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Mercy & Joy or Fear/
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Published: 9 years ago
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Mercy & Joy or Fear/

How is the weather in Minnesota these daze? I heard most people have huhe gardens because the soil is so fertile? I love living right on the later along the coast but it is not loving me being here these daus. I wonder why sometimes we human being create such dysfunctional dystopias? Surely there is a better day coming soon,

I am not a bible thumper but I do believe in angel and God's love. It is hard for me to even open the book because it has within it a take of hard times ahead that aligns with some things I know from a deep place inside of me.... but yesterday I was sitting on my couch still trying to get over the stuff in my lungs and eyes when my baby kitten jumped on the keyboard. What happened next seemed surreal. The computer started beeping and buzzing and then a page popped up on the screen from a Bible Lookup:

The ancient religious text was Romans 11:25

25 Lest you be wise in your own sight, I want you to understand this mystery, brothers: [4] a partial hardening has come upon Israel, until the fullness of the Gentiles has come in.

I was convinced that this plague in the Gulf attacking me personally was God breaking some kind of promise to me personally and then this occurs? What does it mean? The 'fullness' is veryin intriguing. Perhaps something really wonderful will come from this horrible thing.

Apparantly, there is some spiritual tinkering going on with the computer thing but it did not seem to make me smile. It was too cryptic and had within it a wonderful message to not let our hearts be hardened and went to bed with questions about what the word fullness means.

This is a special time for mankind. Will we finally learn the lessons we signed up to learn or will we push those aside and learn the lessons of fear and greed? If I was not planning on going back to the coast in two days, I could just blow of all of this as a coincidence. My dreams were a jumble of two spirits struggling within me. One is fear and the other joy. Which one will I feed? What lesson do I most need to learn.

I am a peaceful person and still, I don't know if the message was for me to stop the partial hardening of my heart or to live, in spite of what is going on in the Gulf, in a great expectation of the 'fullness' promised by those words placed before my eyes against my will?

I awoke tis morning and searched for the words planted in front of me the day before and my eyes drifted down;

11: 32 For God has consigned all to disobedience, that he may have mercy on all.

Now, that was interesting; 'mercy on all.' My interpretatin carried me my Near Death Experience from decades ago. I had what some might call a dream of what is soon to come. I watched a future of earth where the world turned very dark...the darkest moment in its entire history... The darkness being fear... but then a light rolled across the seas and mercy was shown her first. Light went into the very depths of deep... but not to be outdone the light moved on and healed the darkness that had engulfed the the nations then more... just as a person healed on the outside but not in is hardly better than before... the light went dowm deep below the surface where all who were hiding from the light attempted to flee from the great light were overcome...

The light did not finish her work until every shadow was found out in 'all' of God's creatures great and small. I know a part of me is afraid and part of me is joyful in the expectation of what may soon come to pass. I hop when the light rolls across the earth that I am showing mercy and when the fullness comes, I hope I will not be living in fear but rather be fill with joy...running to the light instead of hiding from it,,, These are the places where my sprit is taking me this morning.

May joy and mercy fill 'all'


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