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Re: MCS..I cured mine!
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: MCS..I cured mine!

First, to answer about futon frames. there is a green building supply store here in DC which sells sealer for furniture and carpet. its not very expensive.

i have posted in two places about how my MCS was cured (well cured enough so I no longer consider myself sick or worry about going places). one day i noticed that i didint smell everyone's fabric softener and perfume!! I used to could smell perfume when i was on the street and a car passed by with perfume inside. Not to mention that I could instantly tell the amount of pollution every car was giving off. (I ride my bike).
I was just at the point of wearing my mask all the time and thinking I had to quit the Gym and teaching my pottery class.An empty Target bag that once had detergent in it could make me feel grouchy and headachy and all around sick.

I posted in two different places, but will add a few things I did here. I decided to treat myself like very sick person and make healing my #1 priority. I did coffee enemas (and coconutoil and acv etc) almost every day, i kepy doing more becasue I wasnt getting well at all. I was getting worse. I did saunas at the gym 20 minutes 3x +1 hour 2-4 times a week... read all of Sherry Rogers books, took her 'detox coctail' read everything I could find on the internet, de-parasited (had plenty which i discovered doing the enemas! and NO, i did not want to do that enema,, but it became relaxing and a kind of sick fascination! also it provided instant relief if something 'toxed' me). Once i learned that when u are exposed to toxins u are getting worse, its not just an inconvenience i made it a habit to not tough it out, I learned that lots of people have no empathy and got mad if i asked them not to wear perfume etc. When u have MCS it seems like people are spraying raid on themselves before leaving home! You wonder what is wrong with them.
I do Throw away all air fresheners in restaurant bathrooms and noticed that other people do to. I yank it off the wall and chuck it in the trash. that stuff should be illegal!

When a friend said he cured his allergies with therapy and getting at root cause i signed up too...

I just did everything I could afford because what else could I do. It was VERY discouraging that I wasn't getting well, frightening also!

Aroma therapy by putting oils on a damp cloth in the sauna felt great.. lemon oil, eucalyptus, rosemary, tea tree etc..

i couldn't afford a naturopath and my medical doc just thought i was nuts..

magnesium, Epsom Salts baths, acv, probiotic enema..just everything I did. One day it was gone!

i totally slacked off on my detoxing (except that i eat very well, organic, non-gmo, free range) and got a tattoo(probably real dumb, but i felt so well!) and did start to notice peoples fabric softer again.. so i went back to the sauna and try to do the occasional enema and am fine again.

I need to get rid of more of the toxins and not just be passably well. i need to continue to detox (you have to read a lot, cuz if you take a lot of detox chlorella or cilantro or any of it w/out doing the saunas and enemas or Psyllium and Bentonite shakes in order for the toxins to exit, the toxins can relocate in other areas of the body...

I still have my amalgams. I will get them replaced one day when I can afford it. i prefer food based nutrients.

I think you have to use your brain and be sensible. Lots of times its the cheapest simplest things that can help...ACV, Coconut oil, sauna, enema, greens and more greens, green tea, herbs from the window or garden,diatomaceous earth, pineapple, ginger, garlic, tumeric, onions, parsley, cinnamon,cilantro etc

I went so far s to buy a Zapper, which i never imagined cuz it seemed so quackish! i have not used it becasue i am better and just dont have time, but a lot of people seemed to be helped by it (u have to take the right aminos w/it)

intuition goes a long way with me. If some food or supplement really seems appealing u probably need it. Icelandic butter and strawberry jam must be very healing. Buy European butter which have no hormones or Antibiotic and the cows are in the grass.. Irish and Icelandic are delicious!

i started cooking for myself, in stainless steel or ceramic pots. Teflon is poison! i cook organic delicious food! After you do that for a while, its fun and you find restaurant food or Safeway/Giant food has no taste! I am a total foodie now!

sugar is bad. but u wean yourself off slowly. I had a very good diet when i got MCS. I hadn't eaten processed food for years. Its a long process and I try not to pester my friends who actually eat corn syrup or splenda or diet coke, even though I think those manufacturers should be tried for crimes against humanity!.

Watch Food INC, u will be horrified and find a nice farm to get your meat and dairy from or give it up. Its so unhealthy what they do to food!

deal with stress.

I think doing what you can in the timing you can do it will get u well. Luckily I didn't get that sick first, i read the stories about people living in tents and having seizures and was scared! i was developing asthma which was awful!

Thank God for the internet and people who are suffering the same. I have been well(with a set back when I totally slacked off and got cocky about being healed) for about 5 months. I still am sensitive and don't do chemicals, but i am not debilitated or sick. I am still healing. I want to be in perfect health and am Very healthy and strong and slim for 47... my cholesterol lowered (is fine)and i do eat tons aof eggs and bacon and butter (well bacon in the winter and now that i just eat farm meat, its expensive and i dont get to the farmers market or order it online).

That is one reason my doc didn't take me seriously is because i have never had any health issue except Depression some years ago. To look at me and my stats, i was totally fine..
everyone just thought i was neurotic which is one of the worst things about MCS. i had to decide to let them think i was neurotic and open a window when they came over in January aand leave the party after arriving and cancel my own birthday party and go around with a mask, and ask people not to bring plastic flip flops and water bottles into the sauna etc.. Lots of people were not happy to see me coming . You know if u have MCS how much this sucks! But you have to chose your health over your popularity (i did try to be really nice and cool, but lots of people were offended)

Get well soon! i know you can! Dont give up! I believe any illness can be cured, i have heard of everything being cured. Its just so much work.


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