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Re: Anyone have INSOMNIA after fasting? Edited

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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Anyone have INSOMNIA after fasting? Edited

PR, I suggest EFT. For all sorts of emotional issues..**Before** beginning or planning a fast. Think of this as your preparation. Maybe even just tapping (have you learned the points, etc,?) for several minutes a day, on whatever comes up, not even naming it, or--you can corral it, name it "all these emotions", "all these erroneous beliefs", "all these ideas of being too weak, too lonely, not worthy of a successful fast", ...(fill in the blank) etc. I would start with "all these feelings of lack, in all their forms", and as you go along, another insight will come to you, and then you tap on that. As you get thoughts of what you know to be stopping you from living fully, and from relaxedly conducting a successful, satisfying fast, you can jot them down in an EFT notebook.

like so (I'm just going off the top of my head)

* fear (Of?...failure, success, facing my fears, suppressed * memories coming back, and being too much to deal with,
* fear that I might get to day four and not know
the person I now (then) am...)

you get the idea.

Whatever comes up.

Then, you can go through whatever you wrote down, one phrase at a time, if you like to work that way. Deal with each one, and cross it off. This is personal work--not something you need to involve others in.

You can also do EFT for not wanting to do EFT, but to instead get *more support from OUTSIDE myself.*
Or, for becoming fixated on the idea of a water fast, and feeling torn between preparing for one, and worry about starting one and "failing".

You see?

just go back through your posts here, which tend to journal quite well what the recurring issues are for you; and do the eft. Like meditation, it doesn't help to be told/taught/to read about it, but not to DO it. You have to practise to get results. Personally though, I don't think the Water Fast is something you have to "practise" to get right. I think you just need to be prepared, pick the right time, be well-mineralized, unplug the computer, and go within. :-)

so, maybe some EFT on "the fear of going within", and see what comes up with that. The dialoguing about "triggers" and being compulsed, and needing more support; all that can simply increase the chances that the Water Fast becomes *part of a food disorder syndrome*, rather than being what it is: which is No part of any Problem.

best wishes,
(and some tough love)


weird. I thought I posted about how I take kelp too, and blackstrap *molasses, unsulphered. (But I don't see it in the preceding) Best-tasting to me is *Wholesome brand. I take a drink made with molasses and lemon, and a spoonful of kelp, that I put on the spoon that had the molasses, making it easier to get down without choking on the dust. I don't like it all mixed together in a drink, but some do.

Anyway, it's made a huge difference in my general state--got rid of various body aches and so forth, along with the feeling of constantly needing *something* (like some food, that might address the issues.) I think most of us are lacking in minerals. And then there's vitamin D, as Chris has posted many times about. For example, if you bite your nails at all, then you likely are short of minerals.

Some people suffering from "pica" have a compulsion to eat ice cubes--Yes-it turns out that the minerals in water are concentrated at the heart of ice cubes; in the half-frozen water; which these people will tell you, are "the best part". They likely seem curiously 'troubled' to your average person, viewing this...My point is; make sure your minerals are okay. ( and I don't mean, take some pill) For me, kelp has really been wonderful: look into it. google "world's best foods", and look up kelp

If you crave sweets... chromium. chocalate; magnesium and so on.


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