own personal challenge but it was in hand and something told me not to throw it away, instead to use it myself.

I worked up to 3 tablespoons a day and continued that dosage for several weeks. In the meantime I noticed by heart rate on my daily runs was dropping. It had hit highs in the 180's just recently and now it was rapidly trending downward while my running pace was actually increasing.

I sensed something pretty important was going on. At my next scheduled anemia blood screening I got the most pleasant surprise of a long time. Virtually all my blood count numbers were in the normal range. This was the first time my blood counts had been normal in more than 3 years.

In fairness I have to say at the time I was also taking a Traditional Chinese Medicine called "Marrow Plus", which is widely used by oriental doctors (and some veterinarians) for blood anemia problems.

P. D. – 14 Aug 09

My son who has cancer has improved dramatically in the last two weeks and I do not want to run out so if you could send this ASAP I would really appreciate it. Thanks
S.M – 13 Aug 09


Our son who has testicular cancer-choriocarcinoma has improved -his tumour markers have dropped -220,000 to 19,000 -if you could send off ASAP as we don't want to run out.
S. M. – 20 Sept 09


I attribute Sutherlandia OPC, together with colloidal silver for getting rid of my fibromyalgia. Back in 2005, I was in such pain that it took great effort to go up the two steps leading to my front door. I was lethargic, slept during the day, insomnia at night, and had depression issues. I have been completely free of any symptoms for three years now. And....... I can plop down on the floor, sit cross-legged and spring up again with absolutely no pain.
L. M. – 20 Sept 09

(I read about the plight of this lady in Botswana who had decided to go off Antiretrovirals due to the bad side effects and sent her some S/OPC to try)
I am very grateful for the 2 mths supply of Sutherlandia OPC gift. I am now reading the information that came with it and I will begin the supplement tomorrow morning for consistency. I will take as prescribed. I will however keep you posted of the positive developments in my health. I look forward to a new me.

I truly feel sad. The number of people dying from Toxic drugs outweigh those who just die from no intervention of toxic drugs and worse of all the death is a long agonizing paining one, that I nearly got my self. I am working with some media practitioners editor of the Mmegi news paper, I have asked them to get informed 1st before thy make any reports. They must be in a position to defend their reporting. They are shocked why they should hear such things from me yet there are people doing research daily, since 1984.

I told him, as long as there is funding from pharmaceutical companies involved, there can never be public information that says anything contrary to ARVs.
I am working slowly but accurately to get the word out. It is pleasing to know that in Africa we have someone who is making something to combat HIV and AIDS IN A HUMAN FASHION. Doing it for the patient to heal.

Be Blessed always.

Pass my regards to your family. I have written stories that my interest you for Harpers at this link just two for now

O.M.P – Botswana – 19 Sept 09


I am very excited to tell you I feel great, I notice I sleep more now which could be the cleansing of the filthy system that was stuff with drugs for the past 8 years.
I made a comment of how Sutherlandia OPC is helping me and people freaked out. I know for fact than if something has no impact no one care about it but when it has impact and positive one people feel threatened.

O.M.P – 7 Oct 09


I used Sutherlandia OPC 4 weeks after leaving ARV therapy that I changed four times. If I did not stop I would be on number five now.

The clinic followed me home to come back on ARV. I left as that was between living and dying.

Sutherlandia OPC has quieted complaints that I had from 2001 to 19/09/2009 , I even marked the bottle with a date. I kept the empty dated bottles, why. I want to always remember the day I starting realizing my self worth.

I was programmed to know that my HIV status needed ARV and with out ARV I would wither and die like a flower that is not in water. I tried everything they had on the market, did all the tests and got no hope. Stopping ARV and taking Sutherlandia OPC 500ml and capsules has added a smile on my face, given my strength. These two months on it has made me better than any other time I have been on ARV. Walking, was the last thing I could do, but from the 7th of dec 09 to 13 jan 2010 I was doing a research which involved walking house to house, in different villages in Botswana. Think of all the things you want to do, and find out what is obstructing you and eliminate the obstruction, so you can venture on life is great

I am still amazed I did that. The ARV drugs were pulling me down, as if their intention is to have an unproductive society. I still try to find the reason why a health department is involved in this and not some gangsters. Who will intervene if the health is the one pulling people down?

Truth versus lies. HIV and AIDS and ARV are a profitability business which have no health in mind. It was my choice to leave ARV. Doctors told me the scariest but still I had to, I wanted to hear all the excitement of people welcoming 2010. And thank you God and Sutherlandia OPC I have.

The governments can never be in authority on my body more than I am in authority, so exercise your authority and act on behalf of your body, no one will do it for you.
O.M.P – 14 Jan 2010

I seem to be doing OK. My PSA readings have gone down. I am still on Chemo, it seems to little

or no side effects on me, at least none that I can notice.
J. D. – 16 Oct 09

My son is continuing to improve- I have been giving him 10mls 3 times daily now so I am running out quicker so if you could post this off quickly please. Many thanks
S. M. – 23 Oct 09

Last posting I commented that J’s Cancer in the esophagus has shrunk 80%. (Stage IV2B). He was diagnosed 6/4/09. At present, we are taking Oleander (5 teaspoons per day) and following Budwig Diet. (4TBS F/O to 8 TBS CC. We Do Not follow BP 100%. I am supplementing him with selenium, iodine, fish oil, vitamin C, vitamin D, B Complex, Cell Fort. I have switched him over to about 80% organic but occasionally he eats organic chicken. Organic Milk with Omega 3 and Grain 4 Organic Eggs, (Chickens fed grains and flaxseed). Most protein he gets comes from these eggs and organic beans and lentils and brown rice. Absolutely no sugar at all in the diet whatsoever.

Last week I called the Dr. to ask them to do esophagus stretch since Jim had limited capabilities eating food by mouth. Immediately they wanted to place a stent in and I refused. I asked them why not the stretch and they said due to the cancer it won't work and they wanted us to go back to the same Dr. who had misdiagnosed him previously with achalasia not cancer. I again said NO. So last Monday we went in to speak with the surgeon (Thoracic) and pleaded our case for a stretch and he finally agreed, but said it probably won't work. Well last Friday, they went in and easily stretched his esophagus from 4 mm to 16 mm and J. can now eat normally. But remarkably the surgeon came out quite perplexed. He said that he didn't see any cancer inside the esophagus anymore, only scar tissue. CAT 1 month ago still showed tumor inside esophagus but it is now gone. He also said that his esophagus looked smooth and pliable, easy to stretch and that he said it was a good thing we didn't go stent route because there wouldn't be any place to attach the stent to. So, once again, J. is defying the odds and is doing extremely well.

J. has gained 3 lbs over the weekend eating normally. His energy level is way up, attitude is great, and he is starting to grow hair although he is still on chemo every other week. Again, since last scan, J. only had 1 chemo treatment due to a break in schedule. We truly believe that the combo of oleander/BP is helping him stay healthy. His last bloodwork came back with WBC at 4.7. Well within the normal range. Platelets look great and RBC went up a little and is just below normal range and the hemoglobin went up a point. He seems to be handling things well.
S.B. – 26 October 09

Just an update on my 80 yr old Step dad who was diagnosed 2 years ago with stage 4 pancreatic cancer and at that time had a biliary stint placed to pass the bile through his system around the blockage caused by the tumor. Well he immediately started taking the homemade Oleander and refused chemo and all meds. After about 5 months he switched to the Sutherlandia OPC from Africa and has been taking that along with some other supplements along with a diet low on sugar, etc. Well up until about 4 months ago he was doing great and playing golf once a week. Well it turns out that the stint was out of place and this was causing him to be poisoned again for about the last year, so this past July they went in to see what was going on, they once again said he was terminal and the tumor was completely out of control and fungus and he would not last more than a couple of weeks to months and they were only able to put an external stint going to a bag this time. Well this time we went ahead and put him on hospice because we thought this was it. Well he didn't give up and so we got him a gallon of silver and he upped his Oleander intake to the point that it gives him diarrhea and then he backs off a little. He took the gallon of Colloidal Silver 4 oz at a time and let me tell you it seemed we were losing him for a couple of weeks. We went through some dark days, but he is playing golf again now! And the doctors are amazed that he is still alive, as we are too, seeing how close he came to death. His hospice nurse will call him on Wednesdays and finds him out at the golf course and they laugh about it! Everyone is so impressed with him. I don't think he is cured but he is managing his condition and for that we are completely grateful. Let me add that he holds the Sutherlandia under his tongue for a while before he swallows it and he thinks this is allowing it to get into his system better and he also takes a little every couple of hours (instead of just 3 times a day). He also tries to take all supplements out of the capsules if possible and puts it in a little juice before taking them. Thanks once again to Tony, Luella & Mark! T.R. – 27 October 09


Don’t think I am fooling you with this. Yesterday my husband came with
20 bags of cement. I carried with him to pile about 5 meters away from
the car. Today I did the same. I am only remembering now that this is
a miracle how I can lift anything that heavy when I could not even
walk or lift a hand bag. I am shocked at the results I am getting from
{the mixture}. I am happy it is restoring me to my old self. I love
working tough jobs, its something I grew up with but from 2002 after the ARVs I
started degrading until I could not even lift my own foot.

O.M.P. – 27 October 09

I saw my Stepdad this morning and he was cleaning his bathroom down on his hands and knees. He is doing really good! He says he is doing great! Unbelievable after what they told us and how he looked. He is ordering your capsules to give away to friends with cancer. He is using the oleander with colloidal silver and he is really thriving. Anyway, thanks again for all you do!! You are awesome :*)

God Bless,
T. R. – 7 Nov 09

After a year and 3 months on Budwig Protocol and OPC, I am happy to report steady reduction of PSA. The readings have dropped from nearly 12 to 6.38. Creatinine level has also dropped to near normal level. My weight has reduced drastically (11kg) though physically I feel OK and have less arthritis and joint pain than I had previously. I have been able to stop all heart medicine which I was taking for arythmic beat. This gives me confidence that I am on the right track and have already halted advance of my cancer. Trips to the bathroom at night have not reduced and my urologist who is supportive and interested in my progress explained that the BHP has nothing to do with the cancer which affects the outer part of the prostate. Please note that apart from trying Avodart a few years ago for BHP (which did nothing for me) I have taken no hormone treatment nor done any hormone tests. I am now of course convinced that the action I took was good and I would like to acknowledge the useful advice I have received.

R. J. – 16 November 09

Dear Marc, you might remember, I was talking to you about our gardener John not so long ago. John suddenly became very ill and we consequently found out that he was HIV pos with a CD4 count of 16. To tell you the truth, at the time I really feared that he had gone to a point of no return and would not make it till the end of that week. He had trouble breathing and his kidneys started to fail. He had been on ARVs for about 3 days by the time we started giving him the S-OPC+NAC/vit C. This past Friday (week and a half later) he was released from hospital and is doing quite well and getting a little stronger every day. I am sure the ARVs are doing their bit but I am also totally convinced that the S-OPC is playing a big part in his recovery. In about a month time I would like to have his CD4 count assessed again so we can see, if we are on the right track. I have hope again that he will see his children grow up... Thank you so much for your product and your advice. E. T. – 24 Nov 09

Dear Marc, our gardener is doing better every day. To tell you the truth, thinking a few weeks back, I would have never believed he would recover like this.
E. T. – 9 Dec 09

G’s cancer is going down nicely. We are very happy with your protocol and so would like to order 6 more bottles of your mixture
I. S. – 11 January 2010

My mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in September of 2008. She has been taking your product all along while taking chemo (5-FU and now Gemcitibine). She still has all her hair and her tumor markers are a tenth of what they were when she was diagnosed, so I believe this is confirmation that your product does shield a person from many of the side effects of chemo. Unfortunately, she still won't try the diet but has been taking 5 other botanicals along with your S/OPC. Thanks again for making it available to the rest of the world.
D.S. – 6 March 2010

Latest C.T scan “unchanged in appearance since previous scan” (2 months) Trust we have stopped progress, now for improvement. I’m on 40ml S/OPC and Budwig also take one cap curcumin, inositol & blackseed oil each and 2 NAC three times a day. Light headedness passed, pulse still low.(40)

F.W. – 24 March 2010

Just wanted to let you know your product is incredible. My mother is responding well to your product and regimen you sent me and the cancer went away from her liver. She is still weak, but coming along fine. She was in a wheelchair and now she is back to walking with her walker.

M.T. - 8 April2010

My neighbor for whom I purchased the first order I made two months ago, is Cancer-free!! Her doctor cannot believe it but she won't tell him that she was taking Sutherlandia OPC. Her doctor has also eliminated all pills that were prescribed to her along with the chemotherapy. She is forever grateful and has since purchased more. She had been battling cancer for a little over four years and after last year the cancer began spreading to her lungs and kidney. She began taking Sutherlandia OPC on March 12 and since, then her levels have gone down so much that she is practically cured. She follows a good diet and goes to the gym five days a week. She was only taking three or four pills a day.

As for me, I take two a day and my severe allergies have almost dissipated. I have suffered from rhinitis my whole life and have never felt this good during the Spring months. You can definitely add me as a faithful Sutherlandia OPC buyer from now on. The recent purchase that arrived earlier this week, is for my godmother who is suffering from thyroid malfunction as well as rhinitis but also for my cousin who has severe neurological and really bad skin issues. I'm very hopeful that Sutherlandia OPC will help them fight their health issues.

Thank you so much for all that you and your staff do for all the people you have helped and continue to help all over the world with this amazing product. I hope that it continues to be affordable but also that the quality does not diminish.

L. B. – 30 April 2010

Been on the S/OPC for about a month. Started the liver cleanse today. Cut out animal proteins and got some undenatured whey protein. Haven't

got the curcumin or NAC yet. It is helping. I usually get a herpes outbreak around my period but it was very mild a few weeks ago. Thanks for all your help!
K. J. – 31 May 2010

Thank you so much for your kindness. My mother has a serious case of cancer, but since she has been taking your product she has made "miraculous" improvements. Thank you for the additional information you sent. I am sure this will help her even more. May you be richly blessed for caring about the well being of others. You are truly appreciated!
V. B. – 4 June 2010

Marc I live in the United States. My cd4 count was 200 with a Viral load of 250,000. After taking your Sutherlandia OPC product for only 90 days my cd4 is now 458 and my viral load is 9,000. WOW is all I can say. God is so good. Thank you so much for a great product.

D. D. – 9 June 2010

I started on your Sutherlandia OPC on Nov 15 of last year for my HIV condition, taking 2 per day. At that time,my cd4 was 192,with a vl of 2580.My January 2010 lab results showed a cd4 0f 510 with no vl. My May 2010 results was cd4 of 371.I am wondering why my cd4 results went down. I did have a ct of my head about 2 weeks ago, because for the last 2 months or so, I have been having headaches. The ct results showed a 'spot' on my right frontal bone area, as my Dr. described it. My Dr thinks it may be a cyst that may need draining. I am scheduled for a bone scan this upcoming Friday to confirm that. I mention this because I am wondering whether this may be a reason that my cd4 count went down. In view of this, I have increased my OPC to 6 per day.

W.L. – 16 June 2010

Thank you so much. Words cannot describe the value and success of what you do. My family truly loves these pills. It has, literally, changed our lives.

L.B. – 23 June 2010

I am doing very well, stronger than before and the medical doctor can't believe it that I refused to use ARV's and I did'nt die. Instead I gained weight and became more energetic than before. It’s now 4-months and I haven’t visited the doctor because am healthy.

Thanx 4ur good work of saving lives. Be blessed.....Good day.
L.L. – 12 July 2010

Your stuff is doing well in KZN. Some people have told me of their instant recovery from being bed-ridden to walking.

S.K. – 13 July 2010

Dear Marc,
I am writing you to thank you so much for helping my mother to cure her cancer. Yes, that is right. She was tested on 6/21 and given a clean bill of health. The doctors could not believe they could not find any cancer. Three of her main doctors who diagnosed her with Stage 4 incurable, inoperable esophageal cancer, were shocked in disbelief that the cancer was totally gone!!!

She is now trying to help others and her doctor has put her in contact with one of his terminal patients who has been diagnosed with the same cancer and he just ordered from your website. He is really bad, like my mom was in Jan/Feb.

K. K. – 25 July 2010


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