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Pain [FAQ]
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Published: 11 years ago
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Pain [FAQ]



Natural healing is not a therapeutic runt.

It can cure pain that morphine cannot quench.

INTERVIEWER: Let's say people are in horrible pain from cancer or other diseases. Is there anything in natural healing that really helps pain, or is there nothing much to do?

SCHULZE: Lobelia can be effective, but it's more of an anti spasmodic. St. John's wort is an effective herb toward nerve pain, and in other types of pain. Take it internally and put it externally right on the area. Of course, you have your salicylic acid plants for inflammation, like willow, meadow sweet, even wintergreen. So it really depends on the type of pain.

INTERVIEWER: I am talking about really bad pain. We're talking about incurables. They are in big trouble. I heard about one man who was in a car accident who was just screaming and yelling from pain.

SCHULZE: Lobelia relaxes the body, and it tends to ease the pain dramatically. But unfortunately, most of the good herbs for pain, which would be opium and marijuana, have been made illegal for everybody to use. So unfortunately, we are very limited in what we can use.

The ultimate pain reliever that God has provided for us is the opium poppy. It has so many alkaloids, science doesn't even know all that's in it. It includes morphine, codeine; and heroin is synthesized from it, too. A little bit of opium is wonderful for relieving the pain, but no one is going to be able to get it.

I've found that in extreme pain, the only thing that works is ice. Ice gets you through it. Where tissue is missing and you have a hole in your body, ice is about the only thing you can use to virtually freeze the area. And it's limited on how much you can use it, but it will get you through it. There is no doubt about it.

So I'd suggest, stay away from prescription drugs and just use ice and ice packs to freeze the area, to cool it, to calm it down so you're not in pain. It works fine. I had fourth degree burns and ice worked fine. I didn't have to use any pain relief.

INTERVIEWER: So that works even better than St. John's wort?

SCHULZE: Yeah, it works better than anything. The ice is for when the pain is absolutely extreme. For me, it was the only thing that would stop the pain.

INTERVIEWER: How long do you use it?

SCHULZE: Well, I would put an ice pack, not directly against the skin, but put the ice in a pack and wet it and would put it right on the hand.

It's a matter of applying it for 10 minutes, and then taking it off, and then applying it again.

But it will get you through the crisis of the pain. Some nights I used to go to sleep and leave that ice on and I would absolutely wake up when the packs melted or fell off, and I would be in quite severe pain.

INTERVIEWER: Even with all the herbs you knew, it came down to ice.

SCHULZE: Absolutely. Normally, in another country, what you would use would be a tincture of opium, which used to be available in the United States.

In other countries, it would be cannabis. Those are the two.

Opium is the drug of choice around the world. Even in many countries in Europe, you can still buy cannabis and tincture it, and that's usable as an herbal remedy for pain.

INTERVIEWER: But that helps, even in horrible pain?

doctors in the United States are allowed to prescribe cannabis for the pain of cancer.

INTERVIEWER: But don't they normally just use morphine and not even worry about marijuana?

SCHULZE: They found that marijuana seems to work better for cancer pain, and so they actually prescribe it more for certain types of cancer.

With other types of cancer, they use morphine.

Yet, in the final stages when a person has been really tortured, burned, mutilated by medicine, there is nothing that helps. There are cancer patients that lie in bed and scream until they die. They can't control the pain at all.

INTERVIEWER: In those cases, nothing helps?

SCHULZE: Nothing. But that is because of the medical intervention.

That is, obviously, not because of any natural therapies that were done. These people were burned from the radiation, and poisoned from the chemotherapy, and cut-up. Many times, unfortunately, that is the end result of working with medicine.

The relatives of those people always undergo natural healing, because they have seen their loved ones die in so much pain.

Generally speaking, I find that people who undergo natural therapies have very little pain. It's the people who go under the chemotherapy and the radiation who have the real pain.

"Within a week, I've had many people off their morphine altogether. And they couldn't believe it."

INTERVIEWER: In a lot of cases, herbs could help?

SCHULZE: Absolutely. It's not so much an herb for pain it's just the general overall program.

By changing the food program, starting the cleansing and detoxification process, cleaning out that liver, and getting the bowel working, I find the patient's need for morphine reduces dramatically.

Just cleaning and detoxifying the body and stimulating the elimination in an indirect way took the pain away. I've had that happen with hundreds of cancer patients.

Many of my patients, when they start taking the natural treatments and doing the Incurables Program, don't even have to use the pain medication. I've had numerous patients with cancer on morphine, who I have had off the morphine in a week's time. I've had numerous patients on morphine who didn't need it anymore. We started lowering their dosage right away.

I had one man who was in agonizing pain with his prostate cancer. This man was on morphine 3, 4, and 5 times a day. And he was off his morphine in less than a week. This is the one thing that is so powerful about the Incurables Program.

I would say 7 out of 10 of my patients in the first week are totally off the morphine. They are amazed.

The body starts to applaud your efforts. For maybe the first time in your life, you stopped doing things that you were doing that are irritating, and you've added in all these wonderful things that are helping. You have taken the pressure off.

Menstrual pain: use hot water on the pubic bone.

SCHULZE: Just when it's really hurting, take a very hot water bottle and put it on the pubic bone between the navel and the pubic bone. Just put it over that area. It's unbelievable. It just adds such relief. Many times it stops the spasm in the uterus right away because it's heat. And you are drawing your blood right out of the uterus to the surface of the skin.

INTERVIEWER: So, you don't have to do hot and cold, just hot?

SCHULZE: Just hot. It's a miracle. You can also use this to ease intestinal cramping.


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