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Re: New to Oil Pulling Day 4 status

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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: New to Oil Pulling Day 4 status

Today is day four and I really happy and surprised at the results so far.

So far I have used the Flax Seed Oil, and EVCO (coconut oil) for pulling adding in a couple drops of Grape seed oil.

I have done this 3 times a day on days 2 and 3 and plan on doing it 3 times today.

To be clear I have not used both Flax and EVCO in each of the 3 times a day. I use the FLAX in the morning and the EVCO at night. I have used either or for the middle of the day pull.

I followed that with DrBronners Peppermint Soap (liquid) brushing and flossing.

Ending with Tea Tree Oil mouthwash for days 1 and 2 and part of 3. It is too much and I discontinued it for now.

I also dug out a dental mirror and shepherds crook set I had bought at Walgreen's a few years ago when I first notice the calculus build up on the bottom front four teeth. It did not help then and as I was NOT willing to jab my gums or damage my teeth "chipping" at them, I put it away, trying occasionally to use it but no success.

The reason I dug it out is that after doing the pulling and using the DrBronners soap, I had a couple of rock like pieces drop between my gum and lip a couple hours after brushing and flossing.

I figured why not see if it would "chip" off. IT DID!
The first time I got one or two nice size pieces off without applying any significant pressure. So each time I brushed and flossed I used the pic and now all the VISIBLE calculus at the gum line is gone! I no longer have a black chunky line at the base of my teeth!!

I know there is more under the gum line in the pockets so I will continue the regime for a few more days with the Dr. Bronners.

MrCuddly suggested to me that it might be too harsh to use as toothpaste. He seems to be one of the "gurus" here and while I will probably bow to his wisdom and change to something like baking soda (and peppermint oil?) in a few days, I will use the DrB's until then because this is pretty darn cool, this early on in the process.

A tangent to this is that after my horror story with the abscessed tooth and getting it pulled I was told that I would be given the next available appointment and that I would get a letter telling me when that was. This alone had me confused as well as my normal terror about dentists.

Well that letter arrived this last Friday 9 July 2010, and guess what? The next available date is Jan 11, 2011!

6 freaking months before they see me as a follow up and to plan the removal of the two broken teeth I have in my head!

so much for all the dentists dire warnings about imminent heart disease, liver failure, etc. from advanced periodontal disease.

The upside is that now I have a target time of 6 months to let the effects of OP'ing to work. I truly hope that by then the pockets, receding gums and stains will be gone. Just so I can rag on the dentist. Childish I know, but I really hate dentists!

I know the OP'ing will not "cure" the broken teeth but at least the rest will go well and maybe I can convince him to also begin to remove the metal fillings and begin to figure out what to do once the broken teeth are cut out.

They are both dead, no nerves left what so ever just like the one that abscessed so there is nothing to "save" so it would seem that some form of tooth needs to be implanted and hopefully by then I will have a much broader understanding of the alternatives.

I get that there are problems with posts and some ceramics but then are also problems with having partials and dentures. So I will be researching for what seems to be the healthiest and most permanent solution.

That's all for now, will keep posting and try and get the blog up with the daily pics of my progress.



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