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Re: A better day ahead for the world

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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: A better day ahead for the world

The earth is bleeding a grevious wound now in the Gulf of Mexico and many have told me to flee... They are afraid for me and I may leave when it is my time to leave or die if the worst occurs. But I am not afraid. Death has no power over me. The NDE proves that our physical body dies but the light inside moves on. From the planning each of us makes in the Librarys in heaven, before we ever fall into a body down here on earth, I I understood there are infinite less one parellel universes where every soul's decision to turn left, right, move foreward or backward changes everything... Some would say this world does not need us but for me, going forward with compassion and hope for a better day, in my understanding, means more than anything in the universe I want to be a part of... but each of us has our own universe to make... We are literally gods who create the world we make with our every intention and action...

In the universe I am co-creating with all the other souls and spirits, on , in and above the earth... I would rather stay here in the teeth of the dragon... as long as there is a chance to heal what is broken here in the gulf, And not live in fear... Fear feeds the spiritual darkness I observed in my NDE... We affect all we touch physically but in an even wider reach with either our darkness or light... When we demonstrate loving kindness in the face of cruelty... our light increaases... then moves in waves of light across the wole globe. In my NDE I watched the earth below where we are all of us plant, animal, and mineral vital pieces of the earth... pulsating with light, darkness and shades of gray.

There is a balance in this world that must be part of the earth's immune system that responds with fear... but anywhere fear or darkness becomes dense... that fear poisons all it touces and pulls the dark waves down completing the movement of the waves I watched in my NDE as they rolled across the earth... But the darkness and shades of gray were not a perfect harmony.. The earth is just doing her best...just like we are and she needs us to be a shine our light... wherever we are...

The earth is itself a soul and we humans are small individually but each very significant parts of the earth's immune system... One cancer cell in a body may multiply out of control and togehter with other cancer cells united may kill the whole body but one of the greatest ways to heal disease is with a positive and joyful spirit...

When the body called earth ended in my NDE and all things end in the dimension of time... but towards the end... the earth was full of light... And what a wonderful way to end... But it was not just the earth that was full of light but all of her residents shared her great joy... in fact each soul and spirit inhabiting the earth were filled with her same light...

An initial injury causes mucle memories that can lead to chronic pain. In accupuncture, needles are placed in certain points, that cuts off the muscle memory or neuro-electrical pain response of the body and allows the body to heal. The body forgets that it was hurting and relaxes... When the body is tense and afraid, that may be a correct reponse to an immediate threat but a body that stays in constant fear will not heal... Joy and compassion are like those accupunturists needles for the earth... Placed in the pathways of critical points of pain, love, compassion, kindness, joy can change the earth's reponse to what it perceives is an attack on its body.

We humans are causing great distress to the earth but we are also her prizes... The best prize of all for her is when we shine our light for her.... and shine we will... What I saw in my NDE is more than a dream... it is what will be... in at least one universe... and the one I hope to call home... There are those who enjoy being frightened and there are those who prefer a better outcome in the earth today... For the earths' sake, and my preference... I long for an filled with joy...


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