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Re: EDIT: Re: Anemia and fasting?

Original Hulda Clark
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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: EDIT: Re: Anemia and fasting?

Hello NutNut,

There are Primary anemias where the cause is a serious pathology in some of the organs of the body.
They include..........
#1. Chlorosis.
#2. Pernicious Anemia (Progressive pernicious anemia)
#3. Aplastic Anemia

In all of the above this was the experience of George Weger MD; William Howard Hay MD; and Victor B Fleming MB at the John H Tilden MD Health School and Herbert Shelton .............

Care of the Patient: Weger adds: "This state is not due to lack of food. To the contrary, too much food and food of the wrong kind is generally the chief cause................

(We have records of cases and later reports from patients who were treated ten or more years ago by a preliminary fast for the purpose of freeing the system of toxic waste. These patients are still alive, well, and efficiently carrying on their work. Such results were accomplished without feeding liver or using iron or other drugs.")

In the paper quoted from above Fleming says: "What did we do for them? (pernicious anemia cases). If a case was not too weak, a fast was undertaken for at least ten days. During the fast there was an increase in the blood-count of several hundred thousands. This always occurred during a fast in any case of anemia. By the fast toxemia is partly eliminated, and the source of blood-destruction is reduced. The bone-marrow is rested, and also relieved of toxemia, and stimulated to activity once the source of poison (toxemia) is removed, contrary to the stimulation of transfusions, X-rays, drugs, etc., which ends in greater enervation."
These experiences coincide with that of Hay and of the present writer. Rest, fasting, sun bathing and a corrected mode of life accomplish the seemingly impossible in these cases.
Arsenic and iron are useless in pernicious anemia, and can only produce and cause more poisoning and enervation, as they only 'stimulate' and then enervate. Experiments on anemic rats with diets containing drug IRON, food ash containing IRON, flour to which copper had been added, etc., showed that by no kind of trick or makeshift diet could the anemia be overcome. The rats had to have real foods from Nature's own food laboratory — the plant kingdom — in order to recover."

In addition Fleming writes..............

"Victor P. Fleming, M.B., writing of the care of pernicious anemia at the Tilden Health School, says: "Seventy-five per cent of our cases recovered, and they represented the extreme type; that is, the condition had existed for from one to three years, and the blood-count was as low as 2,000,000 red blood-cells on an average. There is no doubt in my mind that practically all these cases could recover if attended to at the beginning of the development of this disease. The deaths which represent the 25 per cent, occurred within a few days of admission to the institution. These cases were so far gone that nothing could be done, and no treatment, was attempted, as they were dying when admitted."
George Weger MD says: "The only cases of pernicious anemia that fail to respond favorably to hygienic methods "are those in which the heart muscle has degenerated and in which a general dropsical condition has existed for a long time, accompanied (as is often the case) by cerebral manifestations or mania and profound hemolytic jaundice. These advanced symptoms indicate that the organism has passed beyond the power of recuperation because of nutritional devitalization."

There is an anemia referred to as "Secondary Anemia" which is not relevant in this thread as we are referring to Iron-deficient anemia.

"Dr. Rabagliati pointed out that the first effect of the fast is to increase the number of red blood corpuscles, but if persisted in sufficiently long, decrease them.
The increase of erethrocytes, during the early part of the fast, he regarded as due to improved nutrition resulting from a cessation of overeating. This increase in red blood cells has been repeatedly noted in anemia. The decrease is seen only after the starvation period is reached".

"Wm. H. Hay, M.D., in his Health Via Diet tells of caring for 101 cases of progressive pernicious anemia, during twenty-one years by fasting, correct diet and colonic irrigation. Of these 101 cases he says that 8 failed of initial recovery. Part of the recoveries were made permanent by right living. Some of those who relapsed resorted once more to the fast and again recovered.........

..........The first 13 cases of progressive pernicious anemia which Dr. Hay placed upon a fast recovered in from two weeks to longer. The fourteenth case, being in a dying condition when she arrived, did not recover. Dr. Hay says: "The blood during a fast undergoes no visible changes as to cell count unless markedly abnormal when the fast is begun in which case there is a return to normal."

******("For most of two weeks (in progressive pernicious anemia) the red, erethrocyte, count continues to fall before there is a regeneration in the blood-making organs; then gradually the microscopic picture begins to show round erethrocytes with regular edges, no crenations or irregularities, and soon there is a noticeable increase in number of these with gradual disappearance of the adventitious cells present in the beginning)*********.

"Not unusually there is a gain during the succeeding two weeks that brings the total back to the normal five million erethrocyte count, even though this may have been at, or below, one million in the beginning.

Chemical and Organic Changes During Fasting


It has been seen from the above that even in severe cases of "pernicious anemia" and "primary anemias" with a pathological cause, people survive and go on to lead normal lives for decades beyond the initial diagnosis, and with no recurrence of the disease or the symptoms related to it. Right-living (as Shelton called it) prevented any further relapse.
This would not be possible if the changes within the blood, and the pathological conditions that led to primary anemias, were only of a temporary and malformed nature.



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