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LINKS TO: Sources -- Products -- Related Information
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Published: 11 years ago

LINKS TO: Sources -- Products -- Related Information

LINKS TO: Sources -- Products -- Related Information

Sources for purchasing tinctures, oils, cleanses, teas, herbal formulas:

Unyquity's Herbal Apothecary Storefront

Herbal Apothecary Current *Healing Product List* [Unyquity]

Sources for purchasing herbs:

Horizon Herbs -- The Best Place for Medcinal Seeds and Live Plants

Buying bulk herbs [Unyuity]

Mountain Rose Herbs

Pacific Botanicals

Starwest Botanicals - Bulk Herbs

Frontier Co-op -- Bulk Organic and Natural Products

Where can I find Walnut Bark

Sources for dropper bottles:

Amber Dropper Bottles [Unyquity]

Unyquity's Top 4 Sources for Tinctures:

YOU / ME [Unyquity] Unyquity's Apothecary Storefront

Dr. Schulze

Health Freedom Resources

The product line at Health Freedom Resources IS the same as it was before "Dr. Schulze poof disappeared" from their website, and as you can easily tell by comparing ingredients, the products ARE the same as Dr. Schulzes original recipes (posted on the web AND in the Save Your Life manual). [Unyquity]

Herb Pharm


Earthing sheets, pads, book and information

s.a. Wilson's Enema Coffee

What company does Schulze Source Spirulina and Chlorella from? [Unyquity]

Source for: Nutritional Yeast / Wonderful Wholesale Warehouse - Bulk Foods

NON-Active Saccharomyces cerevisiae Nutritional Yeast -- The Superfood Story (as I know it/guess it) Re: How do you do an herbal fomentation? [Unyquity]

Get'cher pollen on... BEE POLLEN info ...Buzz Buzz! [Unyquity]

where to buy black strap molasses? [Unyquity]

Azure Standard - Quality Bulk and Natural Foods

Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar

The Heritage Store - Organic Castol Oil

Hi Uny, what kind of fish oil do you recommend? [Unyquity]

Dr. Schulze talks about Menthol crystals Re: wintergreen oil and menthol crystals where to get them? [Unyquity]

Activated Charcoal Powder

Re: question about IF#2 stored in freezer ..please [Unyquity]

Miracle II Products

You're certainly entitled to your opinion...Re: Miracle II [Unyquity]


Good Source for Bentonite Clay

Quickie about bentonite [Unyquity]

Charcoal & Bentonite Clay Information [Unyquity]

*** WARNING *** If you have a septic tank, do NOT (EVER!) put bentonite down the drain. [Unyquity]

To me - the best "soak" is bentonite clay in water. It adsorbs all the bad chemicals AND radiation, will smother the major germies that cause food poisoning, and leave all the rest natural:) (and it's an anti-parasite). [Unyquity]

*LEARNING OPPORTUNITY* Bentonite Clay & Activated CharcoalRe: metal chelation [Unyquity]

Cleaning harvested/wildcrafted herbs?? [Unyquity]

reverse osmosis water filter [Unyquity]

distilled, spring...the water question - Re: reverse osmosis water filter [Unyquity]

Contaminants Not Removed by Distillation...Re: Thanks-Would like to hear if anyone else has a distiller? [NaturalRN] (Read the complete thread)

EMF Protection

Other Useful Information:

LINKS to information Re: Basic teeth cleaning protocols

Tinctures VS. Capsules VS? Teas? [Unyquity]

Vegan caps Vs Gelatin Caps Information

How to Make Herbal Preparations

pregnancy and herbs [Unyquity]

Nature's Sunshine = Non Organic Herbs! "help enclosed" :) Re: Need help with a Pancreas Support formula [Unyquity]

Kelp - Contamination [Unyquity]

??'s about soy [Unyquity]

Green Tea, Fluoride & the Thyroid

"scientific testing" herbal quality) [Unyquity

All in one :) Dr. Christopher/Schulze media - Re: ORIGINAL BF&C Formula [Unyquity]

Recommend against this brand...Re: Herbal Coffee [Unyquity]

IF 1 & 2 during KF? [Unyquity]

10-Day Liver Flush (with Blood Detox) Instruction [Unyquity]

Vitamins & minerals [Unyquity]

"The Story/Truth" (as I know it)...Re: Vitalerbs or SuperFood? [Unyquity]

LINKS -- Tinctures

[FAQ] Healing Cleanse: Non-Supplementation

~!~ Compilation ALL "Working FAQ" posts & threads


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