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Re: How can the spine be cleansed?
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: How can the spine be cleansed?

I've thought about this a good bit over the last many months while IP'ing and I have a few ideas.

I think that hot/cold therapy is definitely good and castor oil packs as well. Effectively - we should group them into external and internal applications. So for what we can do externally - I think laying down and having someone help you pulse hot/cold therapy down the spine is super helpful. They make these longer hot packs now or you can have your buddy just line up smaller hot/cold packs. For castor oil, you could maybe take one of those 'neck buddy' things that are filled with rice that you microwave, put your long/spine shaped castor oil cloth down on your spine and I'll bet that neck buddy will make the perfect shape and length for your spine.

Inversion/slant board and rebounding help. Anything that's stretching, making the spine more supple and pulsing more circulation in and out of the area will help it cleanse itself.

Here is the yoga pose I was thinking about for spine health - it's called 'cat-cow':

On top of that we have to remember that anything that gets cued to our bodies to repair marrow, joints, cerbral spinal fluid, et al, has to go through the same absorption process and uptake channels. Meaning - it has to get absorbed through out intestines and then travel our cells and blood in order for the body to get it to the spinal column. Meaning what? Meaning my spine has gotten 10's of X's stronger through serious colon cleansing, organ repair, blood clean-up and juice fasting. Oooh - take cayenne!!! Getting the right amounts of electrolytes, B vitamins, anti-oxidants and proteins will help repair the spine from the inside. A woman rebuilt 2 of her vertebrae on Dr. Christopher's protocol through cleaning her internal structure and feeding it loads of juice with lots of nutrients.

You can also use light internally.

Sitting erect, but a little pillow under your butt to help you sit up straight as if you were meditating in a class. This is called sitting zazen. This is a good description of what I'm talking about. Granted, if you have vein issues around your knees, you can consider sitting in a chair. But this set-up really does help you get your focus and your spine straight:

While sitting, close your eyes and try to clear your mind. Pull what you see as celestial light, a glittering golden light from the cosmos or heavens and pull it in from the soft spot in your head. This is called your Crown Chakra. Pulling light through your crown chakra, see the light pour down into you and right down your spine. You can choose to see the light then slowly pour out of you, through your Sacral Chakra (at the seat of your genitalia) and into the Earth. You will most likely see the light change to a darker color as it drains down. Feel peaceful and be grateful for the energetic transfusion. Effectively, it's visual prayer if that's your vocabulary. No matter what our vocabulary is and how we'd describe such a thing - pulling beautiful, peaceful energy through light into your body and down through your spine will help all kinds of stuff. Picture the light eradicating any darkness. Darkness, for this purpose, we can perceive as anything that keeps you from your greatest good. Certainly that can account for parasites, calcifications or any imbalances. Ask that you get help with that. Perhaps say, 'I ask for help in clearing anything that keeps me from my greatest good and that these elements go somewhere where they can be of service.' As you see darker energy pour into the ground - do not send it with a 'ha!' brainwave. Send it with gratitude. It served a beautiful purpose in teaching you how you wanted to be and bringing you to this point. The point here is, just like in the IP or other beautiful protocols of bringing peace and simplicity back to people - putting your bare feet on the Earth is of the utmost importance. Discharging 'dirty' or 'recycled electricity' from our bodies to the planet is the essence of the word 'grounded'. When folks say, 'she doesn't seem very grounded' - they're describing a nervous sort of recycled jittery energy in someone. It's perfectly plausible that this builds up in every part of our bodies - including our spinal column. We begin to hunch over and trudge with the mindset of 'just gotta get these few things done'. But it never stops. So, when pulling light and a reset button, effectively, into our bodies, when we see those darker colors go into the planet, let them go with gratitude. The Earth can handle an unlimited amount of positive ions to transmute - but we cannot. We're designed to put that heavier energy to the planet. Folks what were walking round with no shoes before we got 'all sophisticated' didn't have many of the maladies that we did. When you're watching that heavier energy drain from your body - that's what you're seeing. Let it go! Woohoo!!! Be grateful for the reset.

Remember that cosmic energy through golden sun rays comes to our planet everyday (Good Lord willin' and the creek don't rise) and it makes a beautiful dance with the Earth in order to grow new and repair a new. All food, all beings have to have sunlight and that golden lights' relationship with the planet in order for us to be able to survive. Sitting (on the bare ground with the pillow under your butt would be even sweeter) on the planet and being directly involved in that electrical discharge and bringing in NEW light and electricity will help your body not only reset it's relationship to being 'grounded' or - being connected with the planet and your body but will help your spine too! Everybody wins.

I'd say, a little cat-cow for many minutes and then sitting and discharging electricity and working the light process will help tremendously. Just sit in gratitude. Say things to yourself (or outloud if you're bold) that you're grateful that your spine is cleansed. That you feel whole and healthy and are filled with gratitude. Enjoy!!

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