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Fast guideline from the chapter "Fasting" "The Complete Handbook of Nutrition" by Gary and Steve Null
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Published: 9 years ago

Fast guideline from the chapter "Fasting" "The Complete Handbook of Nutrition" by Gary and Steve Null

Note: you must have body fat to go on a fast. When you run out of body fat your body will start burning up your internal organs for fuel. When this happens it can damage your internal organs.

Note: I edited this document to show the Chart first then the Introduction later.

Fasting Chart & Notes

Nutrition book p236

food reserve depleted signs
at first appearance of any symptom fast should be ended when.

1. return of hunger: most significant
2. removal of coating from the tongue, edges and tip of tongue clear first, then
the remainder clears quickly. : most significant
3. pulse and temperature return from abnormal to normal
4. eyes brighten
5. salivary secretion is normalized
6. urine changes from discolored to clear

starvation period sign.
body temperature drops rapidly(usually occurs in 6 to 8 week fast)

food reserves.
some will exhaust reserves in 2 weeks others will take six to eight weeks

initial stages of fast.
some people get nausea, vomiting at sight of food first week.
tongue heavily coated, breath offensive a few days after begin fast.
first day
strong desire for food by afternoon or early evening
second day
food desire increases
third day
food desire abates
fourth & fifth day
complete disappearance of hunger

normal symptoms of fast
erratic pulse
increase in strength at beginning
weakness intensifies as fast progresses

abnormal symptoms of fast
erratic pulse lasting a more than a few days
extreme emaciation to the point of fainting or inability to walk

Weight loss
one pound per day for the first week or two then
one pound every two to three days
in cases of extreme obesity more weight per day, up to three pounds

Sexual motivation
abolished or reduced with temporary impotency during fast

irritations which may develop
vomiting, skin eruptions, blackheads, headaches, dizziness, hiccoughs, sore throat,
slight colds, cramps (most people don’t experience any of these)

Pre-Fast Preparation
eliminate all concentrated starches from diet one week before
eat only raw fresh fruits, vegetables, and juices

Fast Needs
more than usual rest times(active people consume more energy)
wear warm clothing
avoid anger, grief, shock tend to drain reserve energy and cause ill effects
avoid showers or baths in too hot or cold water
drink 1 quart of water each day(or drink when thirsty)
four to six ounce glass every few hours
do not take drugs, absorbed into system to rapidly

Post-Fast Diet Restrictions
fruit & vegetable juices and broths (unstained orange juice recommended)
end fast with ˝ glass(cup or 4 ounces) of juice
followed by the same every hour or 1 glass every two hours
second day same amount
following days, the amount of juice can be increased
do not take more than 1 pint of juice at a sitting after the fast
cold and iced juices should not be taken
allow the juice to be chewed by mixing with saliva before swallowing to aid stomach in digestive process
drinking too fast and too cold juices produce stomach cramps
juice diet should last about 6 days


Length of Fast Length of Juice Diet

1-3 days…………………………………1 day
4-8 days…………………………………2 days
9-15 days………………………………..3 days
16-24 days………………………………4 days
25-35 days………………………………5 days
35+ days………………………………...6 days

Following juice diet
eat any form of uncooked food
on successive days the quality of food can be gradually increased

How to Lose Weight Fast


I strongly advise anyone who takes my diet plan to do so under the supervision of a physician. If you are taking medications then this plan is not recommended. Drugs will have an adverse affect on you system and will be rapidly absorbed into your body. Only those in good physical condition should consider following my plan. Most doctors are unfamiliar with this plan and recommend a less stringent diet. I have personally been scolded by physicians for performing this diet.

I have dieted 7 times in the last one and one half years. I kept notes on how much I’ve lost and I’ve gone from two-hundred and twenty-one pounds down to 167 pounds and back again. Today I’m 250 pounds. I will prove to you that you don’t need pills, special drinks, foods, or gimmicks.

What you need is most your own is your determination to achieve the picture of yourself you want.
I can give you all the information and organizational skills needed to reduce your weight and improve your health but the most substantial factor is the person implementing the plan. The odds are against you.

Ninety-five percent of persons who lose weight gain it back. You must adopt the notion that you will be one of those five percent who don’t gain the weight back. You must adopt the notion that failure is the road to success because let’s face it, we are only human. We make mistakes. But we can learn from our mistakes.

Fortunately, for you I’ve kept a record of my mistakes, and I’ve made mistakes in my diet plan that have sent me to the doctor in pain and others that simply gained weight back of twenty pounds in a week.

Frame of mind

What do you want to look like when you are done? Perhaps you should say to yourself what don’t I want to look like? Focus on your double chin, waist, hips, or just your weight. What is the optimum weight you want to be? There are limits to how much weigh you can lose. You body will let you know from body signs.
Get organized. Make up a calendar to record your progress, weight, mistakes, ect… What did you eat that day? Did you follow the plan? Get a digital scale that you can read. Create a schedule of what you are going to do from the time you wake to the time you go to sleep.
Exercise light. An exercise bike for twenty to thirty minutes a day is adequate to lose one half pound per day while on the diet. When back on normal food one hour per day will burn one pound.

Why am I so fat?

All that fat on your body is all that good food you crave that your body can’t break down. Meat and starches put on pounds. Our digestive tracks are twelve times the length of our bodies and we are really better suited to eat fruits, vegetables, and beans. Poly-saturated fats or animal fats are not broken down completely by our digestive tracts and stored as fat. Mono-saturated fats like peanut butter are broken down and used up by the body. In comparison, the common house cat has a digestive track that is three times the length of it’s body and passes the waist or fats quickly from their systems.

Let’s get started

1. calendar
2. digital scale
3. daily schedule
4. mirror, cheap full length
5. tape measure
6. juice, 100% juices such as:
Welches grape juice,
Tropicanna orange juice,
V8 Vegtable juice,
Cambells Tomato juice
Dole Pineapple juice

7. raw fruit & vegetables, no starches such as potatoes, rice, beans, noodles, or spaghetti …

Your digestive track is used to getting what you give it. Right now it is used to meats, poultry, fish, dairy products, donuts, ice cream, and cookies ect… We are going to change all that. We are going to fool your digestive track to the food that you give it but your body will pull whatever else it needs from your body fat. Fruits and vegetables are mostly composed of water. Your first get yourself and your body used to the idea of eating only fruits, vegetables, and juices for your basic needs, water. Watermelon is the best source of water for your body as any organic chemistry professor will tell you.
Your body is mostly composed of water and that is what it needs the most.
Don’t fret, you can still have a salad as your main meal but only with olive oil(has no fat), water, and red wine vinegar dressing. My favorite salad was Romaine lettuce, cucumber, tomato, black olive, green pimento olives and my former mentioned dressing. Vegetables to tough to chew with to much pulp such as cauliflower, carrots, ect… can be avoided.
This is what I’ve called Pre-Fast conditioning. One can stay on this PFC(pre-fast conditioning) for the entire diet and attain good results of 3 to 5 pounds the first day and at least a pound a day every thereafter. This conditioning gets your body ready for the next phase if you want to continue, the Fast.
A minimum of four days must be undertaken of PFC before you attempt the fast of water only. The PFC gets your body ready for nothing but water since these foods are mostly composed of water. Strenuous physical activity is not to be undertaken while attempting a Fast and PFC. All your activities should be planned out and exercise should be light. Your body will draw on your body fats for all your other needs. I have heard many times how this was going to kill me and I couldn’t do it.
I would reply, “This is my 3rd or 6th fast and I’m healthier thinner that ever.” What does fasting do for you?
Why do we get older? Each cell in your body is a duplicate of a previous cell and if the duplicate is impure from fats, chemicals, or whatever has accumulated in your cells then you are going to age, deteriorate, degenerate, and or become sick. There are about 70,000 manmade chemicals in the world, 10,000 of which we know of their effect or no effect on the human body of which 1,000 are banned. Fasting rids your cells of these impurities. Fasting although not 100% effective can clear up conditions such as:

Total Improved Not Improved %Improved

Anemia 60 52 8 86
Arthritis 47 39 8 82.97
Asthma 29 29 0 100
Benign Tumor 38 32 6 84.21
Bronchitis 42 39 3 92.85
Cancer 5 5 0 100
Cataract 4 3 1 75
Colitis 88 77 11 87.5
Gallstones 7 6 1 85.71
Goiter 11 11 0 100
Hay Fever 19 17 2 89.47
Heart Disease
33 29 4 87.87
Hemorrhoids 51 48 3 94.11
High blood pressure
141 141 0 100
Kidney Disease
41 36 5 87.80
Multiple Sclerosis
4 3 1 75
Pyorrhea 8 6 2 75
Sinusitis 67 64 3 95.52 Ulcers 23 20 3 86.95

Smoking cigarettes, an impurity nicotine, cannot be tolerated by the body during a Water Fast along with alcohol or drugs. A fast is not just a means of burning up fat but impurities which have accumulated in the body leading to adverse health. However, during a Water Fast this is physically easier to attain since each time you eat your systems craves nicotine. This is removed during a Water Fast and all that is left is the psychological addiction or conditioning to nicotine. One must remember the picture of what they want to look and feel like as an end result of the diet fast.


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