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Image Embedded more salt water fishing.."catch o' the day".
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Published: 9 years ago

more salt water fishing.."catch o' the day".

..been trying like heck to maintain pH altitude..
at or near 7.0 Last five days been pretty darn
successful...finally. or above 6.5 or so..get very few
significant fibers..anything larger than a few mm.
[although the urine is loaded with millions of microscopic
"wanna be " fibers and "morg particles". step at a time...pleased to see very few long fibers ..
IF the pH is held UP.

bit of a surprise to find several 40mm+ fibers
in 6.7 pH urine today. I suspect they are "old" fibers
being they are covered in "ivy leaves"..for
lack of a better description. New growth fibers are
generally quite of "leaves"..
or "crystalline growths".


// you can see..these long fibers..are very...busy..
I suspect that they gave up trying to hang out in
their new alkaline environment. I am seeing an amazing
amount of particles..and assorted..weird crap...leaving. I THINK I am flushing accumulations of morg debris...and NOT GROWING NEW "stuff" at warp speed. I do hope I am correct. I shall know very soon if I am....mistaken.

meanwhile..back at the ranch..
my inner arms are MINE again...fewer "real hairs..fewer
hair follicles..fewer lesions..but those that were there..
are GONE. A mass attack on left arm..faded..they gave it up. Hundreds of "pimples"..faded...they did NOT erupt into
lesions thise time. Only fading red spots remain of the

OUTSIDE arms are slightly worser..left arm pretty good..
no open sores..right arm..maybe 12 lesions. annoying..but
a great improvement. The fight has moved on the the legs..
...the usual mass seige attacks..hundreds of "pimples"..only a few successful "lesion strongholds"..
and they are having a much harder time of it. No huge furry masses of morg hairs from gaping a few
months ago. The high PH body chemistry really seems to be
screwing up the mOrg order of battle.

..*stares at inner arms again*
.."look at that, Vern..real skin!..MIne!..not that plastic
morg "lesion cover bs"...Only breaks are where I was
STUPID enough to wear a watch with a metal clasp. I'm
allergic to blisters..breaks..and
wherever there is a break in the skin..[even shaving]..the
morg invade...but..they can't get any traction.

the high pH seems to be a very powerful weapon. Not a cure..but it does seem to chew teeth off of their
"machinery". to sleep five hours nonstop this morning.
...wanna try for six...someday...dare I hope..8?



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