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More questions and wonderings-
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Published: 9 years ago
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More questions and wonderings-

It seemed like poor comedic timing if I went on from that last story with thought snippets and so - I've started another window. :) lol!

RE: mineral-rich implants
Did you hear the story about the woman that Unyquity helped that COULD NOT ingest anything at all? I guess this was a year ago now. This woman had a tumor that was blocking her esophageal/stomach opening (I hope I have this right). She couldn't get anything down and was trying to avoid having surgery. Right? OMG! So, Uny had her doing mineral-rich implants to feed herself. I know it seems unnatural to you (and it did to me too) BUT - ya know how nature just seems to 'happen' to have given us 2 of many things? 2 kidneys, 2 lungs, 2 ovaries, 2 breasts, 2 testicles - gosh, 2 lobes of the brain - the list is longer than I thought. Well, I'll admit - it's a bummer we didn't come with 2 pancreaseses...we should put in a request on that for evolution. Anyhow - I feel like in a necessary state, it's interesting that the colon can act as an absorbent back-up for the body. That is pretty stinkin nifty, y'all have to agree. Again, we're looking at other sides of the string-line, aren't we? At the beginning of the tube is the mouth but at the other end of the string a similar function is available if needed. Hmmm...that seems pretty brilliant. Wow. I say, think strongly about doing MANY mineral rich implants. Heck, I'd do more of those than others for a short bit ('cept for the ce's, of course). Remember that'll be helping alkalize your system by getting all those bio-available, plant-based minerals in asap and - therefore - lowering your body's candida numbers. By alkalizing, you're giving your body the ability to find that healthful colony balance and minerals and hydration are key to you getting there. Rubbing the BF&C oil and other healthful oils will help to hydrate as well.

RE: Bowel cleansing without liver flushing
I'm sure you've done liver flushing, I'm not sure how many you've done right now so I'm just talking in general here -
Last year, getting ready for the IP, I did 4 months of strong bowel cleansing. I thought I was doing alright, really, I did. Once we were moved, unpacked and I could easily move up to the next level, my Bowel Cleanse hadn't been shining as much as it had. I took more if1, not much more progress. Uny kept telling me I was ready to Liver Flush and...I had put it off for several weeks unpacking stuff. I was at like 10-15 IF1/day and I had such a successful Liver Flush that I immediately lowered the number of IF1 I took thereafter to like 6-8/day. Bile flow, flow, flow.

RE: High enemas
did I miss a discussion where this changed? In my manual it says 2 times a week with an implant afterward and it says that on 'healing tools' as well. Gosh, I shoulda been doing more of them if that's so! Miss Grape - is your husband handy? Mine is pretty busy but I bet I could lean on him to write out the instructions on how he made my high enema bucket. It's pretty easy and was very inexpensive. This helped me get more in, in a relaxed way, than trying to contort my body to replete the liquid in the enema bucket without spilling it everywhere. What a nightmare - and I wanted to be alone. It's awesome! I'll lean on him tomorrow for it.

RE: hanging from stuff and hiatal tummies
Do you have something you can hang from? I have a pull-up bar in the kitchen doorway and while my teas are going for Liver and Kidney cleanses in the a.m., I hang from the pull-up bar, letting my liver and belly exhale and truly stretch out. Monkey bars at the playground would work well, too. On your exhale, stretch just a bit more than you were before and go really slowly. The goal is slow, gentle extending - not trying to prove a point. Let the weight of your body stretch itself. Did the chiropractor adjust your tummy? I hope they can, I've had it done and it's super helpful. Yes, the rebounding helps but while you're at it, might as well ask them if they do the hiatal tummy adjustment.

RE: slippery elm goo
It's so interesting that you mentioned you don't experience a fullness when drinking slippery elm but you do with juices. I would so think it to be the opposite since slippery elm expands by its nature.

RE: candida
There is a good possibility that your candida really is going down. It's possible you're just not recognizing it. I think I didn't for a long time. I thought what I was seeing were shreds of lining that were just lighter in color but it was candida. I tended to get a lot of candida out with ce's and high enemas. In fact - I noticed that my health improved drastically when I stopped seeing candida but once a week come out.

And that's all. I know that's a lot of thoughts at once but I jumped on the catch up train - and now I'm off to sleep. Know that you're on the right track and you've suffered so long that you're just not seeing how much things have and can change. Honestly, I did not know how good I could feel or REALLY what feeling well felt like. There's a post I wrote recently on that somewhere. You get to a point where many days go by and you realize that a few things HAVEN'T been occurring. The body imbalances run SO deeply that it takes pressure washing and then rebuilding the system to make it healthy. It feels torturous but in comparison to the years that we've all spent pretending to feel better than we have - it's a fraction of the time spent. A small, small fraction.

Years ago, I was really, really not doing well. I called my homeopathist/herbalist, who did an amazing job at helping me stay alive until I found Uny & the IP that really has restructured me from the ground up. She is an amazing soul and was so caring. I was crying and I asked, in the most pitiful way, 'I mean, how long is this going to take?' She replied, lovingly, calmly and assuredly, 'It'll take as long as it needs to take.'



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