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Re: New to Oil Pulling and have questions

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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: New to Oil Pulling and have questions


Disaster Zone is one way to describe my teeth compared to a "normal" healthy mouth, but I know I am not the worst off in the world so that is something.

From birth my teeth were not "white" but more a faded old ivory color. The baby teeth were tiny.

I had braces on for almost 4 years before joining the Navy at 17. I had to take them off 6 to 8 months early just to go to boot camp.

The retainer broke sometime around my 18th birthday and since I had to pay out of pocket to make a new one cause at that time little peons like me were bringing home something like 200 bucks every two weeks. not much extra for dental work.

teeth shifted back a bit but not really "snaggle toothed", just a little crooked here and there.

The problems with cavities and then root canals started out because of my units participation in some on shore work in Mogadishu for about 6 months and then rotating immediately back to a carrier. I had had a few cavities before this, but nothing extreme.

My personal belief came to be that the USN used the Marquis D'Sade School of Dental Torture to train their Dentists. Preparing them to torture prisoners of war and then used them in peace time just to keep them on the payroll.

The root canals were all done shipboard and done in the same way.
single shot of Novocaine, intense drilling, lots of digging, Amalgam applied, given 4 Tylenol-3 pills and sent back to work. No follow up to see if roots were actually dead.

I was fortunate to only have only a few more minor cavities but still got those darn Amalgam fillings.

The worst was having my impacted wisdom teeth chiseled off my jaw bone with only Lidocaine followed by more Tylenol and being sent back to work. They did all 4 of them over a 4 week period.

There should be NO DOUBT that I am terrified of dentists. fortunately the wisdom teeth incidents occurred just prior to my retirement from the Navy so I did not have to suffer much more dental indignity from them.

I did the recommended two annual check ups every year and had no problems other than the normal cleaning and being admonished about smoking and drinking coffee.

it was not until I came here that things accelerated and once it became obvious that i would need "real" dental work my fear and bowel liquefying terror kicked in and I found ways to avoid it.

All that said, in my few days of Oil Pulling I am damn happy with the results.

Read my follow up for more details but after my experience here with the abscess (and the dentists horror stories and fear mongering) I was told I would have the next available appointment with the periodontist. Friday I got the letter with the appointment date. It is Jan 11, 2011!!!! 6 freaking months to keep taking pain meds and suffer through these problems? not going to happen!

I won't say that I am (yet) a dedicated Oil Puller, but I will say that if things keep going in this direction I may just become the biggest evangelist for the practice.

I can honestly say I will be extremely happy that if by Jan 11, 2011 when I go in again my tooth and gum disease, tarter and pockets are healed.

That is my target goal and time frame.

I will keep posting what my experience is (hopefully consistently enough)so it might help others decide to try OP'ing or not


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