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Re: client question for the gang
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: client question for the gang

>Well, with or without a thyroid she still needs iodine.
Yeah we both know that
but I didn't want to assume anything might not be different in that scenario
have you heard of that level of fatigue in people????

Here's the owner of the yahoo Iodine group's website:

. She does very well with Iodine and armour...

She's thyroid-less, BTW.
thanks for that I will check it out and pass it along
such a wealth of info!!!!

>>>>>>AND, I want you to elaborate on this post:


>Give it. That's fascinating. Just a dummies guide to how >unhappy internal organs
>can manifest as muscular/joint pain. puh-leeeze?
we have our idea and observations, I can't be quite sure on the the brain thinking protection, ease the strain to improve organ function, symbolicly getting your attention.......lots of speculation

ie car accident: whiplash in neck, tissues fibrose. this includes muscles, myofascias, tendons ligaments and nerves and blood vessels too and maybe your esophagus, maybe the heart bounced around and put a bunch of strain into the pericardium, maybe the kidneys bounced so hard they bruised themselves and stretched the ureters so bad that they fibrosed and can't stretch anymore.....all those little and big tubes have to glide and stretch.....the sciatic nerve (butt to sole of foot nerve) has to strecth about 3 inches when you touch your toes.....thats a lot of stretch! If it has become fibrotic and can't stretch anymore will the brain let you bend forward so much that you damage nerve tissue? probably not.....

I just got done working on a young ladies' ureters from a car accident. Her hamstrings are wicked tight because they are trying to restrict range of motion and/or stabilze the pelvis, hip flexors too. So low back, legs and sacrum all feel tight and hurt at times...that is what you feel. you don't have nerves that say "oh my god my ureters are so tight!" But the body knows it can't let them get too stretched because if it does the ureter could be damaged and that would not be good. So it tightens up all the muscles it needs to to protect them....priority decision.
Same for an organ, if the liver is totally bound to Diaphragm after said car accident and there is internal strain, maybe if the spine right side bends it takes the strain off the liver and it can do its job easier...screw the spine and some back pain, liver function is way more important.

Now what is actually happening in the brain and how those decisions are being made, don't know for sure, but when I gently release a stuck kidney and instantly the lumbars sacrum hips are all moving more freely and the opposite sided first rib and maybe something in the cranium shift too, the type of explanation I made above is the best I have heard from my teachers.

Balance--global and local, protection, stabilization. A body has to have all of those and it makes sense to have a hierarchy, organs trump muscles.

I spent years beating peoples muscles into submission with mixed results. Now I nudge organs and nerves and arteries and get way better results, quicker and with so much less effort.

I finally know why I studied engineering first. Now I am really an engineer. engineers do what works, they don't need to have a freakin' theory for everything.

does that answer or were you thinking along a different line wommie?

It is fascinating work I am in awe. Most of what I do is mechanical, but there are a few energetic ish things to and of course that throughs some of my ideas of what I am doing right out the window, but that discussion is for another time.

other examples:
severe elbow pain from pinched nerves at rib 1 freed by working on uterine adhesions from c-sections: global balancing issue

ankle pain in 10 year old boy from collapsed arches, 80% improvement with freeing the cranium from forceps trauma. body tries to find ease in legs to counter tension in dural tube from head to tail

strain around left ovary has alternating months period at 40 days instead of 28-30, free strain and self regulates back to 28 and low back and hip free up.

free vascular strain to lower abdomen and hemorrhoids reduce in size. And low back frees up.


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