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Re: New to Oil Pulling and have questions

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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: New to Oil Pulling and have questions

hey everyone, it is 7 hours since I joined and posted the first message (no I was not expecting any responses yet) but since I went and got the oils and Dr. Bronners soap I went ahead and did my first OP tonight.

This is what I experienced so far. I figure if another newbie runs across this it might help in setting their expectations.

After going to the store I stopped to eat and then came back home.

I have read several places that it is "preferable" to do this on an empty stomach but not harmful otherwise.

I also took 4 close up pics of my teeth with my Android G1 and will post them on a blog some place. I plan on trying to document with pics before every OP session to see the progression.

I first had to brush after my meal so I decided to try the Dr. Bronners soap.

First I took my SoniCare brush and immersed it in Hydrogen Peroxide for about 10 minutes. Once it finished foaming I rinsed and repeated. No foaming second time.

I then opened the Dr. B's liquid soap. I had planned on getting the bar but the ingredients were the same and the dollar value was better for the liquid. I purchased two "flavors" the Almond and the Peppermint.

I chose the Peppermint to brush with. I have to say that is was like having your mouth washed out with soap with a "minty" after taste. In the wine world they might say "hints of mint" or "overtones of mint", either way it was basically kinda gross and at the same time kinda familiar tasting.

I won't say at this point it was good tasting, but maybe after time it will become more normal.

My tongue tingled a little bit also.

I chose the Natural Foods Organic Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil. The 29oz jar was $15 USD and is Cold Pressed, Non-GMO (whatever the means) and good for cooking according the label. it has 125 Calories per serving which is 1 Tablespoon and 14 Grams of Fat per serving.

I also chose Natures Plus Herbal Actives Grape Seed oil. It is alcohol free, gluten free, and the rest of the label is too tiny to read. go figure.

I took 1 TBSP of the EVCO and injected it with 3 drops of Grape Seed Oil.

The EVCO has a thick viscous texture, not real pleasant on first taste.

The 1 TBSP volume seemed a lot when I first put it in my mouth and then when I began swishing it around in less than a minute I experienced a feeling of wanting to spew what was in my mouth. I stopped swishing and tried breathing through my nose but could not back down from the feeling. I decided to expel some of the mixture to relieve the "pressure".

I expelled about 1/4 of the volume and went back to swishing.

There was not a lot of coconut taste though I can't be sure yet that the Grape Seed did not mask it.

It thinned out as the minutes ticked by, but I noticed a tendency for the liquid to push forward like I needed to spew. Heavy breathing through the nose abated some of this but by the 10 minute mark it was too much.

I spit out that batch and reset another, this time making a more level TBSP measure and the 3 drops of Grape Seed.

I experienced basically the same thing as before and only lasted about 5 minutes with this second round.

I thoroughly rinsed out my mouth with warm water and brushed with the Dr. Bronners Almond this time. It has a more soapy flavor and I got no taste of almonds. kinda yuckky.

I thoroughly flossed even around the broken teeth.

The taste was still that gross but familiar one and my tongue tingled a bit more.

There were several small "chips" of what I assume to be loosened tartar or I just missed them with all the swishing and the first brushing, not really sure.

There (of course) is no obvious color shift (yet?) and no significant amount of tartar has been removed.

The mouth is overall tingly and has a soapy taste.

I did cut into my gum when flossing so that is just irritating me but is not related to the process.

I had added a purchase of Tea Tree Oil Mouthwash to my purchases and I gargled with that.

That abated some of the soapy taste but added the Tea Tree Oil taste. not sure with is worse.

I will post follow ups as I can and am looking forward to answers to my original questions.



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