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Colon Cleanse LINKS Re: [FAQ] Healing Cleanse: Colon....Working File Thread
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Published: 11 years ago
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Colon Cleanse LINKS Re: [FAQ] Healing Cleanse: Colon....Working File Thread

Some links to posts containing information on bowel/colon cleansing:

Bowel Cleansing -- Dr. Christopher’s LBB vs IF#1 & IF#2 [Unyquity]

One or two more pieces of info... [Unyquity]

IF#1/Schulze vs LBB/Christopher [Unyquity]


Answers/options/knowledge [Unyquity]

Elimination Video

Solutions:) IF#1/IF#2 Users? PLEASE READ! [Unyquity]

How Poopy is Made

Re: Scheduling The Day : Superfood, IF2, etc.

Post contains good information on Flax seed -- Re:Solutions:) IF#1/IF#2 Users? PLEASE READ Re: Problems on Bowel Cleansing with Schulze

My experience Bowel Cleansing while working [thundervortex]

thinks n' thoughts regarding "satisfying poops" (what is and what isn't, etc)...Re: Poops. [Unyquity]
For those that don't know, the herb Triphala (tri-phala = 3 fruits) is actually a blend of three fruits/herbs. Those are:
Amla berry - aka Amalaki (Emblica officinalis) Bibhitaki (Terminalia bellirica) Haritaki (Terminalia chebula)

Cayenne is a WONDERFUL addition! ...Re: thinks n' thoughts regarding "satisfying poops" (what is and what isn't, etc)...Re: Poops. [Unyquity]

Nursing Moms & Bowel Cleansing Questions [Unyquity]

Forum guidelines & healing 'thinks & thoughts'... Re: varicocele-please help! [Unyquity]

Charcoal & Bentonite Clay [Unyquity]

You're not "stuffed full of clay" now :)...Re: That may be why! [Unyquity]

Dr. Schulze biography
"I remember creating my own programme of 100 capsules of herbal bowel tonic, two quarts of freshly squeezed apple juice and 1 quart of home made prune juice, all before noon. That day I was way on an extension ladder painting when the boss asked me if I could reach the top of the peak of the house. I reached up, stretched a little and crapped my pants. I took my pants off in the car and then my bowels moved again right in the seat of my car. I ran in the house with only a towel wrapped around me and had my first deep experience of bowel cleansing. I was a pioneer, a cosmonaut. I was paying my dues."

Just how important IS the colon? (FANTASTIC, especially for sharing) [Schulze] posted by Unyquity

What will heal you Re: Leaky Gut [Unyquity]

IF#1 & IF#2 - Addictive? Save to use? How long? [Unyquity]

+ colon cleansing before/during liver flushing info Re: Intestinal Formula #2 [Unyquity]

thinks n‘ thoughts Re: Colonic vs Enema? [Unyquity]

Willowley’s experiences with colon cleansing [Testimonial]

Re: Got out first piece of Mucoid Plaque :) [Unyquity]

Colon cleansing and female issues, coffee enemas [Unyquity]

Please Read! Understanding me/Unyquity VERY IMPORTANT SCHULZE STUFF [Unyquity]

Naturopaths vs Natural Healing [Unyquity]

UIT/Bladder Infection - Colon Cleansing [Unyquity]

Loads of Questions -- Dr. Schulze’s 30 Day Detox Program (products from his website) [Questions Answered - Unyquity]

WooHOO! Fantastic!!!! [Bundles shares cleansing experience - Unyquity responds]

To Heal Appendicitis Naturally [Unyquity]

Two in one response + the Program [Unyquity]

The Longest Post Ever Made on CZ? lol [Unyquity]

Not doing too much!! Thinks, thoughts, info & suggestions [Unyquity]

Colon Cleansing and Candida Die-Off
Re: I'm stuck in a die off pattern that isn't letting up. [Unyquity]

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