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Video Embedded FIXED!!! Re: everclear vs vodka
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Published: 9 years ago
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FIXED!!! Re: everclear vs vodka

For 3 women that don't drink, our traipsing about town to find vodka was very amusing. I bet is was a hoot n' a half!  What we learned from the manager is that Everclear, made from corn, is even cheaper than regular grain vodka. Hmmm, hate to be a party pooper person, but did you say made from CORN?  As in GMO Monsanto corn?  I used Everclear (190 proof) diluted to 100 proof with distilled water initially, because it IS cheaper in many states.  But when I found out (directly from an Everclear rep) it was made from whatever "grain du jour" they choose (which included GM corn), then I decided "all done Everclear".  HOWEVER, since alcohol IS distilled, there's a strong possibility that the distillation process would somehow "neutralize" the toxic effects of GM corn...but I wasn't able to solidly prove that to myself.   We purchased 2 half gallon containers today and that's enough to cover our herbs for today (favoring the echinacea for the swelling it'll go through). Our question is - do y'all use Everclear for tincturing or is that a no-no? You'll have to decide for yerself, gals.  The guy at the store said Everclear tastes like rubbing alcohol and since we couldn't remember our tinctures tasting that horribly from Unyquity - we assumed she doesn't use corn vodka. (???)  Everclear is not "corn vodka" it's "grain alchol" (alcohol made from grain - any type of grain they choose).  Vodka is made from potatoes.  And yes, Everclear tinctures do taste different (to people who have 'alcohol discerning tastebuddies' :)

Thanks for answering all our questions guys! We're over here giggling, drinking juice and making tinctures. The man just walked in to join us and laughed at us women burning a candle in the middle of the table with 100 proof alcohol going around. Hey - whatevah works! lol   If yer gonna use the Everclear, better get that man (and his math brain and 'fluid milliliter metric brain') and tell him you need to dilute 190 proof Everclear with distilled water so that it ends up being 100 proof Everclear.   You must pre-dilute it before adding it to the jars, or you'll never know exactly how much you put in the jars - and never know exactly how much distilled water to add to get the 100 proof you want. And guess who USED  to have those calculations calculated on a piece of paper in my "important paper pile" and then threw it away when she decided not to use Everclear anymore?  ARRRGGGH - that'd be Uny.

Love & Vodka!!  And I bet you thought there wasn't going to be any ...what?...any MATH!  

Sweetie, if EVER a song was written for you, this is definitely IT :)

You don't have to spell it, all you have to do is YELL IT! Yell What?  MATH SUKS! (lyrics below)...

If necessity is the mother of invention
Then I'd like to kill the guy who invented this
The numbers come together in some kind of a third dimension
A regular algebraic bliss.

Let's start with something simple, like one and one ain't three
Any two plus two will never get you five.
There are fractions in my subtraction and x don't equal y
But my homework is bound to multiply.

Math suks math suks
I'd like to burn this textbook, I hate this stuff so much.
Math suks math suks
Sometimes I think that I don't know that much
But math suks.

I got so bored with my homework, I turned on the TV.
The beauty contest winners were all smiling through their teeth.
Then they asked the new Miss America
Hey babe can you add up all those bucks?
She looked puzzled, then just said
"Math Suks".

Math suks math suks
You don't even have to spell it,
All you have to do is yell it...
Math suks math suks
Sometime times I think that I don't know that much
But math suks.

Geometry, trigonometry and if that don't tax your brain
There are numbers to big to be named
Numerical precision is a science with a mission
And I think it's gonna drive me insane.

Parents fighting with their children, and the Congress can't agree
Teachers and their students are all jousting constantly.
Management and labor keep rattling old sabers
Quacking like those Peabody ducks.

Math suks math suks
You don't even have to spell it,
All you have to do is yell it...
Math suks math suks
Sometime times I think that I don't know that much
But math suks


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