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Re: biological facts

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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: biological facts

yes I had Leukemia at the age of 23, although I now know that fasting in itself did not "cure" the disease, but allowed the body to initiate its own self-healing mechanism that is inhibited whilst eating.

The type of Leukemia remains a mystery, as when you are given a death-sentence of 6 months, little else matters. I did try and find out within recent years in trying to prove my case, but the primary care trust that holds the records for patients, only last seven years if you move away from the area in which this occurred they are not kept.

I have had no extended fasts since that time as my body does not require or need them, but I have had a few cleansing fasts of 12 days or so every couple of years to keep a check on my toxemia levels.

In response to nothingbetter's post concerning

Q. 1. Does does fasting work? Yes.

Q. 2. Why does it work?.............

However, the comment.........

"But the fact that the above is true and well documented in no way proves or, even in and of its self, provides particularly strong evidence, for the theory that it improves health by cleansing the body of "toxins" that the body is unable to rid itself of otherwise".

A/ The theory of detoxification and the prevention of disease is based on the evidence that it works in practice. The body receives nutrition from outside, uses the elements it needs, and then discards the waste products; but if this elimination is "checked" by enervation or a lowered nerve-force, toxicity results and forms the basis of the causation of disease...................

It is also well-attested that those of normal weight or even obese, can have no symptoms of detox if their bodily cells are pure. Anyone of any weight who is toxic, will experience symptoms of detox, but at the same weight, will not experience these symptoms while fasting if they are toxemia-free: no dark/black-colored urine or foul breath or bad-taste in the mouth; no nausea or sickness and other detox symptoms.
This was my own experience in my first extended fast followed by a virtually symptom-toxemic-free second extended fast.

The burning of fat in ketosis will not produce any symptoms of detox at all, if the body is free from any toxic load, and whether these toxins be of an endogenous or exogenous origin. One has only to experience this to fully appreciate the difference between toxicity and the freedom from the same.
Metabolism will be also lowered by approx' one quarter, but this does not necessarily mean that symptoms of detox will occur and frequently does not do so if toxemia is not present or evident.

Health benefits come from detox in allowing the body to concentrate on its main task of healing, and where this is more easily accomplished in a toxic-free body in that all the energies of the body (including digestive energy) are used for that purpose.

The body is also a self-healing, self-cleansing and self-maintaining organism, and where these qualities are greatly accelerated by water-only fasting instead of being encumbered by external nutrition, and allowing the body to play "catch-up" in the above main tasks.

This is Natures plan and always has been.

"WANT OF APPETITE is not always a morbid symptom, nor even a sign of imperfect digestion. Nature may have found it necessary to muster all the energies of our system for some special purpose, momentarily of paramount importance. Organic changes and repairs, teething, pleuritic eruptions, and the external elimination of bad humors (boils, etc.), are often attended with a temporary suspension of the alimentary process. As a rule, it is always the safest plan to give Nature her own way.


Your body will tell you everything, if, and only if, you listen to it carefully.


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