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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: ...when morgs attack...

unfortunately..MY experience with this phenomena
indicates that the mOrg bits are anything but dead or
dying. The pattern is..the follicle fills with morg
particles/goo..tiny fibers..


the goo and tiny fibers makes their way to the surface of the skin..and rapidly dissolves the skin. A crater forms..fills with
MORE morg goo and particles..that form a shiny plastic
"skin"..and when enough pigmented gels assemble..the
morg fiber activity tends to rapidly accelerate.
The fibers..when properly fueled..can grow at an alarming
speed. Have photo sequences in which a freshly cleaned covered in new morg "hair" in less than an hour. countermeasure that seems to help is talc.
Not corn based baby powder..but the mineral talc.
The morg needs a fluid in which to move. I see them gather
and assemble in all manner of body fluids..but they need the fluid to move in. Talc on a skin lesion sucks up the liquid morgy "plasma"..makes their "assembly" task MUCH harder.
They tend to "counter the countermeasure" by slowly forming
a "plastic scab" shield from the talc..and then they can start accumulating fluids again..UNDER the
from the talc.

counter-counter-counter measure is to remove the scabs
by physical scraping..knife blades..razors..whatever it
takes. then carpet bomb with talc. Scraping the scabs off
serves several removes their "armour"..removes the surface morg fibers and "bits and pieces"....exposes the allow the talc to gum it up. Removing the "fake scab" also removes stashes of pigmented gels..their apparent fuel supply for construction.
"they" have to regather gel particles..morg particles..and
tediously reconstruct what was just bladed off. This seems to strain their supply lines ..slows them waaay down.
..after a few bladings...i note that the "morg scabs" have
far less pigment spots in them...and ghostly outlines of where the pigments used to be..[fuel exhaustion?] At this point..the mOrg seem to give it up..and the skin cells retake the field...
Once I see the "friendlies"..the pink skin cells occupying a lesion site..I stop scraping . The battle for THAT bit of skin is's a cellular mop up operation from that point.

Have seen this process repeat many times. While the reconquest of the skin by fresh skin cells is encouraging..
it is difficult to maintain "happy feet"..when there is a
new mass attack of "vesicles/blisters" just a few inches away. [..another oddity..the attacks are not randomly distributed all over the body..they seem to target specific force. There will be hundreds to thousands of tiny new blisters developing at the hair follicles..on arms..OR legs.. or both legs at the same
general location..[both thighs..simultaneously]
very if they were following a targeting map.
...may be witnessing a form of "quorum sensing" here..
when a population gets high enough..they trigger themselves
into a frenzy of activity.

WAGging at it's finest. [WAG..wild ass guess].

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